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  1. That is incorrect. Sometimes you may have to clarify your case, but they are usually fair.
  2. To all the folks who worry about "ranking" their gig, here's a free bit of knowledge I got from my Success Manger. The vast, really vast majority of buyers do not navigate to a category, then start drilling down to a sub category, then start scrolling through pages of gigs. Most buyers do exactly what you do when you go to Amazon to buy fuzzy slippers. You enter "fuzzy slippers" in the search bar, and the algorithm takes you to a page of results ranked by sales success and positive reviews. So you see the best they have to offer, which are the most likely to result in a sale. That's is precisely the way Fiverr works. This is why you see really successful sellers get rotated on and off the first page, and people with 2 sales on the same first page. They just rotate to help get exposure. My sales are the same whether I am on page 1 or 20, because the algorithm presents my gig where it feel that there is the best chance of making a sale. That's it. That's the secret of the universe. So don't worry about where you rank, because most buyers will search, and when they do, they are presented with the gigs that are the most profitable for Fiverr. That means you should work on making your gigs and the services you offer perfect, and getting really happy buyers who leave you positive reviews. So the short answer, is don't worry about "ranking" your gig, that is transient, and the real success comes from making sales and getting good reviews. No real magic. Less worry about "ranking" and more worry about being the best damned (whatever it is you do) on Fiverr. Good luck.
  3. I suggest we also focus on groups of people openly discussing how to rip off Fiverr buyers with fake qualifications in their gigs, offering each other tips as to how to deceptively appear online 24.7. We seem to be concerned with how that damages the forum, but the real damage is being done on the main site, where many of us are trying to run legitimate businesses.
  4. Nonsense. Such a shame that people who have no clue post this fake advice.
  5. They claim to be an expert marketer " I'm an expert Digital Marketers. I live in Bangladesh. I always grow Social Media account & promote ‎Business service or product" So they are the one who should be giving us all tips, and if she were actually an expert marketer, she would have more orders than she could handle. Yet another fake "expert marketer" from the same place.
  6. But he is a ....wait for it.....wait for it..... he is a "B2B Lead Generator Specialist," Yet another lead generation specialist with no sales, from that certain location that gave us the other 50,000 lead generation specialists who are here begging for sales.
  7. Yes, look at all the folks who post "I online 24.7 everyday and cant get sales. Help me." Usually a "digital marketing expert" as well.
  8. Your profile claims that you are a" Professional Digital Marketer, SEO Expert, Email Marketing Expert". Why, with all that marketing expertise, can you not generate sales for yourself? Even more to the point, if you can't generate sales for yourself, why are you trying to charge people to do it for them? Where in Bangladesh did you study to become a "Professional Digital Marketer, SEO Expert, Email Marketing Expert?"
  9. That was a reply to @sanaaliabbasi, not you. But OK then. Have a happy day. 🙂
  10. You are not following the discussion. I understand that it is done to avoid a bad review. But if the buyer was dissatisfied, and the review is removed using this tactic, it is not honest. That is the point. I don't like the dishonesty of it.
  11. Actually, you can look at my profile and see the bad reviews as well as the good ones. I know it is not the popular thing to do, but I just feel that buyers should see an honest review of a gig, or else what's the point? Again, I am not faulting you, I just feel like I am in the very, very small minority who feel that the reviews should actually mean something. I believe they should be honest and not massaged with refunds to look better than they actually are. I am certainly not upset with you. Good luck.
  12. Dishonest. Then your reviews mean nothing if you pay off the bad ones to go away.
  13. So you dishonestly give the impression that you are offering a 5 star service because you are sanitizing your reviews, essentially buying off bad reviews with a refund. How is that fair to buyers who think they are actually getting a 5 star service?
  14. I won't argue with you, too much, it is your decision. What bothers me more than you working for free is that when sellers cancel to avoid bad reviews, they are basically sanitizing their reviews. So a buyer can end up ordering from someone with a number of unhappy past buyers, who have all been bought off with a refund, yet the seller still has an undeserved 5 star rating. It seems not completely honest or fair to the buyers who come afterwards, thinking the are getting a true 5 star service.
  15. Wrong. How can post such nonsense? Please learn how Fiverr works before you offer goofy, incorrect advice.
  16. If I bought a service, but did not leave feedback, and you then bothered me about not leaving feedback 2, 3 or 7 days later, I would leave you a 1 star review with the comment "Seller is spamming me after delivery of service. Avoid this guy"
  17. Do you regret that by asking CS to cancel, you worked for free, and the buyer has your original work to now use for free?
  18. You do understand that if you are indeed an expert in lead generation, you should not have reason to be here asking why you can't generate leads for your gig, right? You have to be honest as to your skills.
  19. I think I am going to buy the gigs from about a dozen of these "Marketing experts" for my gig, and see what I get. Could be very funny.
  20. I'll bet he's not talking about staying up to work on a gig, but the old "online 24.7" to get orders BS.
  21. This is the biggest myth on the forum. You do not need to remain online to get orders. You have 24 hours to respond to inbox messages. Most of us wake up to new messages and orders every day. This is just a falsehood spread by inexperienced and desperate sellers. So get your sleep, you will do better work when you are rested.
  22. Not necessarily. That is as ridiculous as saying that all new sellers are unskilled. You cannot decide on a trait and apply it equally to everyone in a group, no matter how self serving the reason to do so is.
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