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What are you most proud of in terms of self growth from 2017?


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Thinking back to January, and looking at where you are now, there has to be SOMETHING. At least ONE thing. That makes you go “HOLY SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS, I’ve definitely changed since then”.

For me, I’ve grown a frick-ton in terms of trust. That’s a huge one for me because lack of trust in myself lead to lack of trust in others. Also, it made me lack trust in my confidence to pursue my dreams and shot my self esteem waaaaaaay down.

But this year, I’ve taken on so many challenges, and although I’ve had some failures, it’s just come to show that I am more trusting and confident in myself, to just TRY. To be more accepting and open to possibilities and challenges that come my way, as opposed to hiding away like a hermit to prevent myself from self disappointment and hurt.

So just out of curiosity, what area of yourself (or your life) have you made progress in this year?

Much love and endless blessings for the rest of the year! <3 Highly Divine

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