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  1. Try clearing your browser cache and cookies. It will work.
  2. Usually, I do provide my service to sellers who are not selling the same service as me. It's a good way to build your client base. But I always ignore orders from sellers who are working on my own category. We should not promote "drop service" concept here. 🙂
  3. Your Fiverr account won’t get restricted as soon as someone reported it. There should be TOS violations. You can contact Fiverr customer support if there something wrong.
  4. If you are not offering unlimited revisions & if you provided everything as promised on your Gig, better to block him and keep moving.
  5. Interested. Let’s check this. ❤️
  6. Please keep in mind, the buyer will be able to leave a review (possibly a negative one) after completing the order. Even the buyer can cancel the order via CS, if he have a good point (even after completing). So I recommend you to think about that.
  7. 900+ daily cases. Over 50,000 people vaccinated (medical staff & army). Too much bored as I was in my home for more than 8 months. 😬
  8. Mine is 24%. 🙂 It’s very hard to increase this value after 20%.
  9. Check connected devices for suspicious devices (Fiverr > Settings > Security > Connected devices). and sign-out them. Change passwords of all related accounts (Email, Fiverr, Payoneer etc.) Activate 2-factor authentication Format your PC or reset Use a good anti-virus application Avoid using cracks & limit using un-verified torrents.
  10. There is no issue in your end, but usually Fiverr takes around 2-6 hours to make your request live. Until that time, your request will kept in “pending” list.
  11. This might be a cross-over with, Beauty and the beastTitanicGame of thronesand The hobbitPS: Your drawing looks awesome! ❤️
  12. Basically yes, if Fiverr finds more than one account from an IP, there is a possibility of getting banned. I recommend you to contact Fiverr CS about this issue. Also you can request a “static IP” from your ISP. In my country, it costs extra $8/month for the static IP, but it’s really worth than using a shared/dynamic IP.
  13. In addition to frank_d, you can also create multiple Gigs in multiple categories.
  14. Reminds me the movie, Beauty and the Beast.
  15. My profile was drawn by another Fiverr seller. I needed something with Fiverr’s green color, simple and professional. So I handed over a photo of mine and he did a great job. After that, I took commercial rights and other stuff from him. In my opinion, human face in profile picture will attract more buyers & their trust. 😉
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