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Found 9 results

  1. so I had a order in 2020 and buyer gave me 3.7 review and it effected very badly. this year I received an order and buyer gave me 5 star review. now my overall review is 4.4. the gig that has a 5 star review has a good impressions but not clicks. what should I do now . it been a month I completed that order
  2. Hello, I have a question about ratings. I have orders but, i haven't any ratings yet. Can anyone tell me what is problem ?
  3. Hi, I'm new to this platform. I got 6 reviews on my gig. My gig was ranking well. I got 1 review with 4 stars and rating dropped to 4.8. How many reviews will it take to get it to 4.9? Is it even possible to get 5 star back (without deleting the 4 star review since that review is more than week old.)
  4. Hello! I have a general query about the level one seller. I have completed 13 orders. Among them, there are 11 reviews with 5 stars. But I don't know why my rating isn't checked green mark. I have attached a screenshot of my analytics. Could anyone explain it to me?
  5. I don't know if this has already been implemented or not. I have an idea how to help to solve the problem of negative (1-2 star) reviews from conflict buyers. I think it would be better if buyers with better review history would have more influence on seller's rating and performance. For example, buyer #1 rated 10 orders (from different sellers) as 5-star and rated 1 seller as 3-star. The buyer #2 rated 10 orders as 3-star (average) and recently made another negative (1-star) review of a new seller. And Fiverr system could give a bigger coefficient to #1 buyer ratings, if he will place a negative review, than to a buyer #2 who seems to be too strict with all his sellers regardless of the quality of their service.
  6. I delivered an order 1 week ago. I was waiting for the buyer's revisions. But It was automatically completed. And this buyer came to me just today and put me one-star without any single word. Though there was an unlimited revision option. The buyer said to me nothing. the one-star rating will remain forever. So, my question is "was it my fault to receive one star?" How can I overcome this bad experience?
  7. I've worked for 4 orders till now and among 3 of these buyers left pretty good messages for reordering but never left me ratings. For Fiverr, ratings make the profile, and what if you delivered so well and client was happy but didn't left you ratings?? I've even messaged them once but not benefited. Suggest me something for this issue please.
  8. Hi, I have completed 3 orders on Fiverr. The first 2 orders went well and according to the process. I delivered the order, buyer marked it as complete, gave me ratings and wrote a review. For 3rd order, after delivering, I did not get any reply from the buyer. The order got completed by default. She was completely active throughout the order giving me various instructions but later, went silent. Also, she did not give any ratings or write a review. I wrote a message but no reply at all. Is this common or this is a rare experience for me?
  9. Hi Community, I have an unusual situation, a buyer bought a gig, accepted delivery, gave a 5 star rating and a good feedback, is now threatening me to change his review by contacting customer support and change it to a bad one, just because i declined to work further with him because of his abusive behavior. Is this allowed to change the reviews by buyer through customer support? I mean if he really wanted to write a bad review, he would have done it then and there when he wrote the first review.
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