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  1. I think you are a graphics designer, it is not easy to get 2000 orders in just 2 year but yes it is more difficult in web development. Though congrats for your valuable success.
  2. Last month I completed 3 orders after 1 year of creating my fiverr account. Again I am not getting orders for 1 month. Need experts suggestion about this matter. What I have to do now or what I can do?
  3. Some people are giving wrong advices to the person. Some wrong ideas: 1.Be active all the day 2. Share the gig as many time as possible. 3. Don't edit gigs. My suggestion to you that take all the advices instead of these three. Just hope for the best and never give up.
  4. Both images are looking good and professional but I think the ratio of the image is not in the correct order that's why the images are looking somewhat mismatch from the front.
  5. Thanks for the wishes 🙏 Now I am approaching my 3rd order. Inshallah it will be 4 soon.
  6. Congratulations for your achievement and Hope you enjoy the new badge.
  7. This is an amazing experience to get first order on fiverr complete with a good reputation. After completing the first one on the same night I got the second. Though the amount were not big but the feeling of getting order is amazing. After a long 1 year of my struggle I got these order and hopefully waiting for the third on. So the suggestion for the new sellers never give up and stay focused.
  8. what to do for getting order I also want to know that sir. I am facing the same problem for a long time. 😭
  9. You need to add some more details and visual thing in your gig image
  10. I think After unblock the buyer you have to say sorry and telling your mistake to the buyer can do better for your future. In this way buyer will realize if you say the truth to him.
  11. Being active in fiverr doesn't carry a good number of impression it depends on your performance in fiverr and marketing of your gig.
  12. Its a good sign of progress keep up your hard work.
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