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  1. Yes, just do a Custom Order and take the info form your old (paused) Gig and note the pricing for the Buyer and agree on work and price prior to. I’m in the same boat where Fiverr automatically paused a bunch of my Gigs and I am going to have my regular Buyer’s who are interested in the Gig that’s being paused by Fiverr because of this “Levels” nonsense.
  2. Are you sure ? Response time does not count for the monthly evaluation. There must be another reason! trs.JPG902×512 57.7 KBAll those are green on my end, sorry.
  3. One stat that I’ve been watching lately is Order Completion. I was not sure what this was so I asked. Below is the response that I got from support: Bottom line is I really don’t know what is happening. As a Top Seller and business owner, I thought I understood what I was doing. This demotion, if not a mistake, will damage my reputation, business, and livelihood. Again, this is not a rant or complaint. I just want everyone to see what is happening to me, as a former Top Seller, Level 2 Seller, and Now a Level 1 Seller Screenshot 2018-02-15 06.21.54.png1424×595 60.8 KBHopefully this observation will help other sellers understand what it’s like for a Top Seller to be demoted to Level 1 (with Amazing statistics). Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to stop it from happening again. I second this. Just got demoted because my response time was 16 hours. I’m a former TRS as well, not a “no badge” Seller. I’m green in all other categories for this demotion except reponse time.
  4. My personal favorite “question” message: “need me fb likes”
  5. Mutual cancellations (any cancellation for that matter) has always had a negative effect on a Sellers account from inside Fiverr’s system. Unless you ask CS directly you’d never know, but all cancellations regardless of reason have always been factored into your account when it comes to becoming or losing TRS.
  6. I spoke to CS about messages with regards to “Level Status” stats last week. The CS provided this information without asking and said hitting “report” on a spam message is seen as a response by Fiverr. Knowing that I’m more inclined to report the message verses ignoring it. It helps everyone else out that that spammer is trying to reach out to.
  7. The buyer doesn’t have to actually contact them directly if you ask him to message you stating he wants to have them change the review to something different (including text) they will do so. You would just need to provide the screenshot message exchange between you and the Buyer to CS and they’ll update for them.
  8. I’m not sure what they mean by “nominated” since TRS is handpicked, but to a provide insight, when I got my TRS I basically a long “congrats” email letting me know about becoming a TRS and a notification when I logged onto my account. Not sure if they switched things up since then or what… 🤨 To note, my analytics still have me as qualified for TRS, but doesn’t mean it will happen. It is handpicked.
  9. Orders cancelled by CS still affect you. This is what I did with all the orders that got cancelled this period. It doesn’t matter who/why the order was cancelled. If you got an order in and it’s cancelled for any reason, but anyone it effects your “Level Status” statistics.
  10. I hear you, but I’ve worked with an Editor HQ Fiverr on this and many other aspects in order to “better ensure” that a Buyer reads/understands not only a Gig description but the Order Requirements as well back when I was a TRS, he agreed that some people simply don’t bother reading and we can’t “force them to” so we brainstormed and revised accordingly. He was tracking each and every order (going inside the order on his end and see what they put) that these issues from that point forward and I’d follow up daily by email. Unfortunately, we still had the same issue(s) to the point where he totally understood my frustration (because he could see what was happening essentially in real time) and I told him my suggestions (and shared all the threads) about the pause and/or reject feature for orders in these instances.
  11. Do you have evidence of this, or is it anecdotal? To me, it seems to be a huge variety of reasons that sellers got demoted, which this post was intended to help with. Yes, there are issues caused by what you mention, which is why I would be a big supporter of a “mutual cancellations” policy that does not affect stats, or perhaps periodic “free passes” on cancellations based on how many orders successfully delivered or something like that. But, cancellations due to circumstances genuinely beyond your control (as per you losing power and internet due to hurricanes) should be something we can do something about - that, however, is something outside our control at present. Everything I metnioned above is very much inside our control, which is where sellers should be focussing first of all. I have plenty of evidence (3+ years of cancelled orders one similar to the next) that shows that a Buyer ordered by mistake and/or didn’t read the Gig details and asked for what that is noted advertised. Not to mention orders where Buyers go completely radio silent and/or don’t provide the requested information––but the extension feature as at least provided some support for this, but often times the Order has to be cancelled because as you wait for the order grows closer to running late instead. Each and every time this happens, I contact CS to report the issue so that there is a ticket (and screenshots provided) tied to each order when this arises so they’re involved and are aware of the user who isn’t bothering to read the Gig details (if they’re asking for something that’s clearly advertised against in the Gig details) since they are likely repeated offenders. With Buyer’s cancellations effecting a Seller no matter the reason it’s often a bitter and hopeless situation when you’re demoted because due to someone else’s actions. I do agree that “mutual cancellations” should not effect the Seller and have supported the idea for many years now, but this has yet to be something that has yet to state no matter how much the community begs for it. Try me, if a Buyer “accidentally places an order” and would like to cancel, I’d be happy to do so, I don’t want o try and essentially force them to continue their order with me simply because I am worried about the effect it will have on my account (and whats worse is these last months I’ve had to explain to a couple Buyers that while I understand their request to cancel, I don’t want to do so because it effects my account negatively). That’s not good Customer Service, it isn’t how I want to be treated, but Fiverr has left Sellers no choice in the matter––either do whatever is necessary and within your control to keep the order going regardless of what the Buyer wants OR else. You just can’t make blanketed click-bait title like “Just been demoted? Let’s stop it from happening again.” A majority of Sellers didn’t really have a choice in the matter. If you want to promote solutions for demotions there in a Sellers control, by all means, but not every Seller who has “just been demoted” has any say if they can stop it from happening again until Fiverr’s changes how Buyer’s cancellations effect a Seller. I’m not saying that this should be on Fiverr, but all means, I knew staying off Fiverr for nearly 2 months I knew my Gig would slow to a halt. I mean water was literally flooding into my house when I contacted CS the 1st time with tears in my eyes saying “Please cancel all my Gigs, my house is flooding.” I even sent CS photos of just how bad it was (waist deep and I don’t live in a flood zone and don’t have insurance) but as a freelancer that’s something you can deal with as a working class citizen. I’m not expecting Fiverr to support me in this manner when it comes to come back and Selling on Fiverr. However, I am talking about things Fiverr can improve on that Sellers want on the site that is simply out of our control that is well within Fiverr’s control.
  12. So what’s your recommendation when a Buyer orders by mistake, is unresponsive or doesn’t read your Gig details and requests a service that you don’t advertise (and/or advertise against) or simply wants to cancel for reasons simply out of a Sellers control? Because (no matter the reason) if a Buyer wants to cancel an Order a Seller cannot force them not to but regardless a Buyer’s cancellation it can and will effects a Sellers “Level Status”… I don’t see you address this, which is the biggest reason why many Sellers got demoted.
  13. Think that’s too high? Try maintaining a 4.8. How is that possible? Two 5 stars plus one 4 stars equals 4.7 average. The system is designed to fail you! You know it’s too high when 60/100 is the passing rate required by enlisted US military personnel for their annual fitness test in order to stay the military. 😅
  14. It’s not a new system. I was demoted from TRS last year (and last night to Level 1) because of Buyer’s negligence regarding cancellations. Cancellation ratios have always had an effect on a Sellers’ ability to Level and/or be a TRS. This system was just kept private with the Editors till recently. I worked DIRECTLY with a member at Fiverr HQ with one of my featured Gigs when I was a TRS to figure out a way to include an “acknowledgement” piece as an Order Requirement for Buyers to try and prevent Buyer cancellations (it didn’t really work, but I ended up getting demoted for the cancellation ratios) in an effort to push Buyers to read the Gig details before responding to the Order Requirements and/or referencing back to the Order Requirements where they noted they themselves stated they read and understood the Gig details and provided the required information accordingly. Sellers have been asking for a way to “pause” or “reject” Orders when Buyers place an order by mistake, don’t provide the required information and/or request a service that is not advertised in the Gig for YEARS NOW. This would love so many of Fiverr’s major problems. If Fiverr admits they (or we) cannot “force a Buyer to read the Gig description or Order Requirments”, then these type of cancellations that affect a Seller’s ratio and now “Level Status” regardless of who is truly at fault should not be a thing. However, in Fiverr CS’s own word, I’m simply told when asked what can be done since I will be demoted because of Buyers cancellation because they don’t read the Gig details and ask for a service I don’t advertise (and advertise against my Gig details) I’m told, “There is nothing we can do at this point.” This is a straight up lie. They can very easily create a system and recognizes when Buyer’s cancel vs. when a Seller cancels and have it not affect the Seller in a negative way. They just don’t want to.
  15. Yeah. I think a lot of Sellers who have helped make Fiverr a lot of money only to be undervalued and unappreciated are realizing they’re better off focusing on other projects outside of Fiverr. The stress alone worrying about “what’s next” when it comes to this platform is simply not worth it. I’m sure I don’t speak alone when I say I want to support and serve on a platform that not only listens to their community but provides the features and system they’ve been asking for (for years). Fiverr is taking for granted Sellers (and Buyers) that make them money. Not only can and will Sellers leave to go work on other better, more supported platforms when they don’t feel respected or valued but the reputation and experience Sellers have had here will be what ultimately causes the fall of Fiverr. Sellers are not going to recommend the platform to clients, friends, family, etc. because of the current systems/features in place and bad personal experiences like these. I know I’ve personally been asking for changes to the SAME issue(s) regarding Buyer’s neglect when it comes to orders and cancellations and they’ve gone unresolved. Sellers will leave and Fiverr will ultimately feel the effect. I doubt that like many Sellers who have already left, they will return if things change. It will simply be too little too late.
  16. A little tip, reporting a spam message IS seen as responding.
  17. Same. Came back to find a Buyer cancelled an unopened order from 2014 while I was without power recovering from 2 Hurricanes. Even if I had a way to contact them when I had zero power let alone internet, was I supposed what was I supposed to do, tell them no? I was at a 69% at my return and then 1-2 weeks in a Buyer order asking for something I didn’t offer… literally wasn’t even possible to reach the percentage to stay at my Level in Nov. CS literally told me there wasn’t anything they could do.
  18. I feel ya, luckily there are other and more supportive freelance platforms. 🙂
  19. A story of every form TRS’s life here on Fiverr. Welcome to the club! 😜
  20. I knew I was going to be demoted back in Nov. when I came back after dealing with twice having my home flooded with not one but two Hurricanes (without power for 2 weeks and in a city without internet for over a month) a Buyer canceled an order from 2014 while I was away because (of course) they no longer needed the order they never opened and it dropped by “Completed Orders” to 69% automatically. I had a cancellation about 1-2 weeks in my return because a Buyer didn’t both to read the Gig details and placed an order asking for a service that I don’t provide (and is against ToS). It was either do the order (thus going against Fiverr ToS) or cancel and have it affect my statistics. I sent a lengthy support ticket and had a back-and-forth with Mia from CS who basically said there is nothing Fiverr can do, but assured me I “still had time to get my ratings up” by Jan 15th. Ha! I explained that statistically, it was impossible based on the 2 projected (similar issues) cancellations in the works. I explained that I have to have 50 orders come in and complete them JUST to make threshold and with Fiverr orders slowed to a crawl since my return… it wasn’t even realistic. As a Seller, I have zero options having to cancel if it’s an issue on the Buyers side. I can’t extend an order with an unresponsive Buyer and I can’t fake “deliver” an order when I don’t have any or all the right information––because that’s not only unprofessional but goes against ToS. My idea is that this is Fiverr’s way to make sure (that in fear) Sellers won’t cancel orders even if things are bad, thus it just ensure more money for them. I’ve serious faith in Fiverr and the system that’s in place. Going down a Level for a majority of Sellers simply because things are literally no their fault and not within their control is madness. You simply can’t control the actions or inaction of a Buyer and I’ve been preaching this since the beginning––Sellers shouldn’t be at fault for Buyers negligence, but here we still are. I remember when I demoted for TRS for this same issue (Buyers negligence in one way or another) and was heartbroken. The stress and fear of being demoted simply is not worth it––it’s a broken system that (I highly doubt) like everything else Fiverr will not change. I know that as a community, we’ve been expression serious issues and have been providing suggestions and solutions for YEARS here in the forum, but Fiverr has yet to implement of any of the features or updated systems we’ve actually been asking for. At this point, I feel Fiverr’s only focus is to better ensure money for themselves, not a platform the community loves and wants to work on. The “Levels” System simply has no merit and as a community we all know it––don’t freak out.
  21. I was demoted from TRS last year so I know the feelings––this was due to cancellations, which were mainly from Buyers not reading the Gig details or not responding to messages. It will happen, sadly.
  22. Per Fiverr’s policy: Order cancellations, similar to Requesting Revisions for your delivered order, cannot be done based on personal taste. You can read more about this policy here: https://buyers.fiverr.com/en/article/order-cancellation If it’s a personal taste issue (and you delivered as advertised) I would communicate with the Buyer further and explain that you completed the work and should be paid accordingly. You don’t ask for a haircut and demand a refund because you didn’t like it––you are not only paying for the “end result” but the service/time of the Seller. However, if they don’t like the design and you’re willing to work on the (already) delivered product more I would communicate this to the Buyer as well. I don’t think this is out of the realm of being fair to the Buyer… that is if it’s a simple fix like alteration of color, etc. This is ultimately your call and decision. If you only offer revisions with the purchase an the revision extra, express this option to the Buyer as well. We all understand that additional service(s) comes with a cost and you should be paid for any additional services that you be rendered and that you should be paid accordingly if extra do the service already purchased and provided. Whatever you decide, be sure to be clear with the Buyer all options available and reasons behind any additional work/service you may or will provide complimentary or at a price. Best of luck to you!
  23. Fiverr’s Order Cancellation Policy: “Order cancellations, similar to Requesting Revisions for your delivered order, will not be done based on personal taste. Buyers are given the option to rate their experience with the seller and share their experience in a feedback review.” Fiverr’s Policy on Revisions: "When an Order is Rejected, the Buyer requires the Seller to revise the Delivery to fit the Buyer’s requirements. The Seller is prompted to Deliver again and both users are encouraged to communicate in the order page to sort out any issues with the Delivery. The Seller is not timed on Delivering their revisions. A Buyer will see a message to indicate that revisions were requested to the Seller on their progress bar. A Seller will see an Orange ribbon on their order page to prompt them to Deliver again." Basically you can’t reject a delivery on personal taste but if the Sellers delivers work that wasn’t agreed upon (ie. you asked for a blue flower image in the Order Requirements and the Seller delivered a yellow flower…) it’s acceptable to reject the order. Rejecting the order simply because you don’t like the shade of blue the flower is, isn’t a acceptable reason to reject the order. This would be were Seller’s revision policies and/or directing the Buyer to purchase a revision would fall into play. When it doubt always refer to Fiverr’s policies! This is also an important lesson in why it’s important to be as detailed as possible when it comes to communicating what you’re looking for an order (especially when it comes to visuals/art/logos/etc.) and avoid any use of adjectives. Providing example images and talking things over before the Seller completes the order is what is truly necessary. Fiverr CS will agree with this in the same aspect when it comes to cancelling an order. They won’t cancel and order for a Buyer if the Buyer didn’t provide clear specs and/or provided new specs once the order has been delivered.
  24. If the Buyer agrees to cancel the order, they would void the right to use the product that was initially purchased (per Fiverr’s ToS). However, this would not remove the review they posted. However, if there is an issue with the order that led to a bad review, I would contact the Buyer direct and ask the reason for the negative review and work to resolve it (if you don’t know what the real issue is). This is common in Customer Service practices. Always follow up with your customer if they’re unhappy in order to fix the issue, while working to prevent a similar issue in the future. Good luck!
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