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Inbox auto replies set up?


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GIG Title Permalink

Once GIG is created and the GIG title permalink has also been created accordingly. But If I feel I need to change my title and change it but permalink is unchangeable. Then WHAT? Should I create another GIG?

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1 hour ago, nionkhan2020 said:

Need your best and legal suggestion about the fact while I'm working how could make myself visible in online on fiverr?

1) This isn't necessary. Staying online doesn't help you to get orders.

5 minutes ago, momaidi said:

Well! I use auto refresh in both phone and computer which shows me online 24/7, but honestly if you are busy somewhere being online will have no positive impact as client will be looking for an active seller with quick response.

2) You know autorefresh isn't allowed @momaidi, and you've just admitted to Fiverr that you use it. This is one way to appear offline... permanently. 

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