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  1. Unless you block him, he can order from you. Unfortunately, there's no accept button for us sellers.
  2. Simply tell him it’s against TOS to talk outside the platform and ask him to explain everything on the Fiverr chat. There is absolutely no need to chat on another platform, so he’s either new or trying to scam you.
  3. What was the reason given for your account to be suspended in the first place?
  4. Send an email to CS (support@fiverr.com), tell them she ordered and then changed her mind after 5 hours and cancelled, so it should be considered an order by mistake. Ask them politely if they can please reset your stats. It can work or not, but you have nothing to lose.
  5. Send them an email, but be prepared because it may take a few days to get an answer: support@fiverr.com
  6. I believe this is allowed since the email address is going to be on the animation and it’s not meant for you to contact them, but you should ask CS for permission first.
  7. That’s what makes sense. But we’ve had many sellers on the forum complaining that the buyers went to CS months after the order was completed and they cancelled the order. So it’s always better not to have unlimited revisions…
  8. That last paragraph sounds to me like “howeverrrrrrrr… if it was originally agreed you had unlimited revisions…” Otherwise, she wouldn’t have added that. I hope I’m wrong. Because the buyer can always complain to CS that the seller “promised” revisions by stating “unlimited revisions”.
  9. I’m guessing they didn’t read the review because if those allegations are true, OP needs to be reported and banned.
  10. Just send them an email, you won’t have those technical problems. Support@fiverr.com
  11. Good communication is key. We don’t know if that buyer is just new and isn’t aware of how Fiverr works or if he knows very well what he’s doing and he’s abusing the revision button to get more work for free. Tell him how it is but in a polite and friendly way, so that he won’t give you a bad review out of spite. If you only had 1 revision, you can tell him something like “Since this order only had 1 revision and I’ve already done more than what was included, I will have to charge for further revisions. I hope you understand. Anything, please let me know, thank you :)” Or you don’t risk a bad review and work forever for this dude, which I think it’s much worse 😕
  12. Unfortunately, he doesn’t. However, if he’s asking for something that he should pay extra for, you can explain it to him and then click on ‘Offer More Extras’, which are added to the original order.
  13. Of course, you can ask them to make a Fiverr account and order through there. Just be sure not to mention reviews after they are on the platform.
  14. If you delivered what was originally asked before the time ended, you can ignore the “late” sign.
  15. How about implementing the same system Reddit has: instead of hearts, thumbs ups and thumbs down. All the annoying misinformation replies would be downvoted to the end of the page.
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