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  1. Hi everyone, My Rated order is 85% and Hopefully I'm becoming level 1 seller in Dec 20. Rated order percentage will effect to become level seller?
  2. I drove website Traffic for a client some times ago but he Gave Me a 1.5 star Review Because he Thought I didn't do anything, meanwhile after the order was completed and delivered he eventually found out that the total visit on his website was increased(having checked his website stats eventually) due to the promotions i did for him....... Is it possible for him to change the reviews he made concerning my services as at this point???
  4. Hi amazing people! I have this client that seems like he have a lot of reviews as a buyer and after the order finished I contacted him asking for a feedback and he said fiverr won't let me do it I contacted fiverr support they said everything is good on the order the buyer can leave a review, And then the client asked me if I can send him a link so he can tip me and leave me a feedback, So what should I do?!
  5. I am a level one seller, but due to one private negative feedback my gig is effected so badly, first my gig was on the first page and now it is on 23rd page, Is there any idea to while the gig rating is 4.9 is their any idea or solution how to deal with the private negative feedback that i get from my client. Thank you
  6. Hello! I have a general query about the level one seller. I have completed 13 orders. Among them, there are 11 reviews with 5 stars. But I don't know why my rating isn't checked green mark. I have attached a screenshot of my analytics. Could anyone explain it to me?
  7. My rating is less than 90% so I could not send the offer to the buyer request. How to remedy this.
  8. Hey fiverr community, I am level-1 seller on fiverr. Actually before few months ago i couldn't work on fiverr because my health issue, so after that my account performance get down. But from the last month i restarted my work again on fiverr as a seller, i have done lot of efforts on marketing for my gig on social media accounts for getting more buyer. Now my main concern is that today i completed a order of 5$ and buyer give my 5 start rating, But still my account dashboard showing ( N/A rating ) while today i get 5 star rating with new order and there are also mentioned there that i need 4.7 rating over the course of 60 days. There are mentioned that my account will demotion because of (N/A ) rating, but i am unable to understand why my account will demotion when i have got 5 star rating today. Kindly guide me about this issue, thanks Here is my link of screenshot. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1kyhD6KVzjRptE1k7P3fFvKXPTIDhk5IE
  9. Hi, I have 57 (5 stars) 5 (4.7 stars) 2 (4.3 stars) and 1 (4 star) ratings on my gig. There are total 65 reviews on my gig with a 4.9 rating. How many 5 star reviews do I need to get back 5 star rating on my gig? Kindly guide If someone know properly about it. Thanks
  10. Hello Everyone, I hope you are all well and enjoyed a beautiful holy Eid-Ul-Fitr. Now I'm looking for your experience suggestion about; Alhamdulliah, I have completed my another order. But there had a misunderstanding between my client and me. So the client marked me by 03 star rating with positive comments due to his emotion. And finally it badly effected my profile. Now write me suggestion what I have to do? Thanks.
  11. My most selling GIG was going fine and I was getting orders. The ranking of that GIG was in upward direction each day. But a buyer didn't rate my service after delivery and my GIG ranking was going down everyday. Now it doesn't even appear in the first page. I tried changing meta-data and GIG gallery, but that didn't help. Is this a co-incidence or it happens? My question is If a buyer doesn't leave a review after a successful delivery, does it negatively affect the GIG ranking? If this is just a co-incidence, I need some serious advice to recover my GIG rank. Thanks
  12. I have been off Fiverr for over a year, and I had (and still have) 5 total reviews. All are 5 star except one, which was a 2 star. That 2 star review I believe hurt my chances of getting new orders since I started using back Fiverr. After 1 month, I finally got in contact with a buyer and was hoping this would be my best chance to get a good rating to give my profile a good impression on future buyers. We communicated and he placed his order, but since that I haven't heard from him. The order was automatically set as completed 3 days later. So I understand I'll still receive payment. But what I would like to know is if the buyer doesn't leave a review, will my overall review just remain the same as it was prior to that order?
  13. I don't want service reviews from buyers. I always leave it up to them. There is a question: If I don't get a review after completing an order, is there any adverse effect? (Note that: I've completed 50 orders and I got 27 reviews. 🙂 )
  14. A new buyer place an order on my gig. After received my delivery he give me 1.7 rating. Now he is blocked by fiverr. After give me negative rating my all gig impressive and click are totally near to zero. And i can't sent buyer request. what can i do now? How long time i stay in this position? and when my gig will rank? . I had completed 3 job before.
  15. I don't know if this has already been implemented or not. I have an idea how to help to solve the problem of negative (1-2 star) reviews from conflict buyers. I think it would be better if buyers with better review history would have more influence on seller's rating and performance. For example, buyer #1 rated 10 orders (from different sellers) as 5-star and rated 1 seller as 3-star. The buyer #2 rated 10 orders as 3-star (average) and recently made another negative (1-star) review of a new seller. And Fiverr system could give a bigger coefficient to #1 buyer ratings, if he will place a negative review, than to a buyer #2 who seems to be too strict with all his sellers regardless of the quality of their service.
  16. A bit of a stupid question but how does it make you feel if you get a purchase from a buyer that's new to fiverr? Obviously I'm pleased to get any orders, but I always fear a new buyer won't understand the '5* or fail' nature of fiverr ratings (I know 4.7 isn't bad but you get my point). I'm really not a worrier, I'm pretty chilled out, but ratings/reviews actually give me real anxiety! I know I can't do anything about it, just saying 🙂
  17. I have completed my 10 orders on fiverr and I am a new seller. I am facing an issue on my buyer request section that is I can not send buyer request any more. Kindly help me.
  18. I just has started my journey at Fiver and received 2 order. Thank God. But unfortunately 2nd buyer gave me 4.3 rating and because of this my overall rating came on 4.7 from 5. I have 3 questions: Is this bad rating? After how many orders I can get back my 5 star ratings. If I delete my that gig with low ratings so can I make new with a new start from 0? Please help me.
  19. Hi, I will be very grateful if anyone please do a bit math for me. If I am currently 4.9 on my gig. With total 15 reviews: 5 star (14) - 4 star (1) How many 5 star are needed to obtain 5 star rating. Thanks and looking forward kind replies:)
  20. I delivered an order 1 week ago. I was waiting for the buyer's revisions. But It was automatically completed. And this buyer came to me just today and put me one-star without any single word. Though there was an unlimited revision option. The buyer said to me nothing. the one-star rating will remain forever. So, my question is "was it my fault to receive one star?" How can I overcome this bad experience?
  21. 2 months ago I got a 1-star review Then loses all my gig rank. So Now How can I rank my gig? Please Give me advice.
  22. Hi Fiverr developers,🙂 Just a suggestion for ratings & reviews. @fiverr showing an order’s Num count in Gigs after the buyers accepted projects & automatic delivery, is very valuable to the sellers. in some cases,buyers miss it due to their busy schedules.Not a complaint but just a suggestion.I would be very happy if it could be considered.since we put so much effort to do a good job and sometimes we go extra mile for some sensitive clients too. Showing order count in Gigs instead only ratings & reviews will help us to receive more works. Thank you. *if any sellers wants to add something feel free to comment here.
  23. Hey guys. So this one seller did an AMAZING JOB for me.. like truly life transforming! and it was a long term gig too. Unfortunately we carried out the gig during my wedding planning time, had a lot going on, and by the time I got back from my unplugged honeymoon and was getting back to all my work stuff (today) I found that the order was completed, and it had surpassed the 10 days allowed for ratings and reviews. I personally don't think this is fair on my seller because she is by far the best seller I've met on this platform since I started using it years ago, and I was really excited to give her a great review. She just started and it would've helped boost her gig. FIVERR, pleasseeee allow me rate and review my seller. It's unfair to the sellers to miss out on reviews just because a buyer were busy or didn't check their emails, and yet without them this platform wouldn't be a thing. Please help. Thanks.
  24. I've completed my first order, and I'm not seeing any rating yet, I've messaged the buyer, but she haven't replied yet. I got a clue from this forum that it might be because I've not given any review on my experience with her as a seller, but I can't even found anywhere to do that!
  25. I've worked for 4 orders till now and among 3 of these buyers left pretty good messages for reordering but never left me ratings. For Fiverr, ratings make the profile, and what if you delivered so well and client was happy but didn't left you ratings?? I've even messaged them once but not benefited. Suggest me something for this issue please.
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