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  1. Hi there I am here once again to ask for advice, tips and tricks from seniors who have been on Fiverr for a long time. I got my level 1 badge 3 months ago, however, instead of getting more orders, I am getting 1 or 2 orders a month. I have tried modifying my gigs too. after modifying one of my gigs, i got over 7k impressions but zero orders. I am unable to understand what is going on, and I will be grateful if someone can tell me what's happening with my account. thank you so much in advance.
  2. Hi Fiverr. I hope everyone is in good health and safe. I am here to seek help regarding my gigs. As a new seller my gigs were ranking and were doing great. However, now as a level 1 seller, my gigs get almost no impressions neither do they get any clicks. Can anyone please share some tips and tricks to get my gigs ranking again. Moreover, I am barely getting any orders and its actually very frustrating for me. I will be very thankful for some advices and tips. Have a great day. Thanks a lot in advance
  3. Thankyou. I contacted support and it was under review for a month. they activated it and its back.
  4. Hi everyone! I have been using fiverr since last year and never experienced vanishing of gig from search results after editing it. I edited one of my gigs a week ago and I am still not able to find it, moreover, it shows zero impressions and zero clicks. can someone guide me why is it happening? should I contact support for it or just wait for it to come back?
  5. Thanks a lot to everyone for advices. I think I will just have to stop working with the particular buyer, as I can’t talk about rating or review.
  6. No, it’s NOT! You are not allowed to discuss reviews with your buyer AT ALL. It can lead to a warning or a suspension. This is exactly why I did not even try to discuss the rating with her 😅
  7. haha. I think I will have to talk to her directly, and if she still wants me to do the work then i will go for a combined order. thanks a lot for the advise.
  8. Instead of blocking just let him/her clearly know that you did your best but as per our last order experience I don’t want to continue. So hope he/she understands. Rest if they force you to work you can report and block (Also you can open ticket with CS because some clients are like they love to not give 5 stars LOL I think that’s the issue here. i checked the reviews the buyer left on other seller’s gigs also. it was the same with them also. 4 stars everywhere.
  9. Its not a good think to ask the buyer. May be she thinks communication was not 100% as per how he/she wanted or service. There are 3 parts for rating so it’s not necessary that everyone gives 5 stars she gave 5 star for communication. but 4 for recommendation and service. Also, to be very clear she did not point out any mistake, also she praised my work.
  10. Alright! Then i think i will just talk to her and tell her that she can find a better seller or something like this. Thankyou
  11. I understand but the problem is we can’t really talk about ratings with buyers, that can harm my gig.
  12. Hi, I have a buyer who wants me to do 4 tasks for her every month. I just completed the first task, she was happy, said “it was delightful” working with me. But! I can’t understand why, she gave me 4 stars for service and recommendation. I am afraid she will do the same again, that is why I am not willing to work with her again. So, is it okay if I block the buyer? will she be able to report my gig or place an order again? Thank you
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