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  1. Completely agree with you, i have faced the similar issue, My two gigs were on Number one and those gigs were Fiverr Choice as well for more than 6 months too. People started to copy every thing from my gigs, from title to description and even keywords. Now it's been 2.5 months i am not showing up in the search at all. I wonder what went wrong and why this gig rotation is not bring back my gigs to previous position.
  2. I have 2 orders like this. Some buyer just test the website and they never really need any services and end up creating trouble for the seller. Best practice is to talk to support team and solve that matter via them.
  3. Yeah, similar situation. I was so surprised to see that even in communication the buyer gave me 2 star and he was very happy with the communication. I think he just rushed into clicking the review and suddenly by gig dropped. with that 3star rating he gave be a tip as well. Which is really surprising because if he was not happy with my work. he could have written the bad review as well but instead he wrote over all Good experience. I don’t know what went wrong and due to fiverr policy, i can not ask for clarification.
  4. Fiverr is upgrading the website. You can check the Analytics page and you will notice they push new changes. I think this is just a bug and it will go away sooner.
  5. I think fiverr is making changes in their Algorithm one again and that’s why alot of gigs are reshuffling once again.
  6. Hope things get back in track for you! It really is confusing for us sellers sometimes… It is active and thankyou for sharing the URL. Actually i never had this issue, specially when i was getting orders regularly and just one mistake of Buyer and all this started. Anyways, do u have any recommendations, how u prompt ur gig mostly?
  7. Yes it will if you initiate the cancel. Best thing would be is to contact customer support team and cancel it through support team. That will save your order completions percentage.
  8. Actually for the first 3 days, position was the same but after 3 days all my gigs position dropped.
  9. Hi All, is this just me or anyone else is facing the same issue? I have been using Fiverr for last two-three years and always got great views, clicks, or impressions. But last week after one 3 star review from a client all my views suddenly dropped, As I did the rating really quickly and accidentally gave a bad rating since it is not Fiverr policy to ask for the change in the review. Thought my rating is always 5star but i am surprised to see does one bad review can effect ur profile too much? Are they any recommendations to get my gigs reviews back to normal?
  10. order cancellation system should changed back to previous system… Most of the time we get order cancelled because of buyer or buyer place in a wrong order. But It hurts seller’s profile? why? It’s not fair.
  11. Best way Would be is to contact the Customer service for further clarification but i think you can work on that specific task and do a screen record and post that as a proof of your work. But i will suggest you to contact fiverr support team.
  12. No i don’t think so. You should contact Customer Support team at @support@fiverr.com or visit their customer Support page.
  13. The problem is not at fiverr end. Basically when someone place an order fiverr reserve that money for us. Now If you deliver that gig successfully they will pay you and everything works like a charm BUTTTT If some place an order without reading Gig description and they don’t get what they want. This is where problem starts. As i said above fiverr reserve that money. That means they do the banking process for you. If you cancel any order that mean’s they have to return that amount back to Client. All this cost them in the form of international transaction charges plus off-course work load at their financial team. So basically they can not introduce this system of rejecting any order because it will cost them. Now If the client is not happy with the final results just because they don’t get what they want. He/She will defn. give you low rating or Negative feedback. Since people are making alot of money on fiverr. They are trying to give a better results in best possible way. I think they should first introduce something that before placing any order. Buyer must contact the seller. If everything is according to plan then i don’t see any reason asking for feedback review. Quality works always pay off and if you get one negative feedback and it hurts your rating. IM sure you will work even harder to give the best possible results.
  14. Nothing i guess. They might have fixed the broke links or rating bugs.
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