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  1. I know how you feel, i am in the same situation, 10 years and everything went down the drain. I no longer trust their "transparent" system. I would like to be able to take my clients with me and not continue giving them 20% in exchange for nothing. We overcome several changes and we moved forward but this is too much, creating a retroactive system where my cancellations from 10 years ago hurt me and i can't do anything to remedy it since my impressions and clicks are almost at zero. I have always known that nothing lasts forever and that we are all disposable, I hope fiverr knows that they can also stop being necessary and that they can also become disposable. I remember many other famous platforms that simply no longer exist because of their decisions
  2. I feel exactly the same, it seems like you wrote exactly what i was feeling and i was about to make a post mentioning the same. No impressions or clicks or way to improve and all this lame automated AI stuff. Even if you reach CS you will get an automated response...it is very sad
  3. Totally understand how you feel, at least you recovered and they rectified. I know it is still not fair if you did not recovered your previous level, i tried this and i was just ignored with an automated response Yes it is very frustrating and now with buyers running out of the plattform it is harder to recover
  4. Same here, you are not alone. I keep track of my competition and they barely have 1 or 2 orders too. So i think buyers are running away from the platform. Not even my regular clients are coming back as they did in the past. That's why all this makes me think if the platform is having serious problems keeping alive...why would you try to fix something that is not broken?
  5. just to clarify...i only had 2 real cancelations in the last year, so i think cancelations would not be a reason for my level to drop
  6. I know but i think all this is all related on how buyers and sellers feel here, i thinks there are not buyers if sellers are leaving too, are tired, or does not respond and just blocks the sellers because they are afraid of the rating system
  7. Thanks...I did not expect too much, but honestly i did no expect something automated... my previous ticket to this i was asking CS to check my cancelations, because the last 30 cancelations arrived in a bulk mode from the same buyers (part of this attached). And the main reason my level dropped was because of cancelations...and again i was just ignored and received a copy / paste response when i was asking for help because this was obviously someone who wanted me to affect me, why would i received so many canceled orders at once?...so i guess that if the system does not care about sellers or buyers it is a reason to leave
  8. this is one of the reasons sellers are leaving, you can see the response i had from CS, this is not the first time i received copy/paste answers to a different concern / topic
  9. Today i wrote my goodbye message to the platform after 10 years working here so i think i am part of those sellers leaving as you mentioned in your post, honestly i do not know every seller's reason but for me, it was a bittersweet trip...I remember several of the changes that were made to the platform and the disagreements of the users, whether they were sellers or buyers when i started on the platform it was because i previously worked for a company where i no longer felt happy, I remember like it was yesterday how i was sitting on the stairs of my office crying, I reached a point where it was an intolerable situation. I was very happy having my freelance job, however, changes began and my happiness went down the drain. - No more cancellations: Why couldn't I cancel an order where I didn't feel comfortable, when the platform itself told us that not all work relationships could continue when a user was rude, or demanded more from me than I offered? Even though it is always a situation where we work and lost, sometimes it is better - No more visible ratings Having to rate someone with a 5 even if they were an undesirable person for fear of revenge - The seller can rate me even if it is refunded: Really? rating a job that wasn't even done or the money was returned seemed like a bad joke. (I remember discovering this new feature lying on a hospital bed about being in surgery and having to cancel, contacting customer support, and explaining the situation, the funny thing is that my surgery was a result of working for long periods) However, we overcame this and other changes. I even read a campaign that some will remember where it was mentioned that we sellers drank coffee and didn't sleep to work here...this was very inhuman, I think it even appeared in the news and they withdrew the campaign, i don't know who thought it would be a good idea... well, the truth is that i think the fiverr team suddenly meets to discuss ideas on how to ruin the platform more and more. From my side, i did everything i could and i was as professional as i could and tried to resist. I could tell endless stories i lived here, good and bad, but it reminded me of that day when i was sitting crying on the stairs at my previous job, and in the end, i no longer feel valued as before. - I am evaluated by an AI robot - Technical support just copy and paste pre-made answers - I have to trust hidden evaluations and a non-trusty environment - I do not receive clear messages about where i can improve, and even if i could, a single rate can ruin my reputation - I am no longer my boss, I am no longer a freelancer - Now this killer-level system just screws all those 10 years of hard-working, i barely receive impressions or clicks. All these years i believed the story that i had a rating of 5 and it was all a lie from one day to the next. Now to survive i have to pay my promoted gigs, a seller plus, and my taxes. and when i work on my numbers i have to work for 20% of what i sell and still place my happy face, It's not worth it to me anymore. Maybe the platform is now broken and they are doing their best to keep the boat afloat and i cannot blame them, who knows? Once i was on a platform that was no longer online and where bankrupt. Maybe they are getting rid of old sellers like me as i keep track of my competition and they are suffering the same. Still have my doubts because i see sellers having 600 orders on a 2-day delivery deadline, i guess nobody can deliver good quality work making 12 orders in 1 hour assuming they do not take any sleep. Maybe quantity is more important than quality for them. But still, i receive messages from the system like "you can improve the professionalism of work" on orders where i over-delivered, made more revisions than the original offer, was polite, responded on time, and still have no clue on what to improve. It is just a system where I have a fear of working every time i get an order, Maybe that is the reason other sellers block potential buyers, personally, i did this in the past instead of risking my job. I was very happy working here at some point and i have a lot more to do somewhere else, i want to make a lot of new happy customers. I still remember that day i was reached by fiverr to be in a contest where i won a prize when i was relevant to them. Working with fear is no longer an option for me, I even have my concerns writing this on the forum but i am done and i need to make decisions, maybe the platform wants sellers who can withstand everything without saying a single word, I'm not too quiet for them.
  10. Totally agree. I quit my job hoping to be a freelancer, now this is worse than any boss I've had before
  11. I am in the same situation as you unfortunately and I know what you feel, I am one of your competitors, I have been there since 2014 and it is a shame that every "improvement" that is made in the system we are despised more and more, just like You have kept my job as professionally as possible to find out this terrible news. Every day I have had to endure more and adapt to the system but this is the last straw, I think this will not end until we sellers leave Fiverr.
  12. Well....i implored 9 years and now i am tired, nothing will happen, it is always the same pushing us sellers. It seems like they care no more about us
  13. I've have mantainted: 100% reponse rate 100% order completition 100% On time delivery 5 Positve rating Just to realize today that I have a negative impact on customer satisfaction and cancellations, when I haven't had a single cancellation in more than 3 months, it seems like a bad joke but nothing surprises me anymore on Fiverr, it seems that every so often some members They require them to make changes to the platform where they put more pressure on the seller. I can't imagine how the value for money works if the client is seeing the type of work and gallery before purchasing as well as the price. There is no way to know what I can improve because they are all metrics that the client does privately, how can I improve something that I don't know? My impressions dropped from 2000 a day to only 190 a day as did my orders. No matter how hard I try here I can never have the client 100% satisfied, I have been on Fiverr for 9 years and I have never been able to reach the highest level, neither maintaining the best attitude, nor staying up late, nor doing everything humanly possible. and this is not going to change, these changes to pressure have been since I can remember, that is why in my case I am going to migrate my talent and my work to other platforms and not keep all my eggs in the same basket, i need to feel valuable again. After more than 8000 orders now they realize i do not have any value for their system. I think I'm more than tired of this situation, there has come a point where I don't even care anymore. Can you imagine how i feel after so much time and effort, trying to keep the perfect score?
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