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  1. If I bought a service, but did not leave feedback, and you then bothered me about not leaving feedback 2, 3 or 7 days later, I would leave you a 1 star review with the comment "Seller is spamming me after delivery of service. Avoid this guy"
  2. Do you regret that by asking CS to cancel, you worked for free, and the buyer has your original work to now use for free?
  3. You do understand that if you are indeed an expert in lead generation, you should not have reason to be here asking why you can't generate leads for your gig, right? You have to be honest as to your skills.
  4. I think I am going to buy the gigs from about a dozen of these "Marketing experts" for my gig, and see what I get. Could be very funny.
  5. I'll bet he's not talking about staying up to work on a gig, but the old "online 24.7" to get orders BS.
  6. This is the biggest myth on the forum. You do not need to remain online to get orders. You have 24 hours to respond to inbox messages. Most of us wake up to new messages and orders every day. This is just a falsehood spread by inexperienced and desperate sellers. So get your sleep, you will do better work when you are rested.
  7. Not necessarily. That is as ridiculous as saying that all new sellers are unskilled. You cannot decide on a trait and apply it equally to everyone in a group, no matter how self serving the reason to do so is.
  8. Why do you suppose that is? Price barrier resistance?
  9. But so do L1 to become L2, and L2 to TRS, and TRS to become PRO. The point is that new sellers as a group try harder than anyone else is just not accurate, but I commend you for doing so if that applies to you individually.
  10. Sure, start reading the thousands of posts here that explain how to be successful.
  11. Maybe different for certain verticals. I am a voice over seller. So The only times this occurs is when someone orders 150 words, then submits an order of 300 words. Or If they order a VO which is obviously for a business and they neglect to order the commercial rights usage license. That's when you have to go back and let them know you are sending a gig extra for the add on. Occasionally, someone will balk, usually because they failed to read and understand, as opposed to deliberate scamming. And even more rarely, someone will refuse to pay the extra. That's where the fun begins. For my occupation there are several responses, but I will tell you that I would not cancel the order in these cases. One VO artist I know lays a watermark over the file for a few seconds (that says - for demonstration purposes only) at the beginning if they won't buy the commercial rights, another searches the internet and issues takedown notices for sites where it appears in an unlicensed manner. We can also just deliver what they ordered. So if they order 150 words and send 300 words, just record the 150 and deliver.
  12. That is assigned randomly by Fiverr to give new sellers some exposure before being dropped to the bottom and having to compete for sales.
  13. This is nonsense. It does not work. Please educate yourself before offering silly advice.
  14. Why are you shocked? Your gig offers nothing that 30,834 others are already offering. Nothing stands out about your gig images. So what is it that a buyer would see on your gig, that makes them think that they must order from you instead of all the sellers who got here years before you? Could you explain why you are having a sales problem when your profile says " I am a professional lead generation expert." Shouldn't an expert in "generating leads" be able to "generate leads?" Where in Bangladesh did you study to become a " professional lead generation expert?" And why aren't you applying that expertise to your own gigs?
  15. I seem to be asking this from a lot of your fellow "experts", but in your profile you say " I am a professional lead generation expert". If you are indeed an expert, why can you not generate sales leads for yourself? That seems to be a common complaint from people who want to charge others to generate sales leads, so I've asked several times, but no "experts" have yet explained that irony to me. Your gig does not mention this, where in Bangladesh did you study to become a " professional lead generation expert?"
  16. That can't be the reason, because every single seller on Fiverr started as a brand new seller with zero sales and zero reviews. Take a harder look at what you are offering. Is it better, or unique from what is being offered by the thousands of sellers who got here before you? Also, your English both here and in your gig is not up to standard. That costs you sales. Plus, you need to be honest about your skills. You claim to be a "professional digital marketer." If that were true, you would not be here asking why you have no sales. You would be to busy filling orders. Be honest.
  17. Oh Robin, where to begin. You claim to be am "expert" in "lead generation." Why can you not generate leads for yourself? If you are prepared to take money from a buyer to "generate leads" for them, don't you think you should be able to do it for yourself? Not quite honest is it? Where in Bangladesh did you study to become an "expert" in "lead generation?"
  18. So your theory is that as sellers become more successful and experienced, they become less responsible? How silly and self serving.
  19. I don't understand. In your profile you say you are "Professional Lead Generation Expert". So three questions arise: 1. Why can't you generate some leads for yourself, since you are an "expert?" 2. If you can't generate any leads for yourself, do you consider it honest to try to take money from someone to "generate leads" for them, when you can't for yourself? 3. Where in Bangladesh did you study to become an "expert" in this field?
  20. So I see that you are online right now. Sitting there waiting. You have zero sales, so why are you offering advice that you clearly know does not work?
  21. I liked that advice even better when I first wrote it.
  22. That is total nonsense. Please don't offer silly advice. Staying online only does one thing, it identifies you as someone who has no idea how Fiverr works. By the way, don't you think it is dishonest to use wifi or data to trick people into thinking you are online? If you are willing to lie about that what else do you lie about to get sales?
  23. Reading not necessary, just gibberish replies to "rank gig" Congress, sister
  24. Skippy, how do you stay active 24 hours a day, seven days a week?
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