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  1. I have been waiting for over 8 or 9 months, but I have not received any orders from Fiverr marketplace buyers. Although I did receive three orders from posts I shared on social media. My gig image title and description are good I took advice from some experts in previous forums they ensured everything is good. now what should I do should I quit Fiverr or are there any chances?
  2. There is no problem with changing the gig image, but it is best not to change the gig image frequently. Use spell and grammar checkers to improve your English writing skills.
  3. Improve your gig image for a more visually appealing look. Take ideas from your competitors' gigs.
  4. Please provide your profile link so we can review your gigs and profile.
  5. Is there any insight on how buyers discover our gigs? Do buyers primarily locate us when our gigs are displayed on the first page, or are there other methods as well?
  6. Yeah, it's definitely necessary because after building a website, clients come to us and we have to fix and rearrange them, which takes time and double effort. It's cost-efficient and time-efficient for clients. Offering this service not only adds extra value for clients but also impresses them.
  7. Hey everyone, just wanted to share a quick tip regarding SEO strategy for website development. Instead of running for SEO after building a website, consider starting with SEO planning in collaboration with experts. It's beneficial to make a solid SEO plan before diving into website development to ensure better optimization and visibility. Let's prioritize SEO and build websites strategically for optimal results. What are your thoughts on this approach?
  8. What is our fault if the buyer does not give any review? what can a seller do in this case? We can't also ask the buyer to give a review🙂
  9. Will the gig's performance be affected if the buyer gives no review after the order is completed?
  10. Your advice is excellent. Since there's a low demand for SEO in Bangladesh, targeting the US market makes sense. However, US clients typically seek SEO experts familiar with the specific needs of the American market. I hope this clarifies the challenge. But I will try to utilize it
  11. @milos_siena Here is my impression and click the picture.
  12. what is exchanging gigs? I have never done anything like this. all are organic
  13. My all gigs price is low. you can check my profile here: https://www.fiverr.com/isfak_ifty Give me suggestions on what I should change. Thank you.
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