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  1. Thanks for letting me know! I've contacted support so now I'm just waiting to hear back from them. My response rate is at 98% so I should be ok for now.
  2. It does sound related. I just hope this doesn't get too bad. I've contacted support just in case. I'll probably do the same thing moving forward. Thank you for letting me know.
  3. I think there was only one message that I personally marked as spam without responding. I'll reply to that one and see how it goes. Thanks!
  4. That's the issue, it was down to 99% yesterday so I thought it might just have been a bug or something but then it hit 98% today so now I'm worried.
  5. I'm pretty sure that was never the case before is this a new change? If I respond now will this affect my response time?
  6. Hi, so my Inbox Response Rate is reducing for some reason and I have no idea why. I've responded to every message that wasn't spam so I have no idea what's going on. Does anyone have a similar experience?
  7. Anyone else getting this: " This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. "
  8. Hi @donnovan86, I seem to be having the same issue. The site is loading really slowly right now too and it shows that it's down every other time I refresh the page.
  9. Hey Vickie, I’ve been doing fine worrying about orders, making decisions I really shouldn’t be making at my age, got a cat, and hopefully moving soon which I’m pretty stoked for! How’ve things been on your end?
  10. Ranking no longer matters so worrying about where your gig is in the search results is pointless.
  11. Since it’s the Easter weekend with more bank holidays that could be a cause of reduced/no messages during that time. You could try unpausing any paused gigs and seeing if that helps and experimenting with altering the gig tags etc. in them or try creating an additional gig to see the effect of that. Maybe, maybe not. I only managed to get 5 orders from new buyers which is considerably less than what I’m used to. That’s going to be my next step depending on how the next week goes. Hopefully, things take a turn for the better soon.
  12. It helped me. I would do one at a time and then look see if I appeared in the categories I wanted to. If not I would change one of them and try again. Let’s hope that’s the case. I updated the titles and some of the tags last night so going to give it another day or two before reaching out to my success manager to see if she has any ideas. I haven’t gotten a new message or order in 2 days now which has never happened before. The orders I do have are from returning buyers or from facebook groups I scout. I’ve gotten great reviews and I’m delivering all orders at least 16 - 24 hours before the deadline so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong sadly.
  13. After 2 whole days of deafening silence, I’ve decided to go ahead and update my tags and title. I hope that makes a difference otherwise I’m going to be in a bit of a pickle.
  14. AAAAAA THIS explains EVERYTHING. It is same like Canva, one guy pays for account and then he “sells” spot in his team. Same for most of the online design things. All my GIGs were going down and it went down further after I signed up to Seller plus, but now I made changes after one month of thinking… The only way is up… Yeah, but at the same time, I was having the best month I’ve had in a long time. It’s great that things are looking up for you and I’ll probably make some changes if things stay slow for me but like you, I’ll probably spend some time thinking things over and maybe have some me-time while I’m at it. BTW, I had a look at your gigs and they look great - no wonder you’re doing so well :hugs:
  15. Just as an aside, this makes me remember a comment by someone who said he was told by support that the algorithm does change to avoid people trying to “beat it”, and this not in the ‘algo 2.0 for 2 years’, ‘algo 3.0 for 1 year’ sense but in the ‘what is true this week may not be true next week’ way. The entity algorithm 3.0 as a ‘major release’ surely will have “stickies” that remain the same, like “relevancy”, or “cancellations are bad, we don’t like cancellations”, but might play around with “lesser values” to keep things fresh and exciting for sellers who try to figure it out and adapt accordingly. That could also function as kind of an alternative “gig rotation”, not caused by shuffling sellers just so with an “everyone gets a turn every once in a while” attitude, but in a “let’s make fast turnaround sellers the freelancers of the week”, “this month is lucky month for sellers who edited their gig within the last month”, and so on. I just like the thought that they are having fun hanging out in their virtual conference room and debating whether to make a new change next week, or to reuse the change from calendar week 2 because no over-smart seller would see that coming, or to just let it run the same this whole month and work on 4.0. $149 for an annual subscription, so not really a hurdle for actual businesses. What’s more interesting though, is that you can add up to 50 co-workers to your business account to collaborate, etc. You can find the info in the help pages, there’s also an extra ToS version for Fiverr Business. Yep, that probably explains why I haven’t seen any business clients. Most buyers I’ve gotten over the years have been sole sellers which have grown into businesses and I’m pretty sure that’s still the case. This is why I’m holding out on making any major changes right now. January and February were great months for me and assuming the algorithm went into effect late LAST year then I’m pretty sure it’s still changing and adapting to different trends. In all honesty, March was my best month so far. Things kinda suffered after I had my first cancellation so I’m thinking that’s still dragging me down a bit. Untitled1528×415 38.1 KBThese are the orders I received in March. There tend to be sharp rises and falls which has always been the case. The start and end of the month are “Usually” slower and it’s not like I’ve completely disappeared from the radar. I did manage to get orders from roughly 4 - 5 “new” clients in the last 10 days with plenty of returning clients coming back. The coupons Fiverr’s added have really been a boon for getting old customers back so Fiverr may be onto something here. What exactly that is, I don’t know. In short, don’t just go making random changes without having a proper plan is what I’d suggest, and instead use that time and energy to focus on yourself and improving performance.
  16. Same, I’m already in talks with some designers to update my gig images again and in some infographic-style images. I’ll be scoping out more relevant and “3.0” friendly tags over the next week but for now, I’ll just focus on clearing out the orders I currently have.
  17. In that case, I think I will wait another week just in case to let people experiment a bit more before making any major changes.
  18. Does the new algorithm match every word with in the title with the tags or does it view a single tag as it’s own thing? For example, if my gig title is “write SEO Optimized About Us Page and Biography” would it overlap with tags like “SEO Optimization” or “SEO Biography”?
  19. Yeah, sorry about that. Kinda freaked out there for a bit. It’s been a rough week. I do try to do that I just thought I’d add them just in case. Thanks for clearing that up though. I think all these changes just reinforce the idea that I need to brand out a bit. As always, thank you for going above and beyond for helping all of us out.
  20. No it hasn’t always been like this. The key difference is that Fiverr now heavily tracks buyers behavior and spending habits. Another key difference is, that Fiverr also changed how it perceives your performance as a seller. So in Fiverr 2.0, all it took for you to rank was to just have a great conversion ratio, and a high percentage of positive reviews. Now, you also need to not cancel orders, and maintain a high “buyer satisfaction” rate, which is a whole new algorithm on its own. Also, as I always say: “relevance is key”. It doesn’t matter how high your buyer satisfaction rate is if what you are offering seems irrelevant to Fiverr’s algo. So if you feel like all your orders are being completed successfully, and your conversion rate is high, but you are experiencing long periods of time with no sales, you’d probably need to revisit your title, tags and description, in that order. A new gig, one created to abide by the new guidelines, would actually provide your profile with a small boost. If buyers like the new gig, that boost will grow. OK so this is where I have some new data. Turns out that while it does make sense for Fiverr to keep track of which prospects are converted to buyers via our inbox, it is not as important as I originally thought. It’s also quite complicated to calculate as whoever messages you, does so after clicking on your gig. So my new data -and maybe even an answer from a Fiverr staffer 🤐- shows that it’s not as important and we shouldn’t expect a drop in sales if we have people messaging us and then not buying. Yes that’s precisely right. Location, spending habits, track record, and a lot more stuff are being taken into account from the buyer side of things, before search results are displayed. Top performers will still appear as if they have their spot “locked down”, which is what makes some of you believe that results are not dynamic. Please understand that top performers will always “outrank” everyone else. Also please understand that searching for your gig will show you a really skewed POV. (same goes for asking us, other sellers, to search on your behalf) I don’t think that’s the case, however, if you have proof of something you did, and can replicate it, please contact me either on this thread or via PM. I have bounced back several times in the past year, went from weeks with no messages/orders, to having so many projects I couldn’t take on anything new. Please view my response to Vickie above, my new set of data suggests, you have nothing to fear about irrelevant messages that you have to turn down. Like I said, I am experiencing a new lull in sales myself right now. I spoke with my SM and she said that everything appears A-OK in regards to my metrics, but my conversion rate was very low (when compared to my median performance) This may indicate that conversion bears more weight. It also appears to explain why TRS users were hit simultaneously, as if your pricing is higher, your conversion rate will always be lower. (Fiverr used to serve your gigs up to everyone, a lot of people clicked, then they decided you were to expensive for their taste.) I also have a new juicy piece of the puzzle figured out: if you are getting messages from Fiverr Business accounts, it means your performance is above a certain threshold, which means you are doing great! 😉 Remember: Fiverr wants to make better matches and avoid cancellations. P.S. If you had a gig that was performing well, but suddenly your impressions fell off a cliff, and you didn’t have a negative experience with a buyer, you should consider editing your gig to become more relevant. Buyers may be looking for what you do, but use different terms to search. Wait, so you’re telling me as someone who has maintained consistent 5-star reviews, no late deliveries ever, with almost every other client returning within a month, and has had only 1 cancelation this year that still doesn’t qualify my gig for business buers? Yeah, I’ve definitely noticed this too. TRS with higher-priced gigs compared to TRS with lower-priced gigs seem to have fewer orders than they used to (at least last time when I checked in on them.)
  21. It shows up on the 4th spot for me on Chrome in Incognito mode. Dude just take it easy for a bit. Fiverr might not be doing their daily promotions or the algorithm may just be taking time to learn or whatever - we don’t have control over it. All you can do is continue doing the best you can - that’s what I’m trying for now. Give it a couple of days instead of freaking out about it on the forums.
  22. I get a few of those, but I also seem to be getting a lot of business buyers lately too. Do business buyers have a specific tag that I’m unaware of? Given the sheer effort you put into each of these posts, I’m just thankful you’re taking the time out of your already busy day to help everyone out. Fiverr decided to just randomly edit the subcategories in my category which has lead to more impressions and clicks but lower orders and messages for some reason. I’ll think about changing tags in a week or so depending on how things play out but for now, my regulars are helping me get by. I’ve definitely felt that too. I had 4 messages from new users come my way and I only managed to covert one since the other 3 didn’t have anything to do with my service or were just asking for my availability for a later date. Things just suddenly got real quiet from the next day. Hopefully, @frank_d could chime in on this because right now this doesn’t really feel “fair”.
  23. if you can’t find your gigs in search then don’t worry about it. There was a period (a few weeks) where I couldn’t either but I was still receiving new orders which means that the algorithm was working properly in its own unique way. I’d say don’t think too much about it and keep doing the best you can. There’s an abundance of helpful advice on the forums already on what to do when you’re going through a dry spell to get out of it.
  24. So, it’s going to be a wait-and-see situation then. Unless things pick back up I’m not sure whether I’ll be around. I have 5 orders in queue right now - 3 from return customers and 2 from clients from Facebook. Some sellers clearly don’t seem to be facing the same issues despite having the same gig so I don’t really know what to make of it.
  25. So I have absolutely no idea what’s going on. My impressions and clicks are going up but the number of orders and messages has gone down dramatically. 😬 I haven’t had a dry spell like this in over a year and I don’t know what I can do to make it any better. I’ve been delivering orders way faster than before and the overall satisfaction of my buyers seems to be higher as well.
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