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  1. I don’t know about that. My last and best bit of advice is to research! The forum is full of great advice from far more experienced sellers than me.
  2. Great topic, a pleasant change of pace! I came here as a buyer. But then I was curious to see how fiver works from a sellers point of view so I put up a $5 gig for the experience of it. I saw selling here was a great way to meet really interesting people working on cool ideas so I decided to hang around. Also, Covid prevented me from meeting as many startups in the real world as I used to and that made me sad. As time has passed I’ve taken it (and my pricing) more seriously. (I work with saas marketplaces in my main job and consult/coach on the side).
  3. Good question… hmmm… if it was me I would delete and recreate. Fiver gives new gigs a boost to get visibility/impressions so you would benefit from that. However, you still need to make sure your new gigs are more appealing. If they are the same as they are now then you will still have the same problem you have now. Others may disagree with me though.
  4. Remember, fiver is a marketplace. It is about supply and demand. I looked at your profile. I would suggest you consider some things. This is my personal opinion and honest feedback, please don’t take it personally: There a lot of gigs like yours already. Data entry and lead generation are already saturated. Consider offering something different. LinkedIn lead generation is against fiver Terms of Service because it is against LI ToS. Fiver will delete the gig when they see it. You offer to design anything on Canva. Buyers will not be impressed that you make it on Canva. They will not be impressed you have a premium account. The designs you show in your Canva gig images are not premium, high quality or impressive. I could make them and I’m not an ‘expert’. You describe yourself as a ‘professional graphics designer.’ I may be wrong but don’t think anyone that’s truly professional in design uses Canva. You say you have/are a ‘team of experts’. I’m sorry but I do not believe you and I do not think others will either. It is always best to be honest in business. Do not overpromise & do not underdeliver. You need to really think about where you can add value to buyers. What do they need? What do they want? What can you offer? You need to differentiate from your competition. Offer higher quality and/or better value. If think you are also a correspondent for a newspaper? Maybe offer services connected to that? There is less supply of that on fiver I think. Anyway, please do not take this negatively and best of luck!
  5. @jessica_betts @muntahaoishee this is very old post/topic and fiver terms have changed a lot since then. Most importantly it is against Terms of Service to discuss ratings / reviews with buyers, and it is only possible to get a review changed by CS if the review breaks ToS by being offensive for example. Look at these instead:
  6. Anyone else getting emails/messages to review order requirements for orders already in progress (and you’ve already messaged the buyer on the order page)?
  7. To develop fiver? A lot! Glass shows average base pay for a developer at about 85K USD. https://www.glassdoor.com/Salary/Fiverr-Inc-Salaries-E750333.htm This is a current live role fiver is recruiting for: https://www.fiverr.com/jobs/QTcuMDAz#:~:text=As%20a%20Frontend%20Engineer%20at,working%20with%20cutting%20edge%20technologies.
  8. Whatever she is, if you take payment outside fiver then fiver will ban you. Do it if you’re happy to risk your account.
  9. @shahidul116040 @img_creator Read the whole thread. This is not good advice IMO.
  10. Hello, It’s up to you what you believe, but most of the advice you have received here is bad/generic advice in my opinion. @borundnath your gigs are against fiver terms of service, so you probably want to think about changing these. Read the below links instead:
  11. Always annoying when buyers don’t follow requests / requirements. I think though this is widely speaking the nature of fiver, it’s a ‘grab something off the shelf’ buyers market, rather than ‘discuss requirements first’. That’s more common on other freelance platforms. I think this may be in fivers roadmap to address though. More complex projects with higher price tags typically require deeper discussion. I think that’s why they introduced milestones and also now zoom functionality on some gigs. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point they allowed sellers an option to make pre purchase discussion mandatory. Anyway, who knows, that’s not necessarily the part of the market they’re after. I personally hate getting messages first, I’d rather people just purchased, but because my gig is straightforward I know I can effectively manage their expectations in my description and requirements. I understand for more complex gigs you want to discuss it first.
  12. @benedictrm 's advice is great. I’d follow it. It’s not over yet I think. I think CS will do something, just be articulate, thorough and polite with them. So far I haven’t been disappointed with the service. So far…
  13. It sucks you’re going through this, especially after putting so much time in. I’d be interested to know what support says so please do share when you hear. It sounds like it was cancelled by CS given you didn’t agree to the cancellation, or perhaps triggered by the buying cancelling the payment. Someone here knows more than me, drum roll…
  14. Maybe I’m a bad person for laughing but your truth bombs crack me up @benedictrm.
  15. Probably, especially if you were reported for spam at the same time. Do you know what you did / why you were blocked? FYI also a good idea to search the forum as someone will have already asked this question or create your own topic.
  16. It doesn’t matter how many people you block. This is a tool to protect sellers from fraudulent buyers. I don’t see it as a problem if you block people that try to manipulate the system, which purposefully rate you poorly or stuff like that. It’s just a great way to cleanse your Fiverr experience. This is something I’ve learned from you @donnovan86 and some others here. I’m now much more open to blocking and it makes my fiver experience less painful. If my spidey sense goes off then I politely decline and block. Life’s too short.
  17. @vibronx some questions out of curiosity if you don’t mind… how long were you eligible to be TRS before it happened? Just wondering if it was quick once you hit the requirements or did you hit them a while ago? Also, if it was a while ago then did you make any meaningful changes recently to your profile or gigs that you think maybe satisfied the manual vetting process? I know each case is different but just wondering what your particular experience was 🙂
  18. Very kind of you to say so. I hit level 2 myself yesterday, a long road to TRS but let’s see what happens, life is full of curve balls! Well done again 🙂
  19. This is great news and thoroughly well deserved! I’m pleased for you. You add a ton of value to the forum and clearly your clients too. Fiver is lucky to have you and I’m glad they’ve recognised it. Bravo!
  20. @chris_ld you’re liking every post in every topic that I can see today. Of course you can do whatever makes you happy. But just FYI it does absolutely nothing apart from potentially earn you a forum badge which also does absolutely nothing.
  21. Good idea. Research will pay off. Might be a plan to see how other yoga sellers structure their gigs too. Obviously don’t copy them word for word, but you can copy the process.
  22. Why does it matter or bother you how they do it? Is one way ok and the other not ok? I’m confused, but I often am on fiver!
  23. If you want to do zoom meetings you need to say in your gig that it will be done via zoom. However in the interest of time though I would send a message to your buyer: ‘in order for us to complete this gig we will need to meet on zoom. Please join me in my room at X time using x link. Please note this is only so we can complete the class. All other communication must remain on fiver’ It’s important there is a message history saying it Is necessary to complete the gig in case CS review. I’d also update your gig ASAP stating that you need to meet on zoom to do the gig. Some categories have built in zoom functionality FYI, so there may be a more suited category for your gig. First gig is always a bit scary, good luck!
  24. Did not think this through… how many more sellers are going to do this now they know how :thinking:
  25. Didn’t know about the html. Another way is (on desktop) after a seller responds to a BR, a seller can look at the BR’s they’ve sent. The buyers username is shown there. Then they can search the user on fiver or just type it into google along with ‘Fiverr’ and the profile will be on the first page of results. It’s annoying as hell. On BR’s I now warn sellers not to do it, problem is the type that do this don’t often bother to even the read the whole request! 6 months on Fiver has made me old and grumpy so I report and block. Sellers like this should suffer the consequences IMO.
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