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  1. I've noticed this too. It seems that checking all three boxes only actually hides replies they make within other threads. You still see them in the right hand column if they're the most recent post in a thread, and you still see every topic they start themselves, all of which sort of defeats the purpose of the feature. @mjensen415 Any chance we'll get a version of ignore that covers everything?
  2. Yep. Seems good now. Cheers for that, MJ. This is completely unacceptable. 😉
  3. Right, but it only seems to work for about half of the names I hover over. I had assumed it was tied to rep level, but perhaps I'm wrong about that(?) Will we be able to ignore anyone we wish to at some point?
  4. @mjensen415Are we ever going to have the ability to ignore users regardless of reputation? Because whoo boy, will that ever come in handy.
  5. I'd settle for them just recoding the 'Describe Your Offer' dialog box so that it's actually usable again. Right now, something like 40% of the box is taken up by the bar at the bottom that contains the word count, and it's almost Inst*gram level bad to type in. Been that way for over a year now.
  6. Dubbing, ADR, and VO are three different things, although dubbing and ADR are more similar to each other than VO is to either of the other two. Voice Over - your disembodied voice over top of some other visual element. Narration, basically. Dubbing - your voice replacing the original voice of whomever is speaking onscreen. Generally only done when the language in question has changed (for instance, the person onscreen is speaking German and they need an English dub. I've done a bunch of those.) ADR [automated dialog replacement] is when someone (usually the same actor, but occasionally someone else) re-records the dialog spoken, after the fact. This is usually done when the original on set audio wasn't usable for some reason. In some cases, a different voice may be chosen to replace the original actors voice, but this is super rare, as it's next to impossible to pull off effectively for anything lengthy. ADR is also just about the worst name ever for the process, as it's FAR from 'automated', and actually really really tough to do. There are some plugins that can help (VocAlign PRO is a big one) by helping you line up the timing of the new dialog with the original, but in general, it's a lengthy and difficult process that only really works well if you have the original actor there to redo the lines. It also requires that whomever is engineering the session REALLY knows what they're doing. As a voice actor, I get the occasional message from someone wanting me to seamlessly replace the voice of someone in a video (so ADR, basically). Maybe the original audio sucked, maybe the original actor's voice or accent isn't working, etc. I then have to explain to the buyer that while I can certainly 'dub' the voice of the original actor, it generally isn't possible to match someone else's speech patterns well enough that it won't be obvious that it's been dubbed. A lot of people don't understand how hard that kind of thing really is. Maybe I can pull it off for a sentence or two, but if you have a 3min video of someone talking straight to the camera, there's no way to fix that without it being obvious. My guess is that anyone who actually specializes in ADR - who is remotely good at their job - is probably working steady in the film/TV business, and won't have time for Fiverr. They also almost certainly wouldn't be a voice actor either - they'd be an engineer. I've done a fair bit of ADR for film, but I wouldn't dream of doing it at Fiverr. The time & work involved means I'd have to charge thousands of dollars for it to even be worth the time.
  7. I wholeheartedly agree, although I realize it's a touchy subject for some. By just giving us a full on Reddit style up/down vote system, you'd give us the ability to police ourselves, which in conjunction with active and consistent moderation, could really help to clean things up around here in a way that no amount of sad emojis ever will. I hate to say it, but I fear the only thing that will stop the incessant 'thanks for the information' and 'how rank gig good' posts is to downvote them into oblivion. I mean, the forum is already 3/4 of the way there anyhow, with the trophies, and the badges, and the like button...
  8. Not entirely, at least not on desktop. I can't access any of my open orders.
  9. I can't even get the app to load, here. Desktop feels janky too, at the moment.
  10. I’d imagine that the number of sellers that actually got 1099s are a tiny fraction of the sellers that filled out the W9s, so they (Fiverr) may not see this as being all that big of a deal. It’s frustrating, for sure.
  11. The email is absolutely legitimate, but in typical Fiverr fashion - the way it was done doesn’t make any sense. There is zero excuse for this to not be coming from an @Fiverr email address. Just… zero. At the very least, we should have received separate email from @Fiverr letting us know to be on the lookout for this one. Password protecting it isn’t a bad idea (it does contain sensitive tax info after all), but using our SSN is perhaps a bit weird. Telling us to reply to ‘cs@fiverr.com’ is weird too, as I’ve never seen that address used before. And to top it all off, I got the 1099 at my backup email address - not my normal email that fiverr has used for literally every other message I’ve ever received from them. Good lord… Every US seller filled out a W9 so that you could get this 1099-K, they just didn’t bother telling us we’d be getting it in a weird email from a sketchy looking company address.
  12. Ahh, I guess it could be an ad blocker issue. Definitely not turning those off though, so maybe I can whitelist Fiverr(?) The plot thickens…
  13. Hey all, Of all the myriad problems with the inbox and messaging on desktop as a whole, the most annoying (at least right now) is that I have to delete a message from inbox several times to get it to stick. Delete message from inbox - refresh inbox - check dashboard - message is still there - go back to inbox - delete message again - refresh inbox - rinse - lather - repeat. I don’t think it’s a local caching issue because it’s happening on multiple computers with different browsers and operating systems. Also never happens on mobile, but the mobile vs desktop experience is so different in so many ways as to essentially feel like two completely different services. Best part is, this convoluted process often triggers the good ol’ CAPTCHA screen, and then I waste the next several minutes picking out pictures of trains and bicycles. Happens w/ Chrome on Win10 Pro, and Safari & Chrome both on Catalina. Anyone else seeing this, or am I taking crazy pills? Any workarounds? cheers
  14. Can we something about that orange banner? It doesn’t seem to want to go away…
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