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  1. How do I contact customer support to fix my delivery time
  2. congratulation and keep searching for more.
  3. After a month fiverr evaluate the profile and then gadge the measurements of your performance. My delivery time was on 50% because I delivered the ordered but client ask me to do minor editing on banner so I did and the deadline crossed. After that I was continuously seeing my delivery time at 50% but now few days back as I don’t have any project or work my delivery time gone to 0%. Does anyone know what to do and how to bring it back to 100%.
  4. I think this page is taking a nap too page nap600×600 21.3 KB
  5. That’s actually risky. I still have an order open for 4 years in revision. I was new and I had an abusive client, she was changing requirements every revision and after we completed all revisions included I sent her a custom offer for an extra, of course insults started and it was a shit show. I was already in contact with fiverr CS and they told me that even if client is abusing revision button and in breach of TOS and don’t pay for an extra revision I still can’t just redeliver it as it is because they’ll give me a warning in that case. CS knew all situation, they knew that buyer is breaking TOS but they still told me that they’ll give me a warning if I’ll try to redeliver the same work even if I’m right. Of course I learned on my mistakes and never let situations to go to that kind of mess when you can’t get out of that anymore. However still if I’m redelivering the same thing it’s with clients that just made a mistake or asked me a question with a revision instead of messaging me. @mariashtelle1 This is helpful for new freelancer at how to handle client and their requirements.
  6. You’ve vast technical skills but you don’t added any of your work into your profile. First thing the client ask is show some example or previous work. They’re looking at what level are you at in your skill. As you been on fiverr for 2 years you must have done some project for web designing apart from fiverr. Upload that work here on fiverr also change you description, add seo title and work on you pricing because if you’re making custom website then it can’t be for $5. Know your worth and keep updating. Best of luck.
  7. You have to promote you gig on different platforms so you get better ranked on fiverr. When you gig crawl to first page you’ll definitely get order. Also frequently apply on buyer request to get orders.
  8. Generally this question comes in mind of alot of freelancer working here. As most of the time you get a message from buyer but asking for information that take you outside the fiverr platform or just disappear from the platform when you try to reply to him/her. My question is how to know that the buyer is verified. Is there a method that tells buyer information is authentic and it’s ok to proceed with it. Need your suggestions
  9. Congratulations. Keep exploring and moving forward.
  10. The only way to show buyer request is to refresh the page so you get to view latest request. Switch between time to get to know which time have higher buyer requests.
  11. In my time zone I get buyers request mostly at night time ranging from 20-50. But it totally depends on your gigs. Also apply for those jobs that have less competition because with more request against a single job you’ll be in long queue. For example graphic designer buyers request are always showing up in buyers request due to high demand. So pick your skill and make gig wisely. What’s your best time for buyers request?
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