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  1. Until you accept the order. Until then your time will not count. So try to contact Buyer first. If you can't communicate. Then you talk to fiverr Help & Support. I hope you understand me. Thanks.
  2. Stay active on fiverr. Share your gig on social media. Do gig SEO. And increase the gig.
  3. You can give portfolio link if you want. But the portfolio link will not have your tax type information. I hope you understand. Thanks
  4. Once the order is complete, he will no longer be able to make revisions.
  5. No one but Fiverr knows when and how the gig will rank. Same condition of my gig. I don't know what to do.
  6. You don't have to do anything. Auto approval after 3 days. You will get your money. I hope you understand me. Thanks.
  7. You do gig SEO. And stay regular.
  8. You talked about fiverr Help & Support.
  9. No one knows this except fiverr. But it is better if you do gig SEO.
  10. It is better to give 7 gigs. But you have to have good skills at work.
  11. Hello I hope everyone is well. I am uzzik _rafat from Bangladesh. There is no paypal in our country. So we use payoneer. My question is: how much money does the payoneer account deduct per year? And how much money the feeoneer deducts per year if he takes the card. I know this question is not right here. But it is very important for me to know. Please let me know. Thank you all very much.
  12. If you stick to fiverr, you will get a job.
  13. Do you use auto refresh? If so, turn off auto refresh.
  14. You talk to fiverr Help & Support. You can understand your pain.
  15. You submit the work. No problem.
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