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  1. Hey @zaheer_abbas37, you cannot force a client to be responsive or leave a review. The only thing you can do is to gently nudge them by sending a message. Everything else is up to them. And, do not overdo it as you may annoy them. Perhaps, a message per day is enough. Additionally, you cannot ask for a 5 star review or a good review or whatever. It is against the terms of service. What you can do is ask for a review in general without pushing the buyer towards any direction. And, are you serious about Fiverr? Do you want some feedback? Change your display picture to the one that you have here on the forums. And, also, I notice that your name on Fiverr proper is "Ms Offic Expert" which is misspelled by the way. Put Zaheer or Zaheer Abbas there. The way these two things look right now is hurting your potential. Best, Spyros.
  2. @desmond_aubery Promoted gigs is a useful feature that increases the traffic to your gigs. I personally have an average of 10 times of what I spend on it. Since we are talking about promotions and marketing. Are you open to some feedback? You may want to upgrade your gig video. The audio is distorted and noisy, and the presentation is not in a professional environment. And also, I see that you mention your website in the description, which I was unable to open. Important: Fiverr prohibits the exchange of personal contact information and, posting your business website is against the ToS unless it is whitelisted and points back to Fiverr. This can bag you a warning. There is a list of approved URLs for portfolios which you can find here: https://help.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011421218-Gig-policies Warm regards, Spyros.
  3. I'm also from Khorinis. Unbelievable. My introduction was Gothic II. III stood out as my favorite by far. Remember how buggy it was when it came out? I also delved into Risen but struggled with Elex. It's disappointing they didn't continue the series past Gothic III. There's a remake of the first game in progress, but my experience trying it on Steam didn't capture the Gothic essence. Looking back, I wish I had more time to immerse myself in games like these. They demand significant leisure time, which I now have much less of.
  4. First, I really appreciate the time you took to create a forum post for the ages. Through this, I hope we can help others in the future and express ourselves effectively. For this reason, I will be completely candid and speak with the best interests of future sellers at heart. --- Currently, I have a perfect success score of 10, which allows me some leeway for a hiccup, whether that is a cancellation, an order gone wrong, a 1-star review, or anything else. Given this, I would uphold what is fair and inform the client that they are scope creeping and have changed the order requirements. Of course, I would do this in the nicest way possible. Then, I would assess the amount of work needed and send a gig extra to cover the additional effort. In your example of a commercial, business people are generally understanding. They would most likely accept the gig extra, and we could move on. However, if their communication deteriorates, I would refer to the terms offered in the gig and the initial offer and proceed from there. To date, I have only had two cancellations, both initiated by me. So, I am not very experienced with conflict. I have heard stories of experienced sellers who hit a wall with a client and keep delivering the initial project repeatedly. I am unsure if this is within the ToS, and I would definitely check with CS and my SM before doing anything drastic like that. --- Then there is scenario B. Someone might not have a perfect success score. Maybe it's a 6 or 5, or they have half a review and are still building their profile. Would they risk their shaky footing on the platform or their dream of becoming a full-time freelancer for a couple of hours of work? The office chair at the dead-end boring job is always there, 9-5, every day. At this point, you have to see the bigger picture. Despite my faults, I have a good sense of that. Many times, I offered more than what was ordered when I was building my profile. This was out of fear—not fear of conflict or a bad review, but fear of what a negative outcome would mean for my life. This is why a freelancer must have multiple streams of income, so our footing is always steady. Don't forget that we travel this path to be independent.
  5. Very well said, @manuelmarino and @hzsmith. I would like to add my two cents as well: The client is the client. He is not your friend. The communication should match that. I don't care if you have done 5, 10, 20 orders together. If the relationship has not been tried during conflict, it does not mean anything. Which means that if a client considers you a 'friend' and is emotionally involved, they may strike even worse during a dispute. And, that depends on the individual's character.
  6. @Kesha May I suggest two things? 1. A complete preview function. 2. A master profile with your main title that branches out into different niches. For instance, I am an audio engineer (that professional description is currently unavailable). Then, we could have different segments that highlight specialties with descriptions and portfolio projects. For instance, sound designer, restoration specialist, music mixing and mastering engineer etc. What is currently available is fine but, perhaps, that would be more convenient. ---> Also, I was initially unable to complete the verification process by following the instructions after scanning the QR code. The reason for this is that the camera icon was unresponsive. I had to do what others described and click the 3 dots on the top right and go to "Open in browser". In any case, I managed to add my first profession successfully. Ps. One more thing, the thumbnail that shows in the success score breakdown menu does not work. I see the gig thumbnails for the rest and, this one looks broken.
  7. I am one of the select few and, unfortunately, I need to give them feedback. In the audio and podcast editing category, it asks me what genre of music I specialize in, which does not make any sense. That is relevant to the music mixing and mastering niche instead. Edit: I now see that you can omit that by choosing 1 thing in the relevant skills and expertise field. However, in my case, I would like to be able to select the appropriate professional description which is 'Audio Engineer' (currently unavailable) and then, I would like to be able to select specializations to define my niches even more.
  8. Stephane, this was the red flag that you missed. He didn't say that he browsed other portfolios and thought that you are the man for the job. He said that he tried to work with them. And notice the plural. As for the rest, Fiverr is governed by a strict algorithm. When the AI detects two million revisions and on top of that a cancellation, make no mistake that this will hurt your success score. I understand that you are trying to build your reviews and take on projects that perhaps, you wouldn't under other circumstances but, the long term consequences are not worth it. A Fiverr order should be like this: - You receive the full requirements. Ideally, even before the order is placed. - You deliver. "Collaborating" with amateurs isn't worth our time, and it is dangerous for our success score. Also, the endless back and forth is detrimental to the resources of your business. Namely, your time and well-being. Just a few thoughts from my experience. Warm regards, Spyros. PS. Get in seller plus premium if you can. "Request to order" is your friend.
  9. You lost the game here, if you didn't send a new offer (gig extra). If you indeed provided a full rework for the same money, you showed them that they can walk all over you. Also, from what you are writing, I understand that the client was showing clear signs of inability to understand how Fiverr works or what it means to hire a freelancer under contract. In my view, you should have rejected him. Fiverr is a long game. A misstep can cause you to wave goodbye to your current standing on the platform. It is better to lose an order - whatever size - than, all of your business here for 6 months or whatever it is. As for how to get out of this hole, I am not in a position to make any suggestions as I have very few negative experiences. I have heard stories of sellers that keep delivering the last revised version over and over again until the client gets tired but, I am not sure if that is in line with the ToS. The sure thing is that even if you cancel, they can still leave a review for you so, it is what it is. Perhaps, somebody else who has recent experience with a nightmarish order can pitch in.
  10. @manuelmarino You use Cubase. We are practically brothers 😄 Congrats on being featured!
  11. The reason is that I prefer being the captain of my own boat. Here's a picture of that:
  12. Do not attempt to do anything. This is considered manipulation. It is against the ToS and can bag you a warning. If you think that this review is so hurtful to your business, do not work with that client again. Cut your losses and move on.
  13. I believe that you were too biased. The client was clearly an admirer of birds, and he merely tried to inform you that a hawk flew off in his area. He just made a spelling error. Now, not only did you miss out on making the big monies but also, the opportunity to watch a glorious hawk in flight.
  14. I am sorry that you had such a negative experience in your beginning on Fiverr. You can fix this by bringing clients from elsewhere to purchase your gig here. You only have three reviews. If you receive, let's say, another 10 five-star reviews, your profile will look a lot different. Fiverr is one of the biggest marketplaces on the planet. It's not something that a freelancer can ignore. As for the rest, unfortunately, we have to learn some lessons the hard way. Best regards, Spyros.
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