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  1. The best thing for you to do would be to reach out to customer support to ask. Some gigs do have extras such as S.kype calls but these are usually preapproved by Fiverr. Hope that helps.
  2. I see. Yes, it has a link, and I think it could be removed instead of deleting the thread itself. And, when you know the result before even posting a thread of your experience, then what’s the point of posting it in the first place? Sorry you are disappointed. Just to let you know the post wasn’t removed. It was flagged since it included a website as mentioned above. You had the opportunity to edit the post yourself but instead you chose to delete/withdraw the entire post. Sometimes there are a lot of posts for moderators to go through and it can be really time consuming having to edit them manually. Every user has the opportunity to self moderate and change flagged posts which makes them pop back up on the forum as long as they follow the current forum rules and guidelines. Thanks for understanding.
  3. You can share your gig url in category “My Fiverr Gig” but shorten bit.ly links are not permitted on the forum.
  4. Fix your gig as recommended. Reach out to the buyer. Be polite and explain the situation. Stay professional. I am sure he/she will understand.
  5. Work done (15 problems fixed). How is that fair that a client requests a revision but tags on more work that wasn’t agreed on? MissCrystal if a client orders one of your spells and you deliver, do you offer another one when they request a revision?
  6. I wouldn’t refund. You did the work you deserve to be paid. You can always explain that you fixed 15 bugs as it was agreed on. The remaining bugs are not covered in the order. Make that clear in a polite way. Good luck.
  7. That is really terrible and it will cause a problem for the entire category and sales. I had a client who asked me if I can deliver a file that isn’t as heavily processed because it sounded robotic. I don’t compress my files so I asked him if he downloaded the file or if he listened in through the playback window within the delivery. Of course it was the playback window on the site. He confirmed that the quality of the downloaded file was much better. Seems like I will have to ask clients to download the file directly in order to check the work from now on. Seriously how is this OK? 20% off every order and we get such a road block? 😡. Pfffft rant over!
  8. I know there have been numerous posts on this topic the past couple of weeks. It has also been brought up on a staff channel by a pro seller. Please take this into consideration and do something about it. This doesn’t make a good impression on clients and is also a disadvantage for sellers. I don’t even want to know how many deliveries get rejected by clients, even the playback on the site (delivery window) takes a hit. It doesn’t sound right! Here is a summary of posts in regards of the topic:
  9. Happened to me yesterday as well 😉
  10. Please join this post for discussions related the same topic.
  11. They will be able to see if you withdraw it.
  12. Disable your portfolio if you don’t want it to show. https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/setting-your-live-portfolio
  13. It’s against Fiverr’s TOS to share personal contact information. You can always decline the request and refer to the TOS.
  14. It’s pretty common for clients to ask for a sample or a demo. This is were you have to make a decision if you will provide one free of charge. You can also offer them a paid custom sample. I would be cautious and ask more questions. What is their site or business all about? Is it a re-seller? Or maybe just a video production company? You can always discuss the details with the client and make a decision based on that.
  15. You should have never agreed to the cancellations. I doubt they will do this since you agreed to cancel. As mentioned above you have the opportunity to block the buyer. I would still go ahead and create that ticket to customer support since the buyer might be taking advantage of other new sellers as well. Sorry this happened to you. Good luck for the future.
  16. Did you try to cancel the order via the resolution center? If that doesn’t work you may contact customer support for assistance support@fiverr.com
  17. This sounds a little familiar. Last year I offered to watch a friends dog and he was also scared of all the floors in the house (tile and hard wood). He was fine on the carpet and I had to built him a little path out of blankets to get around. I have never seen or heard of such a thing before so I was a bit surprised. Maybe that will help a bit: PetHelpful Why Is My Dog Suddenly Scared of the Slippery Floor?One of the most important approaches when dealing with sudden fearful or aggressive behaviors in dogs is ruling out medical conditions.
  18. To be honest, I’ve never received a pre-made template from CS. However, it is clear that CS needs to start looking actively at problems. Here’s my problem: Buyer orders and sends a link to a Google Drive login page which gets flagged by my antivirus as a phishing attemptI open a dispute and contact CS to have the order canceledCS says no, wait 48-hours. Even though the order is due in 12My buyer rejects my dispute and sends a generic PDF wich still doesn’t include any of the order information I need to get startedSomeone using part of the buyers name sends me a message on Linkedin saying: “Hi, its XXX from Fiverr. Our files are too big to send through Fiverr so we need your email address. Please reply here.” (Yeah right)I don’t reply, open a new dispute on the order, and contact CS again to have this order canceledI am fully aware that this cancellation will hurt me. However, I also want to avoid a late delivery penalty. As I see it, this buyer broke TOS the minute they sent their order requirements in the way they did. This should be a non-issue. However, this buyer (who has joined Fiverr in October 2018) apparently has more say over my metrics and ratings than I as a seller do. This kind of 💩 should not even be an issue for sellers. I have worked in customer service. Hell, I even have certificates in hospitality across cultures. (And in hospitality you really do have to elevate the customer above all else.) Here, though, it seems that Fiverrs poilicy is one of THE SELLER IS NEVER THE CUSTOMER This needs to change because like it or not, we are customers and we are also the front line when it comes to customer service when it comes to buyers. This, desperately, needs aknowledging. Wow! Did you by any chance update the support ticket to insist on the cancellation? Your post was linked to a staff channel. Not sure if it will help but good luck. Noone should be forced to wait. We should have the right to cancel an order immediately if requested.
  19. Welcome to the new feedback review system. You will find many topics on the issue if you use the search function on the forum. It seems like your buyer left a review based on the quality of work overall. Feedback: I choose this Seller because of the good ratings for chalk drawings. But in the end the files look more computer-animated then chalk drawn. Next time you should consider sending a gig extra for additional revisions as indicated in your gig extras so you get payed for the extra work you put in. You have the phrase “Digitizing of your graphics” in your gig description but consider adding it into your package as well. You didn’t do anything wrong so don’t blame yourself. The buyer clearly missed your gig description. I still liked your reply to the hidden feedback 👍
  20. It’s probably a technical glitch. Customer service will be able to help with this. Maybe you can try the delivery via app if your deadline is approaching.
  21. Did you clear your cookies and cache or did you try a different browser?
  22. Did you try reloading the page or a hard refresh?
  23. Same here. The longest I was gone was a month and it didn’t make a difference for me either.
  24. Did you request a modification since you are missing a file? The watermark should disappear when the design is approved by the buyer. If you are experiencing issues and need help you can always contact customer support for assistance. You should know that the resolution center is between you and the seller and not customer support. Just for future purchases, you should never accept or rate an order if it’s not complete. Link to CS: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new?source=help_center
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