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  1. It has been 7 days and fiverr support haven’t responded to my request
  2. Read a lot. From blogs, newspapers to stories, just keep on reading. Getting few friends who are English speakers will also help you practice.
  3. Receive and give great presents, treat ourselves with great food and drinks and meet family members. That’s all.
  4. So today I received the following messages from a prospective buyer Luckily, I didn’t fall into that.
  5. Can you correct this statement on your profile. Let’s Get an Unique Face For Your Business It’s supposed to be Let’s Get a Unique Face For Your Business Correct usage of an and a. All the best
  6. Respond to some buyer requests daily
  7. This is unlikely to happen. Becoming a TRS seller does not guarantee riches and wealth of any kind. It is merely a higher level of recognition. You still have to work to earn your orders and success. Nothing on Fiverr guarantees anyone a life of luxury. To be honest, if you’re expecting luxury as a seller here on Fiverr, then Fiverr probably isn’t the best place for you. You’re not likely to become anything near rich and famous by being a seller – or a TRS seller. That’s just not how Fiverr works. Good luck. Although, you don’t need luck… you need determination and hard work. Sitting and waiting for Fiverr to make you rich is not going to happen. The harsh truth…
  8. Help is on tips for sellers category. Spend some of your time there.
  9. I like it. I can tell you that my client asked for a revision, so I gave it to him and then did a final delivery. I hope I get a good review. I hope so too…
  10. And clearly you can’t feel the pain of your prospective buyers and other forum users, as they read yet another “please give me orders” post. If I sat outside your house and cried “please give me job” would you? When was the last time that you walked into anywhere in the real world and cried “please give me jobs, please?” Everyone was new once. The people who made it and are here today are NOT the people who came to the forum crying “please give me orders.” Take responsibility for your own success or lack thereof and something might happen one day. Great Response.😅
  11. Today I was a bit idle and I decided to do some Fiverr tests. So far I have done 5 of them. 😀
  12. Hello Fiverr Forum Family. It’s been a long time. I miss you all. As from February this year, I started working for one of the government corporation and that’s the reason why I have been so silent. I had to pause my gigs because I didn’t want any late deliveries and since now I have more time, I’m reactivating my gigs as I get started sending buyer requests. I miss you all though. I’m just keeping in touch.
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