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  1. They already told you: "At this time, we are not able to disclose how long the review will take, but you will be updated once there’s a final resolution."
  2. You can't raise your prices? You should report that to CS as it is a bug.
  3. I think that when you are calling out a scammy creep like this you can skip being sensitive about his pronouns.
  4. No, I see your stance as ridiculous though. I have worked for many charities, including St. Jude's Research hospital, probably the largest hospital in the states dedicated to childhood cancer. Every time I have worked for a LEGITIMATE charity, they have treated me as a professional and paid for my services, just as they pay their staff, their doctors, their taxes and their vendors. You seem awfully entitled in your approach, and could take a lesson from actual charities that employ people who have families to feed. You seem to be quite an amateur in regard to how charities run.
  5. Which is quite a shame. I've always wished that when you select the filter for "Best Selling", there should be in descending order, the gigs that sold the most in descending order. This should be dynamic and change daily. Also, when you select "Recommended", you should get in descending order, the most recommended gigs. Right now, we just get random results that come and go. That's OK, but they should not be called "Best Selling." Right now in my category, the top 4 gigs listed left to right on row 1 have 235, 97, 581 and 22 reviews. You have to scroll down to row 5 to even see the first gig with 1k+ in reviews. I have no problem with clearly labeled "rising talent" here and there to help noobs get noticed, but the results are nothing like what the filter suggests you will get.
  6. Fiber totem smiles on you and your giges, may you rank and may you go more ahead. Conga Rats
  7. Ridiculous font size does not rank your gig.
  8. Sell a whole lot of services. That's all.
  9. You are asking if investing $29/month in your business for a service that helps you boost sales, while your business is struggling, is a good idea?
  10. Offer a service at which you are skilled.
  11. Congratulations for providing the single biggest piece of WRONG information on fiverr.
  12. Nonsense. Please learn how fiverr actually works prior to offering silly advice.
  13. Dear Parrots, this thread is 3 1/2 years old. You don't even read the content do you?
  14. Very good news. Congratulations!
  15. Haha, we know. We are pointing out that this is a business website, and faith has nothing to do with success in the business world.
  16. Wrong. Please learn before you make foolish posts.
  17. Have you considered doing something you are skilled at?
  18. https://www.fiverr.com/studios
  19. He did post "no sales", isn't that enough?
  20. Have you considered another line of work?
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