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  1. before i did after 2 time ask revision i lost Order completion.
  2. be patient try every day send 10 buyer request. share your gig your gig related social network, forum, website. try stay online 8+ hour. thank you sadekmiah30
  3. be patient. try every day send 10 buyer requests. don't lose your hope.
  4. clean your browser history etc or try different browser. if your problem is not solve contact support.
  5. check out your gig page and follow the gig IMPRESSIONS and clicks etc everything you can read there. thank you
  6. be patient. share your gig related social network, website. stay online. send everyday 10 buyer request. thank you
  7. be patient share your gig link related social network group and web site forum. stay online.
  8. thank you for share congratulation. happy freelancing. 🥰
  9. hi zabuza, when you fill the requirement it will be automated added on promotion option. read more here https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360017729698-Optimizing-your-Promoted-Gig-Performance-Review-?segment=seller
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