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A flag created with the colors of our most-used ingredients.
A place where hand gestures form never-ending loops.
A booth-shaped, stylish and historical, territory.
Some people label it as pizza-land, others brilliantly name it Eataly.
But I simply call it... Italia! 💚🤍❤️

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15 hours ago, breals said:

Wales.  The Smallest country in the UK,

The birthplace of Tom Jones, Antony Hopkins and Dylan Thomas 

The only flag in the world to have a dragon on it!  How amazing is that ?

The 2nd longest placename in the world - Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch  (Damn you New Zealand) 

And home to the coolest Castles on the planet. 

Over and Out 😀




Nice, that's a cool castle!
By the way, since New Zealand and Bhutan ruined these records, I suggest a new one, if I may.

Gareth Bale, the first football player to be transferred for 100 million Euros.
Later, the petrodollars came heavily and it changed a bit the perspective, but it was a shocking transfer at that time, he broke a kind of barrier.


5 hours ago, strategist_ceo said:

The western dragon is usually portrayed as anti-hero or villain even. The oriental dragon usually means supreme being (god), menacing or not.. I don't know. The "pearl" that the oriental dragon is holding to, can "increase the quantity of anything that it graces" (prosperity, supply of food etc).


There's another legend of 7 dragon balls... granting you three wishes, too. 

I will love to see Godzilla on Japan's flag.

It reminded me of Dragon Ball too! Also, the balls have the same color as the Bhutan flag.
So, to recap: that one is Dragon Shenron with 4 out 7 dragon balls.
Well, now I don't want to listen to different stories because that's the one I want to believe in! :classic_biggrin:
The research continues! 🐉

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Australian = 1 = 4.3%

Bangladesh = 10 = 43.47%

China = 1 =  4.3%

Greece = 1 = 043%

India = 1 = 4.3%

Israel = 1 =4.3%

Italy  = 1 = 4.3%

Pakistan = 1 = 4.3%

Portugal = 1 = .043%

United Kingdom = 1 = 4.3%

United States = 3 = 13.04%

Venezuela = 1 = 4.3%

Total = 23

We are getting more diverse as time goes by. 😊

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9 hours ago, filipdevaere said:

Are there no emojis for BD? You are reported as a spammer.

He said "BD" meaning Bangladesh, with an image of the Bangladesh flag.

The first post said:


Let everyone know where you are located

so that's what the poster did so it wasn't really spamming according tot he thread. Though we could also use the poll thread for automatic totalling of each country and if it was a very short post. Though polls on this forum don't allow >20 options (I don't know if it's an admin thing which could be changed. If it could hopefully it could be changed to 30 or more for country polls).

I'm from the UK 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🙂

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2 hours ago, uk1000 said:
11 hours ago, filipdevaere said:

Are there no emojis for BD? You are reported as a spammer.

He said "BD" meaning Bangladesh, with an image of the Bangladesh flag.

The user's been spamming emoji all over the forum. That's what @filipdevaere's referencing, since there's no emoji. That user is now restricted and I'm just finishing reviewing all 246 of the user's posts and hiding all of the unhelpful zero-content bumps.


More on topic: I live near the coast and commute to work, and there is FOG this morning. Also, both record high AND record low within a span of seven days. Muggy morning.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Perhaps a myth running in Bangladesh about getting orders if stay active on the site and forum. 

The statistics shouldn't be that off if calculated officially.

I get bombarded with notifications of people reacting to every post and comment.

Maybe the community leaders from Bangladesh can address this issue and educate them.

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I'm English, but I live in Greece. In the past few years, I've enjoyed these slogans springing up all over the historic town center near to me. The council presumably hasn't cleaned it up due to a lack of funds. 

The Greek just says "no to all tourists". The KKE (Greek Commmunist Part) symbols that usually surround these statements are unusually absent from the image. Oddly enough the actual sentiment for many Greeks appears to be the other way around, since tourists represent prosperity 🤔. Why post such things, anyway? Well, I noticed these slogans starting to pop up around the time Airbnb started to be reviled for pricing locals out of homes in their own towns as other locals purchased much of the stock to make mediocre short-term rentals. 

And then there's the whole problem with the EU. 

As for refugees, the island of Samos  has what I shall very euphemistically describe as "camps" for the refugees. That very much explains this part of the message from the KKE. It's a complicated statement that's designed to shock tourists and consternate Greeks who have gotten fat from the profits of tourism and the PASOK years (read: Greek boomers), but ultimately one that falls flat and is unappealing to many who will read it, Greek or not. 

I could show nice pictures, but there's plenty of those on Google images, and they're all a bit boring. Needless to say, Greece has serious politico-socio-economic issues and there seems little hope of them being resolved in the near future due to the endless corruption of the nation's political elite. 

Next up in this series: Why the UK is a Barren Wasteland of Corrupt Misery Held Aloft by the Bloodies Riches of Colonialism

It's a bit of a banger, even if I say so myself. 

File:No more tourists - Refugees welcome, tourists go home.jpg

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