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What's your thoughts on Advanced Rating System (ARS)?

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sonyvec said: Why should that stop TRS's from delivering great work?


I think you are yet to be harassed by buyers. Otherwise you'd think twice before saying anything related to "great work" about others. Many of us here are for more than 4 years and came across buyers who forced us to work for something beyond 100 bucks pricing at the gig of 5$ by giving threats. We have faced different buyers through different gigs and the mental exhaustion that we get is totally different experience than any other freelance marketplace.


ARS helps buyers to double these threats. Fiverr support is not interested in solving that. Buyers are treated like they are always right, they maybe but not all the time. Buyers go on logo design gig and order book cover and if not given then they leave bad remark. Buyers don't even read the gig description. They order book review by paying 5 bucks but expect us to buy their 12 bucks book. And they find all sort of ways to argue. Tell me how working hard works when buyers are hell bent on either giving you bad remark or force you to work on something where you have nothing but loss - mentally and physically.


It is easier to say, I'll work hard to keep the ratings and totally different to live the life handling customer and serving them at the expense of fear and loss. I'm all for good communication with customers, I don't mind taking the load for work, I'd even do 50$ bucks work for 5$ but not at the expense of threat. Not at the cost of fear.



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I truly hate the new rating. I do great work but people still give 4,5 Stars which sucks… now I have to beg them to change it if they were happy… So annoying. If all is as mentioned in the Gig people should rate with 5 Stars. I truly dont understand why they make it always harder for seller… Also I dont like the changes that many references are gone…All in all it becomes truly seller unfriendly 😦

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ozzieuk said: Don't shoot me down... but I like it... There... I said it...


I hate that you have to feel this way, everyone has the right to their own opinion and that's okay! If anyone does get upset with you regarding your thoughts on ARS it says more about them and you by a long shot (pun intended), Oz!


I seen your tweet about it, but why do you like it?


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Reply to @thepromogirl: I know there’s been a lot of negativity surrounding it, and being totally honest, I didn’t like it in the start.

Thoughts went around my head like:

"What if a buyer leaves me a bad review"
"Nothing short of 5 stars is good enough for me personally"
"This is going to kill my Fiverr account"

I have a perfect record, 7,468 orders created in the Year and Half I've been a seller, I've still got that perfect record. Despite having one 3 star review from an order way back when, last year, and several 4 and 4 and half star reviews, do those seemingly lower reviews than I'm used to put customers off? Nope! Not at all. In fact business is BETTER.


As I see it, they're still positive reviews, and tell me if I need to improve and where

Sometimes when change comes around, it's difficult for people to embrace it. I remember before Fiverr V2 was released, I was part of a secret βeta test group, who were using version 2 for some months well before the open βeta was opened up to invitation signups. People did not like version 2 not one bit and many of those sentiments are echoed here in the forum, I loved it, why ? Because the testing group relayed back directly to the tech team what we liked and what we didn't like and changes were made after consultation to make Fiverr work for it's users, I personally feel the platform is generations ahead of what V1 was and the users have come to love it too in the end (I hope ).

The ARS is just a next step in that road map. It will allow you the seller to blur the lines between poor services and great services like yours , it makes the platform granular, because you know it is a buyers market, I know that sounds kinda crazy coming from a TRS and Fiverr Super Seller, and I realise it is a two way street also, Fiverr have given a unique opportunity to connect buyers with sellers, buyers want services that are high quality and the vast majority of sellers want to supply them to their buyers, however the old system was disjointed, here's why:

Highly rated sellers should be happy about the new rating system as it further distinguishes them away from sellers who may offer less than 5 star services, but had around the same amount of thumbs up as others.

It allows YOU the seller who really takes pride in their work and deliver a great service to buyers to shine against sellers who may offer a similar service buy say offer poor communication and poor customer service.

My aim is to keep my average ratings at 5 Stars, once your gig fills with good ratings, the 4.5 and 4 Star Ratings, won't bear an impact, people will not scroll through all of your reviews to read them, it's just not human nature

I appreciate it may seem like it's more stress right now, we all worry about ratings, 99.9% of buyers on Fiverr are great, they'll mark their sellers accordingly, but like in every situation there are going to be troll buyers who leave poor ratings for no reason, thankfully and I know this on very good authority, Customer support are there to help, all I ask is that people give the new system a chance you'll see in the near future how it CAN and WILL help great sellers out there.
I work in one of the most volatile sectors on Fiverr, so far, so good, because I believe that my service and delivery are top notch.
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Reply to @ozzieuk: I’m glad you realize that you’re being bullied is your choice and interpretation this time. That will help.

And, I’m not the accommodationist that “leaves it there” … so I will respond as I wish, I’m sure. And you will hopefully stick to your claim that you won’t be bullied and not try to play one.

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Reply to @anarchofighter: Like I have said You are being very discourteous. Your behaviour is pretty deplorable for an adult, I am not an anarchist nor wish to be part of your fight, I was asked my opinion and underhanded sarcasm was not required on your part, now I am leaving you to fight on your own. Good day Sir.

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@ozzieuk may I asked why you changed your mind with reference to the post here? do http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/35749/stars-wars-the-ars-menace-a-response-to-kashmiah-#Item_43 Anyhow this is my opinion below.

I deal with a lot of buyers whose first language is not English and a lot of them are struggling with this feedback system, do not like it and are even struggling to leave feedback at all and this is why so many people are not leaving feedback and also generic feedback is appearing on completed orders, as people have started to notice.

When everyone’s feedback starts saying “Satisfactory Experience” that is not very useful or informative at all and is definitely not a “Satisfactory Experience” when buyers are trying to look through feedback to gauge what sellers are like. If buyers are just looking at stars that is not helpful either.

I am pleased that you were part of a beta test group for version 2 of the fiverr interface and this is exactly what is wrong here. There was no test group that sellers were made aware of, no consultation and it showed when this was feedback system was released. Let me give you a solid example. On the buy again tab do you know what it said? The same as on the other tabs for communication and for the gig. That is where it asked would you buy again one of the Options was “Good”…

The real problem here though is what a lot of buyers are now saying and what many people are still failing to get their head around. This whole feedback system is subjective and some buyers are convinced three stars are great feedback. Other buyers think 3 stars means crap and I am not ordering that gig.

There is no problem with an individual leaving feedback, there is no problem with buyers or sellers leaving honest feedback but when you look at the overall picture this is where the problem is.

One buyers 3 stars is another buyers 5 stars. This is where the whole problem is. This is already affecting buying decisions for sellers and once again this is subjective. I am not saying this with any malice but you are sooner or later going to get three stars on your feedback, not because buyers don’t like your work but because they think its a good rating and if they think its a good rating they are not going to want to change it and if they do not want to change it customer support are not going to intervene because the buyer is leaving what they see as honest feedback but other buyers are going to see as "this is bad news, stay away"

As far as this ongoing thing with "troll buyers’ I have only seen this phrase used on the fiverr blog and assume it references buyers intent on leaving bad feedback. If this is the case then I have to disagree strongly with your statement even if you do have it on good authority and have knowledge about this that no one else has. If you look through the forum you can clearly see people have been threatened and abused since this feedback system was introduced and already had it used against them with five star ratings being changed to one stars for not doing what is demanded and sellers getting told they cannot change ratings without agreement from buyers.

Anyhow that is getting away from the point here and the point is I personally think it is a bad idea to have a rating system that is as subjective as this that means different things to different buyers but means the same thing on sellers feedback.

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