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What's your thoughts on Advanced Rating System (ARS)?

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From what I’ve seen, it’s been all negative. I had yet to see one person that’s happy about it. I’ve also seen “protesting” profile messages on a few TRS who have suspended their Gigs till the ARS is removed.

I think what bothers me more than anything that Fiverr’s doesn’t seem to listen to the community that uses this system and makes them money on a daily basis. It’s shocking that it took so many years for the cancellation ratio/levels “rule” to finally be removed when it was such a terrible idea when it came to accidental orders for both buyers and sellers.

I’m curious what everyone’s thoughts are: What are you doing about it, both on a personal level and joint community level?

Sellers that have been here since the beginning: How did you act when it came to demanding change? How long did it take for things to change, etc.?

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I think it’s a little too early to say how effective it is since it does provide a little more detail and competition between the sellers but it hasn’t been out for very long (and only one of my buyers had to use the stars, the sales after that still used the thumbs system). I think the main issue is that there are more significant problems that fiverr hasn’t addressed still and this rating system isn’t something that was necessary. Especially when a lot of users have been having problems with issues like the unnecessary 2 week hold on gig sale money, the large 20% commission that goes to the site, the inability of sellers to accept/reject gig orders, etc.

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Reply to @bachas85:

I’ve seen a few comments throughout the forum from you on related posts, so may I ask what you’re doing about it? I know there’s “protesting” on July 1st, but are tweeting, emailing, etc. to Fiverr? I just want to get a better idea of what everyone is doing so far and follow through with the most effective actions.

Thanks! 🙂

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rnuyen said: I think it's a little too early to say how effective it is


Actually it's not at all too early to say.


In fact, anyone who can empathize and imagine all the different kinds of sellers can see the flaws immediately.


Seller Response Time : Not all gigs require any interaction. So how do you rate SRT when the only response is "delivery" of the gig?


How does this impact "physical goods sellers" who have to use the post?


What happens when it's the fiverr message system and it's delays because of a "code word" like s***e for a s***e approved gig that slows the system down?




Then there


As Expected : What if it's better than expected? What if the buyer had no expectations? What if the gig doesn't really allow for any (I saw a gig that was I"ll send you a random thing from my junk drawer" LOL)


What if a buyer has wrong expectations because they didn't read the description or simply don't expect the rules to apply to them?




Finally there's,


Will repurchase or refer : What if it's a one off gig? What if it's seasonal? What if the buyer is anti-social and has no friends to refer.


And there are many, many more holes and comments that can be made.


Consider this, even ebay will not let a buyer rate delivery as anything other than 4 stars if it's sent with delivery confirmation by the time agreed.

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I for one hasn’t gotten a single order since the system got rolled out on my gigs,I used to have 3-4 a day,now NONE,simply because the new rating system thinks i’m not good enough to be in the first page maybe? just great fiverr,GREAT!

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I think fiverr will not change the system because it is buyer driven and it will attract more customers, which will grow the gig economy. I think fiverr is listening to us, I have saw some changes in the system (a small phrase explaining the rating) do address our concerns.

My 5 star/100% rating will probably drop, but as long as my business keeps going well, I don’t worry. What I like about the system is that you can use it in your favor and stand ahead of your competition. How? By maintaining a high rate, I think that until 4.5 stars you don’t need to worry.

The first point is Communication With Seller (How responsive was the seller during the process?).

For me it is an obligation to score high in this point, if a seller placed an order, you should provide him a good CS.

Service as Described (Did the result match the Gig’s description?)

This point will benefit the buyers that explain clearly their service, and that give what they promised.

Buy Again Or Recommend (Would you recommend buying this Gig?

This point is the harder to control, but if you communicated well and delivered as promised, you should get a good rating.

With this said, I plan to maintain at least a 4.5 star rating. So far I only got 5 star ratings, 1 user only scored me with 4, I asked him about why only 4 and what could I do to make it 5, he told me he thought he gave 5 and corrected it.

One day someone will rate a 4, but the mean value will still be high. If someone gives me a bad rating without justification, I will contact the CS and expect to get it solved. I needed them 1 time and they helped me.

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Seller Response Time : Not all gigs require any interaction. So how do you rate SRT when the only response is “delivery” of the gig? - See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/comment/159826#Comment_159826

at in

You explain in your gig that if a buyer has any question he should contact you by inbox, as long as his concerns are addressed he has no reason to rate you badly in that point.

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To say that I’m disappointed… is an understatement!

My perfect score was just ruined by a rating from a seller who bought the gig - 7 months ago!! Now, it’s not a bad rating, and the seller was satisfied, but I am not a ***** seller any more…

I pride myself in providing a tremendous value for $5.

…I quit!

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ARS system basically helped fiverr to elevate their own status because they can now shrug their hands off to say we have managed to filter the sellers logically based on buyers rating. On that point buyers can’t argue with fiverr on poor quality sellers because bad ratings is what kills seller from the race and getting good rating becomes harder. ARS doesn’t care for emotional argument between seller and buyer, where seller is logically right. Buyers can and will screw the system.

We get screwed from sellers in any system as it is, now more insult to injury.

Threats like ='You don’t want to be called fraud, so do the extra work for me or else, you’re done for pal. " are going to be double and tipple from now on.

Fiverr will not change the system, why would they? I don’t see any good reason that they;ll.

As bunch of number crunching people with MBA and data science degrees know more than people who work harder to deliver gigs,right? Business should be done without sentiments.

By that way, any random person on fiverr can gangup now and destroy any seller. All you need is number. That was possible before but now the visual rating makes it even worst now. 90% thumbs is way different than 3 and half stars.

Let’s see the bright side, lot of sellers will be under burden to fake smile and keep the service good for five dollar and have to do work which costs even more than 50 bucks to avoid the rating. If we do, we can survive here. Survival here can help us get closer to “f*ck-you” money that we want right?

Another good thing happened is mutual cancellation doesn’t affect us.

Not to cause paranoia, but mathematically, we are just in the hands of buyers who can screw us for 5 bucks. Sounds like pro… leave it.

Off to wait for buyers. Rant over.

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claudioa said: as long as his concerns are addressed he has no reason to rate you badly in that point.


Again, you're assuming something ...that all people think the same way :)


While I agree with you ... I know that not all people believe that. OR agree with what a "not badly rating" is.


Again, is that 3 stars? 4? ...or only 5?


And, what about the person who comes behind them and disagrees as to the numbers feeling anything less than a 5-star rating is a sign of serious deficiency.

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Wife: You are a bug in my life!

Husband: Then you should buy a good antivirus!!

After 1 hour,

Seller: Madam, please provide a review to mark the order successfully completed.

Wife: Rating? Oh, yeah, take 1/5 and dare you show me yourself again!!!

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I understand that the ARS is going to make a lot of people angry. Mostly bad sellers. We as sellers get hit hard with all the changes. But like every job out there, we have to deal with the changes and continue to deliver great gigs. It is very naive for people to think that any system is going to be perfect, for it never will be; they can’t please everybody.

I actually like the ARS better. I think it gives a better perspective of sellers, and being a seller myself, I will work hard to keep a high rating. And for all those sellers who like to half-ass everything and send crap for work, they will definitely have a harder time keeping up with the good sellers.

For what I know, there have been sellers changing the rating on gigs long after the gig was finished and delivered. But you can contact CS, and they will help you with issues like that. Yeah, nobody likes to contact CS, but it is part of working on fiverr and wanting good ratings.

I’m relatively new to fiverr and maybe that is why I find the ARS better, but I’ve also seen sellers try to cheat buyers, those sellers are the ones screwing everybody up. They are the ones to blame for any rating system changes.

Just my honest opinion.

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Reply to @kjblynx: Yes, I did. And they have to deal with the changes as everybody else.

For reasons that really I cannot understad, buyers and sellers are always finding new ways to cheat the system and that is probably one of the biggest reasons why the ARS system was changed. But as long as buyers and sellers find a way to cheat the system, as they are doing right now, be sure that in the future there will be an ARS2 and ARS3.

Why should that stop TRS’s from delivering great work?

As many other users, I see that they system has its glitches. But you have to deal with them and move on. Maybe we don’t get as much support from CS, but at least there is an option to go to, to get problems solved.

In any job, there is always someone trying to screw you over. So, why should any sellers expect something different? In the end, this is a job, and you have to deal with customers. And the customer is always a pain in the ass. But just put you happy face on, and get the job done.

By no means am I trying to say that the users don’t deserve Fiverr’s support, we all do!

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what is even worse is when the buyer pays no attention and clicks the 1 star and leaves a good review. you send them a message and wait some buyers can go weeks before checking messages . At least with the thumbs down if they left a good review you could send a message to CS and 9 times out of 10 they will change it. How they going to manage this with the star???

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