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From Hero to Zero and Fiverr Came to Resuce me!


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I have divided my Story into three parts First one is a Hero , Second one is Zero and the last one is The Fiverr inspiration.

I have had an amazing life style since my childhood. After my Graduation from a well know university in UK for international Students. I was able to secure a very high paying job. Everything was going according to the plan. I had the best job. I was managing the time of few developers and i had developed a couple of award winning jobs. After 2 years working in one company i got an offer from another even better company where i spent next 8 months working closely with Giants of Tech and banking Market. Then All of a sudden i decided to work for US government and It was one of the best decisions i have ever made. I made few friends for life time and i made some amazing apps ( Both IOS & Android) to Graphic designs and Even i developed few Gigs using Raspberry Pi ( a $35 mini Computer ) . Every thing was looking like a dream because i was working along with some of the well know people in international Politics and i was meeting many famous peoples on regular bases from ( Taylor Swift to the Cast of 24)… I felt like a complete romance with with my job. As some one said " Follow your heart and Do what you enjoy doing" . I was a little Rocket star of my team. This is when i realized that i should start my own entrepreneurial journey and i started a small tech company. I decided to quit my job to give my self a new challenge and like rest of my jobs i started with the success and it was all going very well for me. This is where i have decided to step up for another phase of my life and that is to start a family with someone.

After getting married. I got so busy with the work i was doing for my small startup. My marriage life start with some wonderful hopes and a lot of Good things came in my life but i think i have made a wrong decision because my partner was not OK with the success i was getting in Tech business instead she blamed me for being So inspired from my work. This is where i start losing interest in my business and also personal life and Within next 10 months. there was no relationship, No business order’s … People who use to love me because of my hard work, Passion and dedication towards achieving goal’s in my Life. Start moving away from me because i was almost Broke. I was Upset, Wounded and almost gave up on my dreams but then one day i was surfing internet and came across with few success stories of people on Fiverr. All of a sudden it reminded me that i had once created a Fiverr account back in 2012 but i never bothered to use it because i was not sure if freelancing is my thing.
So i pull my self out of that depressing Mood and created my first ever gig on fiverr.

The Fiverr Inspiration:
I was inspired by the success stories of few hard working people like my self . I decided to give it a go. I made my first ever gig back in 2015. Within few days i have got my first order of Software Quality assurance. I was so amazed to see the response from my first ever client. It gave me a brand new hope that yes i can do it again. I made few more Gig’s . I decided to learn graphic design once again with new tools and i always knew that i have Great coding skills and some good graphic design sense. In start i was not fully satisfied with my work but with the passage of time i start loving it. I start checking other gig’s and all of a sudden it motivate me to restart my startup. Today after 7 months i am back on track with all a wonderful work. Not only this but i have made few very exciting games and apps within last 7 months. The day when i won my first ever Order from a game industry Company. I made my self a promise that from now on Till the very last day. I will continue working on fiverr as a freelancer to give something back to the people of fiverr who actually inspired me to get my act together and move towards the Road of Glory .

In the end , I just want to say that i am not a good writer so excuse any minor mistakes in my post. This is something i write with my heart to share with young people who always look for motivation. Today i am back on track with my startup , Fiverr freelancing and i rejoined US gov as a Sr. Software Architect. I am sharing my fiverr profile link below for all the people around the world to contact me directly on fiverr with any work related to development and Designing. I will be very happy to help you achieving you life goals in some way.
favicon.icoFiverr.com 10418371_871793502840529_2388990803737607741_n.jpg

kamran1400aw's public profile on Fiverr

Creative logo design, banner design, businesscard, ebook covers is here from the CITY OF DREAMS(London)! I am providing super deals with super gigs, check it out! Mobile and Website Design, company logo, business logo,banner, business card, banner...

In the end i would like to wish all the success to fiverr Founder’s who setup this amazing platform for not only freelancers but also people across the globe to get a great talent with a click of button. P.S. i never used any freelance site except fiverr.

I will finish my post with just one-thing. Always follow your heart and never give up on your dreams. There might be a road full of stones but if you have a will and determination to achieve big things then those hurdles are nothing in-front of you. So guys stop wasting your life planning for things and start with anything you have and make big things happen for you.

Love you all.

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