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  1. Are a good deal of the messages you get from previous buyers, who may have you gig saved, as opposed to finding you via browsing/searching?
  2. Dang it Frank, I totally spaced it. I'm off to watch the recorded version, is that available?
  3. Yes, it's where the worst buyers search for the worst sellers. Should be ended right away.
  4. Self serving, wishful thinking, but entirely unfounded.
  5. They are so desperate to find things to click on to "rank gig", that they are now exhuming dead threads from years ago.
  6. Racing poor little foxes, tsk tsk.
  7. Is that because you have always been disappointed? I would think that you would welcome finding a reliable "go to" person with whom you develop a trust level and short-hand in workflow. My favorite buyers are the ones that I've had for years, who just throw in an order, attach a script, with no instructions, no fanfare. Then take the delivery, as if I were actually a team member of theirs. Just curious.
  8. So, your position is to dishonestly sanitize your reviews, which will cause others to order from you, thinking that you are competent, when the opposite is true?
  9. Go tell em they must have hit a gas line as you smell gas. Will take hours to clear the site, meanwhile, orders done. You're welcome.
  10. Sadly, there isn't much of a screening process for anything.
  11. It is not prohibited, but it is a sure fire way to get ripped off. Say I need 2 sentences read, I message you and say, "Please record these two sentences as a sample, if the client likes it, we'll send the whole script." So you send the 2 sentences, they steal it and disappear. And you worked for free. Oldest trick in the book. Just refer them to your samples. If they can't decide from those, huge red flag.
  12. There are many sellers who should open a maximum of zero gigs.
  13. You gotta admit, its funny the way they hold the line on that scam, but allow so many others.
  14. You killing me typing lady. Fiber totem wishes you luck, love and success.
  15. Do you have nay idea how silly and inappropriate it is to ask people on a professional business website to pray for you?
  16. Will you be issuing a press release for every order you get? I just want to have enough fireworks on hand.
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