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  1. I completely understand the pressure you feel with the clock, I have the same thing! Especially when you do it on the side and have other stuff going on it can become overwhelming. That's why I've increased my delivery days, because as @theratypistmentioned I noticed buyers really don't mind waiting a few days if they want to use your service. Of course there are some who want a project quickly, but then you have to listen to your heart (sounds a bit heavy but idk a different way of putting it haha) and see if you're up for it or not. I think you're actually being quite generous with a delivery date of 2 days! Of course idk how fast your projects in your field normally take you, but I think you'd be okay with adding a day or two. I approach it like this; overall it takes me about 2 days to finish orders (depending on the size of the project) but I've added 2 extra to give myself and my inspiration a bit of breathing room. Also, you don't know what extra stuff comes on your plate that's not Fiverr related. So the key is to basically determine how long you think a project takes you, and then just add a bit more time and I've noticed it reduced my stress a lot! You can set a maximum of orders you're able to accept. When you click on 'gig' tab and then on the gig itself you can check the 'limit orders in queue' and set the amount you're comfortable with. Once the limit is reached, buyers won't be able to place an order. So that should give you a bit of more peace!
  2. I've experienced plenty of messages where it seemed like the conversation was moving towards an order but once I send the custom offer......radio silence. What I always do in light of what @aura_agencysaid is send a follow-up message a couple of days later saying something like 'Hey I wanted to see if you still wanted this and this done? If not, that's completely fine! I just wanted to follow up and make sure' It's also good to remember sometimes it's the cliché 'it's not you, it's them'. Some buyers don't reply at all, but others let me know they've chosen not to pursue whatever they wanted to order at this time. So always remain friendly, because they can still come back to you when the time is right for them 🙂
  3. What I'd do first (and I guess you already did of course) is ask the buyer to deliver them asap so you can start working on their order! But in order to prevent this from happening in the future, I'd highly recommend you edit your requirements and make the necessary boxes mandatory to fill in. This way a buyer cannot place their order without filling them in. Some people encounter unresponsive buyers though and if that ends up being the case, you might want to contact CS and work it out with them. But that's definitely a last resort!
  4. When I look at my quick responses I see a little arrow pointing down on the right of the quick response. When I click it I see 'edit/duplicate/delete'. The quick responses in your inbox also have a trash can on the far right for you to delete them. I think arranging them is only possible on the order page, I wouldn't know if it's possible to do that in the inbox actually. At least I can't make that happen either, but I hope this helped!
  5. @rachelbostwickI completely agree haha! I also have to admit, I just simply wouldn't really know what I'd have to change. And most importantly; if it would make a difference 😅 I think it all depends on what someone personally notices what can be improved (e.g. updating your FAQ) & maybe a little the field you're in too? I think I based my thought on not editing too much on my early beginning days where I read editing constantly was advised against. I think when you have multiple gigs and plenty of reviews you have more room to experiment, since the orders will roll in anyway. But maybe the editing doesn't affect your gig presence on the search page a lot anymore?
  6. I actually never do! When it's not broke, don't fix it they say right? The only times I've edited my gig was mainly in the beginning. Once I got some orders I realized what needed to be done to polish my gig. For example add certain questions to my requirements, add a video etc. The only change I've made (like 2 months ago) was raising my prices. Changing the keywords I haven't done for example, and I wouldn't know when you notice when that would be needed. I guess that's a good move when you don't receive orders for a long time My advice would be to only make changes that truly improve your gig. Don't just edit it for the heck of it. And also write down all the changes you want to make and do it all in one go. And my last thought; not getting orders doesn't always mean your gig isn't right. Sometimes it's just a slow month (god knows I've had those) and usually it picks up again, with many orders in one week before it goes radio silent again. But of course, it's never wrong to stay critical about your gig 😄 I'm only speaking from own experience of course, so do with this information as you please!
  7. I noticed a significant drop in inquiries and orders as well when I noticed I received the Fiverr's Choice badge. I don't know if it's related of course, could just be the time of year! But it's interesting nonetheless to see how something that supposedly should help with extra work, doesn't quite do that. I think my badge has now been taken away too (lasted for like 3 weeks, rough estimation), but it never affected my Promoted Gigs option. I don't use it though, so it wouldn't be bad if it did. Anyway, it sounds like a very annoying situation you have though! Since you already contacted CS, all I could advise is wait for the algorithm to rotate your gig back. Unfortunately things like this are out of your hands. What's in your hands is deliver the best work, which you're capable of otherwise you wouldn't have gotten these options in the first place! Fiverr is sometimes a fickle and elusive platform, many people try to understand how it exactly works but there seems no one answer that can be found 😅 Why are you spamming this thread by copying the same sentence as above. Your forum presence does not affect your gig. Stop spamming...
  8. I'm not a Sir (woman over here) and I'm not sure what you mean? 😅
  9. Unfortunately no. The only way to do it is create a new gig, but that being smart depends on if you already have reviews on the gig you want to change the url of. If you just created a gig and realized the url is wrong for whatever reason and it really bugs you, you can just delete the gig and start a new one. Depending if you do end up changing it, I'd definitely take into consideration what @smashradiomentioned above 🙂
  10. When you change your title the Gig URL stays the same, but the title will change on the search pages. So you can change it so buyers will see your new title there, but again, the URL doesn't change with it.
  11. Fiverr's algorithm rotates profiles all the time. That's why your gig doesn't always rank on the 1st page. It gives everybody a chance to get orders. Otherwise all the new sellers would continuously be on the last page and that wouldn't really be fair either. You're a Level Two seller so just keep on doing what you're doing and I'm sure it will rotate back and you'll get a 'better' position on the search pages!
  12. I'd like to add to the discussion that besides all the accurate things @ahmwritingcomentioned, Fiverr reminds buyers multiple times to leave a review. In my opinion buyers who want to leave a review do so, regardless if you (a seller) ask them for one. Some might do it as a favour of course after you ask it when they really appreciated your services. Overall however I think it's debatable that asking for a review on top of the reminders Fiverr sends makes a buyer leave a review if they weren't already planning to.
  13. I went and checked it myself for my own gig and the badge shows with one keyword, but not with the other. I can't give an explanation for this but all I'd say is to trust the system! There's a reason why Fiverr gave you a notification of receiving the badge, so it might just be a system thing of it not showing. For all we know buyers do see it. It's a 'privilege' kind of thing I suppose so the fact it's not showing isn't hurtful, it's just a bit odd. You're a Level Two seller and you got this badge assigned so all I'd say is keep up the good work, you're clearly doing something right! You can always contact CS about it and see what they say about it not showing when you search for your own gig. One thing is for sure though is that it won't be shown on the gig on your profile.
  14. Did the buyer put in a revision request after your initial delivery? If so, the time continues to tick until the buyer accepts the order but it isn't actually late.
  15. I actually saw this today on my profile as well so it indeed means your gig has been selected, congrats! I think it won't show on your gig but it only shows on the search page. So when buyers are scrolling through all the profiles, they will see this 'Fiverr's Choice' badge on your profile there. The same as with a Rising Talent badge. It might be different, but this is what I think!
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