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  1. Hi Everyone. I’ve heard your feedback. We are in a constant state of what the purpose of the forum is. Recently, there has been an influx of comments and posts that make it very difficult to have meaningful conversations. This is partially due to the migration to the new platform. The survey everyone took a few months ago showed me some great feedback about what you’d like to use this platform for. Let's get back to that. In the previous forum, we had a system that I’ll call “trust levels”. These allowed users who had hit certain and specific milestones to unlock new features and posting limits. The more quality posts and interactions, the more trust you gained. Over the next day, I will be adding in these systems again. As such, a lot of you will see significant reductions in the amount of comments you can post in a given time frame. These levels will NOT affect your ability to leave reactions or read conversations. So please, think before you comment and make sure that you're adding value to the conversation. Level actions to move up and down include but are not limited to: Reputation level, activity, quality of posts, age of account, flags. Some features that can be unlocked when jumping to a new level: Post amount per day, new areas to have conversations, creation of polls, profile editing I am not going to publish the specifics about the triggers or levels, since there are some actors out there who want to “game” the system. That’s not the point of this forum or system. If you’re an active, productive, helpful member of this community, you will find no issues or changes to your daily interactions here. In addition to these user level changes, you will see some significant changes to the topic and conversation forums. These changes will likely be implemented early next week. As I’ve said in the past, and I will continue to say: Your participation here in the forum DOES NOT affect your Fiverr seller Gigs, sales, or rankings in anyway. I'm going to leave the comments open below, feel free to leave questions or comments here. I’m also available via PM. 
Thank you for reading! -MJ
  2. Recently I show that my gig impression so good. but order not much more. how to increase please suggest me.
  3. I don't have any idea what is fiverr forum. Does this help in any way?
  4. Does sanctions on Fiverr's forum affect a seller's main account? I will like to learn.... Thank you!
  5. My last 2 Order automatically accepted. Buyer don't reply my text. Is that any problem on my Account? PLEASE HELP ME
  6. According to me, the community of Fiverr forum is beneficial for us. Personally, I can get a lot of tips and tricks which I never found in anywhere. There are a lot of sections like Welcome, General discussion, Fiverr Tips, Events, Verticals and so on. We have a lot to learn... Regards, Tamzid44
  7. Hi,I'm a new at fiverr. i logged into fiverr with two device my pc and my phone. I can log into forum via mobile app but can't go to forum in my laptop with chrome. Browser says it’s bad requests.what would be that issue? Please help me....
  8. My Gig Rank lost day by day ..please help me what can i do now?
  9. British accent sounds very much fancy and delicious. The American accent can be pronounced very quickly.
  10. Hello Everyone, I`m new #translation seller on Fiver. I`m Simon Tannous, I was born and lived in Nazareth, Israel. I can translate any document from English/ Hebrew to Arabic and vice versa. If anyone need a help with translation please just contact me and visit my profile and I promise that I will response as fast as possible. Its my pleasure to be a part of big family on Fiver and this community. Hope to work with u, wish me a lot of luck. See you soon, My friends.
  11. Is it possible to increase order price after delivery ?
  12. Hello everyone please i will like an honest criticisms and correction to my profile and gig setup. If there is anything or an adjust to be made on my profile and gig....thanks and God bless.
  13. I am coming to Fiverr with huge hope, if successful I will get married
  14. Fiverr forum is the Best! Yes! friends, it's right. Today is my first day in the Fiverr forum. This day, no no this hour is the best to experience for me. This post for you my all Fiverr forum friends. Many many thanks to you. A lot of thanks for response me and support me. You peoples are so nice and the best! Yes, I'm right,_You are the best. And, you will support me in this way, I am by your side. Thanks!😀
  15. If you give one reaction you get 1 point for fiverr fourm batch point.
  16. Hi Everyone I Am New One Fiverr. For New Seller, Fiverr Buyer Request Is Most Important For Grow Up Seller Business I Need Some Good Interesting Cover Letter For Sending Buyer Requests. Cover Letter
  17. Is it very important to be active in the Fiverr forum to get gigs rank in Fiverr?
  18. Hi, I'm using fiverr for more than one year as a seller but very new in fiverr forum. From now I will active here for all time. I will share my personal experience here and also learn from others. Thanks
  19. I'm 16 hours sat on the pc, But many fiverr page drag. Then My account is Hold in fiverr.
  20. Provide me some suggestion to increase level on fiverr forum
  21. Hi, how are you all? Lets make friendship with each other. Let's get to know more about one another. I am from Khulna, Bangladesh. Where are you from?
  22. It's very difficult to rank new gigs on Fiverr, isn't it?
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