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  1. That is fair. My point was based on the fact that this was presumed by another poster to be a bug, and basic analytics would return.
  2. The enhanced analytics are definitely worth it, and the ability to email and video conference with someone on the inside is priceless. Plus for many, the advantage in leveling up to TRS or PRO more easily is a huge deal.
  3. You can't be unaware that fiverr has completely reworked the analytics that are available, now offering data on most effective keywords, repeat buyers and conversion rates. They are now offering much more data, for which they are asking a modest fee. This was not what users had for free previously and to suggest otherwise is inaccurate.
  4. You assume what my position must be, and then declare your imagined position as disingenuous? I'm sure this sounded like a great rebuttal in your head.
  5. Often, those are quite close to each other.
  6. So you want the same thing as the people paying $29/month, for free? Sounds fair.
  7. Unfortunately we are outnumbered 1000 to 1 by the flood of sellers who this should be aimed at. They will quickly use it to get us out of the way so the entire forum can be CONGA RATS, all the time. Same reason why a Reddit style down vote would not work.
  8. why the hate speech? 🤣 I for one find the OP perfect in every way. In fact, I suggest he offer more expert services in every vertical that exists. Maybe we can promote straight to TRS, as a scholarship kinda thingie. Kumbya my lord, Kumbya...
  9. In order to get some traction it takes initial orders, sorta like "it takes money to make money." Those initial orders will likely be found by responding to "buyers requests". They are the wrong side of the tracks, but they can help you get started.
  10. Jon, are you sayin' that the "exotic dancer" might not really dig me?
  11. It seems to be mutating. This happened on the old forum as well. At first things were pretty free wheeling, but the "Shepherds of the forum" started removing posts and banning users very aggressively. They handed out permanent bans and even 1,000 year bans, like the people on the home owner's association who live to send nasty letters because your grass is 1/8th inch too long. Eventually, they banned almost everyone who made the forum interesting. Seems we're heading that way again.
  12. Taken to its logical end, it means "no truth allowed." Which is how you end up here.....
  13. OK, I'm risking a block here, but this is my theory Mr. Smash. I agree, I can't remember seeing hate speech here ever, ever, ever. But as you stated, anything counts as hate speech nowadays, so I think that because we have complained about a bunch of scammy and spammy practices, all coming from a particular geographical region, that is being pushed as hate speech to m. o.ds. Otherwise why has the narrative suddenly shifted from "we're gonna clean this place up" ...to "stop the hate speech?" I'll see y'all in a week. Don't forget me. M.F.G.A. - Make Forum Great Again!
  14. Yes, many have their profile and gig descriptions written by a native speaker. Engage them in a series of back and forth conversations via inbox to see if they sound anything like their advert.
  15. No, the reason I suggested searching is because that question has been asked and answered thousands of times. You need to finds the answers that are already here.
  16. That is incorrect. Sometimes you may have to clarify your case, but they are usually fair.
  17. To all the folks who worry about "ranking" their gig, here's a free bit of knowledge I got from my Success Manger. The vast, really vast majority of buyers do not navigate to a category, then start drilling down to a sub category, then start scrolling through pages of gigs. Most buyers do exactly what you do when you go to Amazon to buy fuzzy slippers. You enter "fuzzy slippers" in the search bar, and the algorithm takes you to a page of results ranked by sales success and positive reviews. So you see the best they have to offer, which are the most likely to result in a sale. That's is precisely the way Fiverr works. This is why you see really successful sellers get rotated on and off the first page, and people with 2 sales on the same first page. They just rotate to help get exposure. My sales are the same whether I am on page 1 or 20, because the algorithm presents my gig where it feel that there is the best chance of making a sale. That's it. That's the secret of the universe. So don't worry about where you rank, because most buyers will search, and when they do, they are presented with the gigs that are the most profitable for Fiverr. That means you should work on making your gigs and the services you offer perfect, and getting really happy buyers who leave you positive reviews. So the short answer, is don't worry about "ranking" your gig, that is transient, and the real success comes from making sales and getting good reviews. No real magic. Less worry about "ranking" and more worry about being the best damned (whatever it is you do) on Fiverr. Good luck.
  18. I suggest we also focus on groups of people openly discussing how to rip off Fiverr buyers with fake qualifications in their gigs, offering each other tips as to how to deceptively appear online 24.7. We seem to be concerned with how that damages the forum, but the real damage is being done on the main site, where many of us are trying to run legitimate businesses.
  19. Nonsense. Such a shame that people who have no clue post this fake advice.
  20. They claim to be an expert marketer " I'm an expert Digital Marketers. I live in Bangladesh. I always grow Social Media account & promote ‎Business service or product" So they are the one who should be giving us all tips, and if she were actually an expert marketer, she would have more orders than she could handle. Yet another fake "expert marketer" from the same place.
  21. But he is a ....wait for it.....wait for it..... he is a "B2B Lead Generator Specialist," Yet another lead generation specialist with no sales, from that certain location that gave us the other 50,000 lead generation specialists who are here begging for sales.
  22. Yes, look at all the folks who post "I online 24.7 everyday and cant get sales. Help me." Usually a "digital marketing expert" as well.
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