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  1. Can these new people please stop sending these useless comments under this thread. Read through the thread instead of asking useless questions like "please help" "can anyone help" no one can help that's why we are here.
  2. So they changed their standard email to "I manually reviewed" Not a bad move Fiverr - not a bad Move... For people with an IQ of about 20 that is...
  3. Fiverr is just flat out a bad company. The only thing they have is a platform effect because they started early. The rest is just total trash. The Gig setup is as professional as the average seller. The software is full of bugs. The algos in the background are pure trash. You have no ability to promote on custom Keywords. The customer support is the worst a company can have. 20% and even 20% on tips is just ridiculous. I mean name me one good thing about it besides offering a platform to connect buyers and sellers. One that makes Fiverr's product better than those of competitors?
  4. @Kesha now what I suggest is that you don't "give us answers" but remove this new feature whatsoever. Fiverr can say it's not bugged all they want - then maybe their whole Controlling department has a bug. The thing that decides about your ranking should be the rating and quality you deliver and not any of fiverr's terrible algorithms. Fiverr developed their Backend with a Fiverr order itself "$5 I will create your website in 24h" it seems like. Just a terrible company in every metric you look at it, it's flat-out bad. The only good thing is the general business case that offers a platform to connect Employers and Employees and the fact that they were early in this market. The rest is just flat-out bad.
  5. Imagine bringing out a software update that makes your platform even worse than before... this is something only Fiverr gets done.
  6. How about for once they just start by giving a proper reason that at least this can be addressed - but there is absolutely nothing coming from them other than total BS
  7. I couldn't care less. Overrun from what? Copying and Pasting the FAQs? The way they behave is a disgrace. I would be long gone if my service would find traffic on any other plattform
  8. "All flagged accounts were thoroughly reviewed" - like are they kidding? Nothing was reviewed - it's a terrible algo that goes for the biggest random criteria and decides based on them.
  9. So question is what to do now... since Fiverr does not answer as usual... I couldn't care less about their "final decision" - since no human ever took a look at it... I want them to redo their actions because this is just flat out fraud against the sellers. ESPECIALLY WITH NO REASONING
  10. you don't feel rejected you ARE rejected by some random action that again no one can specify and when it comes to Customer Support we just have to accept. This is ridiculous.
  11. No they don't that's about the problem. They give copy and paste text that THIS DECISION CANT BE REVERSED. Without explaining the case.
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