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My gigs denied for 30-days. Arrogant Customer Support

Guest charis_r

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Guest charis_r

So, I am level 2 seller with 100% rating and all my gigs are 100% rated (5 stars). I’ve worked my a$$ off to

keep my fiverr ratings extremely high and i’ve helped tons of buyers and the community here.


i have a gig that says “give you 100 real

facebook likes”. It’s really one of the over 4000 gigs active about facebook likes here.

And one day customer support tells me it was denied due to Facebook Enforcement team.

so i delete it, although i didn’t like the fact that my gig out of 4000 was deleted.

And then they tell me that because i deleted the denied gig my account will be suspended from searches for the next 30 days.

What the f@ck?

Jay from customer support is a total arrogant, replies with nonsense facts and when i try to open new tickets he takes over and closes them.

No real reason for my suspension was given.

I am so pissed with Fiverr I am considering closing my account. What a misbehavior by you guys.

Is this the way a seller like me should be treated? Or maybe we are not so important any more for you? Remember we are customers, too here and you have to at least respect me.

I wish Ryan, the Head of CS could see this.

I did NOTHING wrong.

a gig of mine was denied and i deleted it (although it’s soooo weird Facebook enforcement team picked only mine out of 4.000 gigs as a problemating one).

What’s the problem with my actions?

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yeah from so many gigs or globally so many internet offers about likes or w/e facebook complains about yours. thats a weird answer and a nonsence.

i had a similar situation about instagram and twitter and when i asked to see the email where instagram or twitter is complaining about me so i would sort this problem with them because i havent done anything wrong since im sending real people as followers i never got a respond on my request.

about Jay from CS i have totally opposite experience from you. Jay was true customer care and a real help, full with understanding, I give him A+++ . He helped me a lot in another case, and all compliments about him.

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Guest charis_r

can someone from fiverr here answer me why all my gigs are banned from searches?

This is a total nonsense.

I got a gig denied and I deleted it.

and then I got banned from searches, and Jay said “deleting the denied gig was the problem in the first place” ! ! ! !

Delete was the only option I had.

And now they are not responding.

I am one step from abandoning fiverr once and forall.

I am a customer and the least I want is respect

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