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  1. Hi guys, I'm slowly brewing a video for my main gig and I was wondering, what are the best dimensions for a fiverr gig video? I also bought a budget condenser microphone just for this purpose which I'm very excited to try out 😊 maybe you have some general tips or suggestions for a good gig video?
  2. Last time I checked I don't have Bangladeshi siblings, behave yourself. That's not a smart move. If your order is marked as complete by your client, he's technically not able to ask for revisions.
  3. It depends entirely on you. If you offer revisions, then yes. If you offer unlimited revisions, the buyer may abuse the system to stall their orders for as long as they like and sometimes they do. For me personally, sometimes the buyer will accept the order, but will ask for a small revision later, which I have no problem doing.
  4. That's the first thing that crossed my mind while I was reading this post. I feel like a good definition of the term "hate speech" would be helpful if we are to have such harsh penalties for breaking those rules. I do not condone hate speech, but I'm a big fan of dark humor, satire, critique and parody, which some people would definitely associate with hate speech when it's convenient. To me, this post feels less like a reminder and more like a threat when we do not draw clear boundaries around those rules. Freedom of speech is not a toy that should be played with, if we are going to restrict it in any way, I think the terms of the rules should be crystal clear on what they mean and what they imply. Otherwise, one might get convicted for not calling Jane a five star hotel, as she identifies herself as such and demands one does too. There has already been similarly absurd cases like this in some parts of the world, and people did go to jail.
  5. I think so too. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!πŸ‘ΆπŸ₯³ This is definitely something to celebrate! I know it's going to be busy, but please visit us here every once in a while, we need your help fighting the good fight πŸ˜„ Wish you and your family all the best 😊
  6. I've had my topic posts automatically enter the review process for 12-18 hours after mentioning the forbidden "stay on the line twenty 4 hours" phrase. There's simply not enough staff to review all the automatically flagged posts in a reasonable amount of time, so people who contribute to the forum are left hanging, while the spammers flood the front pages awarding each other with participation trophies. I do believe that the intentions of reducing spam in the forum come from the right place, but the chosen approach to this issue creates more problems than it solves.
  7. It's been fun! 😊 I enjoy checking in with all of you people in this thread, it's probably the only place in the forum where we can have some 99%* spam-free banter and stretch our brains at the same time πŸ˜„ thank you @vickiespencer!
  8. In most saturated categories this is absolutely the case. It's physically impossible to detect copycats without using some sort of automated script. In my particular category there's around 240-300 gigs that offer similar service, so it's tangible to do a sweep every once in a while. As I do market research regularly anyway, it's a nice bonus to take out the trash along the way. I wish so too. Although thinking about big companies, more often then not, users are left to their own and system updates are targeted with financial incentives in mind. Fiverr has zero barrier to entry, which means it's inevitable it will attract the worst possible customers to their platform. As in most cases, it's up to the creator to protect and take care of their intellectual property and if one takes their work seriously, I think it's worth doing whenever possible.
  9. As far as I know, you cannot limit the amount of reviews shown in your gig gallery. On top of that, you cannot remove reviews that did not breach the fiverr TOS.
  10. Once again, this post was in the "review process" for over 12 hours, so I have to bump it.
  11. This forum is full of tips & advice for new sellers by new sellers, who are yet to make a single sale or show any signs of success. They mention 10 buyer requests every day, staying online 24/7 (which is a running joke at this point), being active in the forum, sharing your gigs with your friends and family through social media, and all the other nonsense. My question is, what about the actual service you provide? What about the gig quality, communication skills, customer service, work ethic, and personal virtues? What about the actual foundation upon which you are building your business? Sure, some of these tricks might land you a sale or two, but for how long? Some time ago I created a post in the forum titled "Any% permanent account termination speedrunning scene" in which I used satire to bring attention to sellers who go out of their way to infringe on other sellers' copyrights, misrepresent their identity or break the TOS in any other creative way. Unfortunately, I have to go back to this subject. It has become a routine for me to check my niche for gigs who are shamelessly stealing my gig photos or my gig description. Sometimes, they steal a little bit and sometimes I have to wonder if my eyesight is not getting worse because I swear I can see my gig double in the search results. So far I had to take down 15 gigs and 8 profiles of sellers who do not grasp the concept of intellectual property. And let me tell you, it takes time that I would rather spend on something more productive. If you're a new seller who's just starting out, forget about the tips & tricks and focus on your foundation. This will save me and countless other sellers, who take their work seriously a lot of precious time. There's no need to steal content that does not belong to you, you can do better than that. Here's a reminder from fiverr: Gigs and/or users may be removed by Fiverr from the Site for violations of these Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards, which may include (but are not limited to) the following violations and/or materials: Copyright Infringement, Trademark Infringement, and violation of a third party's terms of service reported through our Intellectual Property Claims Policy. Intentional copies of Gigs Spam, nonsense, or violent or deceptive Gigs (I wish this was implemented in the forums as well) Exceedingly low quality Gigs
  12. Nice to see you too! 😊 It's fun to congregate around every once in a while.
  13. I have recently received a review pointing out that I'm fluent in English. While it's a nice thing to hear, it highlights a huge problem with the platform as a whole. It shows that on fiverr the sellers' ability to properly communicate with the client about the project is almost like a bonus. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  14. Getting a bad review sucks, no doubt about it. Some time ago, I got two negative reviews in a row on the same day. I felt like the ground was slipping from under my feet, it was horrible. And even though I felt like my clients were in the wrong, they did point out some valid flaws in how I was communicating and portraying my service. You can always take something away from negative feedback, no matter how harsh it might be. I have improved my gig considerably ever since that day and I'm trying to work in such a way where I do not encounter those same problems again. My advice to you would be to take deep breaths and calm down. Take some time and craft a professional response to that negative review. From the review, it seems like you might have overpromised or oversold your skills needed to do the job. Think about the ways you can improve your gig and your skills required to deliver quality service. If you put in real work, you will recover from it, but now you have to work twice as hard. Best of luck
  15. Huge congratulations! πŸ₯³ I can say that for a new seller, your fiverr journey is truly inspiring. One day I shall join your company πŸ˜‰
  16. Yes, both doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. I would advise anyone who is thinking about getting vaccinated to do a thorough research about the vaccines and consult with your doctor, especially if you have had allergic reactions in the past.
  17. I would rephrase that. Most of the time, a buyer wants to work with a professional seller. If a seller does their job in a timely manner, delivers quality service, has a good standing on the platform and stands out from the competition, there's absolutely no difference if he's online or not when contacted. In my experience, you don't want a buyer who is in a hurry. Such buyers will often rush the order, demand unrealistic delivery time frames as well as more work than what is offered in the gig. In my book, it's a big red flag. If you have a strong gig, the buyer will stick with their choice, no matter if you're online or not.
  18. Hi Steffi, welcome to fiverr! You have a beautiful portfolio, I have no doubt that you will find some business opportunities here. Best of luck! 😊
  19. Have you completed your initial delivery before the deadline? If so, the big red "being late" counter after the revision request does not mean anything. It is an annoying feature of the platform that fiverr just does not care to fix. It depends on the volume of orders that you have completed in the last 60 days. For me personally, order completion rate dropped to 98% and now it has recovered to 99%. It might have influenced my search standings, but what happens, happens. The buyer seems to be a hassle to deal with, so you have to decide. The ratings stay on the platform forever, while completion rate does recover over time.
  20. This reminds me of a marketing sche.. Echem, a GREAT OPPORTUNITY, in which the sellers are obligated to buy their own products and religiously promote their suppliers... Hmm... πŸ€”
  21. Great discussion on this exact topic. Give it a read, a lot of useful insight there.
  22. Blasphemy! The only religion we believe here in the FF is Conga.
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