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How much gig can publish as a new seller?


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On 12/31/2023 at 8:10 AM, habib_g_uiux_d said:

None of any gig were paused/inactive or unpublished.

On 12/31/2023 at 8:12 AM, habib_g_uiux_d said:

I am unable to get my solution.

Hi @habib_g_uiux_d - You might have a bug. You can submit a help desk ticket here:


Or email Customer Support at:


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Since you can't upload more than five then you should talk to support directly.


But the basis on which you want to upload seven gigs seems to me to be a miss guide from someone. Many of us have many people who know this from different institutes or big brother that in the first state upload 7 gigs to rank profile is totally wrong idea. Research your first gig well and design and upload thumbnails well then your first gig will be a golden deer for you.

Better focus on one or two than uploading 7 gigs which is wasteful in my opinion. Another thing is that if a client comes to your profile in case of additional gigs, if you provide multiple services, the client will easily get confused and will have trust issues towards you, which is your loss. thank you

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