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  1. If you haven't received the payment yet, talk to CS with screenshots! They will definitely give you solutions.
  2. I clicked the link but your profile was not showing. Also spending too much time here will not bring any orders.
  3. Even I have seen some people ask for tip!! omg the audacity 😂
  4. This category is for tips for sellers. Please move your post to new seller introduction or Fiverr gig, also sharing gig link is considered as spamming in this category!
  5. My final exam is going to start in September 😱 But I would not mind to have lots of orders 😍
  6. I got my first order just after publishing my first gig. Actually you never know when you will get the orders!
  7. Actually taste varies person to person and it's fine !
  8. I am really into Korean Dramas and one of my favourites are GOBLIN. Besides, The Queen's Gambit, Stranger Things, and The Crown are my most favourites!
  9. It would be better for all us if you share what happened ?
  10. It's gig* and fiverr*. You can share but spamming is not allowed!
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