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  1. Mobile app has bugs. Just like the amount you earn in a month is different in the mobile app and the PC. Report to CS, but don't hold your breath. They have know about the $$ bug for at least a year.
  2. The best advice I can give, which has been shared by many others as well, it to look at your gigs and compare them to the gigs that are selling in your category. You can't just copy them, but you can make sure that your gig looks as good as theirs, is written in flawless English, and addresses the needs of the customer. Sell what is different about you and your gig. There are thousands of people all selling the same service, so try to find a twist in your service, or the way you sell yourself to help a buyer decide that you are different or better than the others. It is not easy, and it takes time, the buyers requests are good if starting out, and the more sales you make, the higher you get in the algo. That's the entire "secret."
  3. No it is not. That is completely false. There are hundreds of threads here telling you that it is not true. Notice that the only people who give this advice, are noobies complaining that they have no sales. You don't have to remain online at all.
  4. If you have ben told to be active 14/15 hours per day, that was not an expert you were listening to.
  5. Being active is nonsense advice, and voodoo has nothing to do with it either.
  6. Just have customer service cancel the order. You will get refunded.
  7. Congos, you have provided the most incorrect answer of the day.
  8. I don't think you understand the thread. How is my saying that none of us are qualified to give medical advice, in any way giving medical advice? I said, ONLY doctors. You miss all that?
  9. Again, I am for any decision anyone chooses to make, but people are still making broad statements which are untrue, intended to nudge a decision in one direction. You state "90% of my countries population have been vaccinated, and there's no problems." https://www.theportugalnews.com/news/2021-06-07/6700-suspected-adverse-reactions-to-vaccines/60274
  10. You are a child. Go play. And BTW, its is "I advise", not I advice"
  11. So to completely understand your expert medical opinion... 1. You admit that you are aware that even trained doctors cannot agree on this issue. 2. You feel qualified to identify one group of those doctors to dismiss, and another to completely rely on, based on your training in the subject. 3. You then offer advice that agrees with your "selective" information on the subject. Remember your original comment was to tell people to get vaccinated. "its the right thing for most individuals to get vaccinated." You remain unqualified to make that statement. Period. I'm glad to see that you don't let 2 sides of an issue cloud your judgement.
  12. If you are so tragically unaware that there are doctors on both sides of this issue. I think you can find the fool in the mirror.
  13. Actually, I don't need to do either. What is it with you guys and orders? "Take the shot"..."clarify or drop". Look it's been fun, you seem like a nice kid, but please stop trying to tell others what they should do as far as medical treatments. You know you are just parroting. I believe my advice of weighing all info, and deciding with a doctor is best. But, if you can answer my question as to the long term side effects, I'll listen. Not one of you amateur doctors have tried answering that.
  14. You cannot be serious when you ask that. If you are unaware of your own history to that extent, or, as is more likely, in that much in denial about it, I suggest that it would be a waste of time to engage you further. I thought you were somewhat serious.
  15. I think you need to re-read. I have never said 1 word as to whether anyone should get vaccinated or should not. I have only said that the amateurs need to stop spreading their interpretations of medical data and certainly need to stop advising others to take treatments. As a German I would think that you might be a bit sensitive to matters of coercion, forced medical treatments and disinformation, because, well you know.
  16. Correct, but are you interested in reading what ALL doctors say, and making an educated decision, or just listening to the doctors who support your one size fits all narrative? I continue to support anyone who wants the shot, as well as anyone who does not. My point is that one should truly listen to All doctors, and ONLY doctors, and make their decision. They don't need keyboard warriors who ignore half the arguments due to confirmation bias in an effort to appear smart. Did you listen to the DOCTORS in that video, or would that threaten your already fully baked opinion?
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