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  1. Sorry to hear this, We’ve worked on a few gigs together in the past and I know how frustrating this is, it happened to me on the 15th gone from trending on the cat page to last and zero orders or messages and not really having a clear answer on the matter, consider myself and a few others have been on fiverr since the very start with gross earning of 1.8 million, mine have just started to come back but not in the old place, without making a wild assumption i believe this is down to private feedback from buyers and probably a new algo they did an A/B test on which would make sense as ours were different days but this is a wild guess and not backup with any proof, anyway I hope it resolves itself for you, if there is one thing that has come out of this is it’s made me realise I need my eggs in more than one basket and not become complacent.
  2. I honestly don’t know for sure, I have been a seller here longer than I can remember, well before Top Rated sellers, forum or anything like that so I guess seller Seniority is one aspect as well as community participation. But you’re best off completing the form over there 🙂
  3. Hey Sebastian You can apply here: https://www.fiverr.com/ambassadors
  4. They go to being an unleveled seller just like when you first join fiverr
  5. Getting a bit out of hand here isn’t it? Many will know I don’t post often here as I like to remain quite impartial but can we keep this discussion constructive? It’s a polarising issue for sure, many people will be hurting I echo what Eoin has just said, if you haven’t been affected by the recent changes it might be worthwhile to take a time out, go for a walk or something and chill, many people are feeling some pain right now and offering advice might not be taken in the spirit it was intended.
  6. Well hello, Ozzie! Long time no see, how you holdin’ up? All good green? 👀 – I propose the new salute to be “All green” instead of “All good” 😁
  7. Also those given the 14th is because at 00:00 GMT those that are state-side it’ll still be the 14th. GMT -5 for the East Coast
  8. Oh my Fiverr workspace grew a little bigger than the previous, Picture to follow tomorrow when it’s day time outside 😉
  9. Thanks for revisiting ! Yes, the old post lost it’s images due to multiple upgrades, but thanks for reviving this ! Brilliant !
  10. In the past feedback has been misused by a lot of sellers offering refunds for feedback removal. This creates a huge imbalance in how services are presented and buyers were buying gigs based on that 100% positive feedback only to find they had a poor experience at the end of it. My personal view is that if you’re delivering great work you’ll stand out from the sellers who were offering refunds to remove feedback, they’ll drop in rank and gradually be filtered out of results as unreliable gigs.
  11. In recent weeks the forum has become a place where many people have grown uncomfortable to contribute for fear of reprisal from some community members, this naturally goes against the ethics of why the community exists in the first instance. The Fiverr Forum is a community of Buyers, Sellers, Community Moderators, Ambassadors and Admins who are here to learn and to help and develop from each other. With that in mind, we ask that all users please follow the community guidelines in order to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable to post and contribute to our great community. We love to hear your stories, what makes your Fiverr experience tick, your problems / rants and how you tackle them head on, your suggestions and how Fiverr can improve or when you just need advice from our community, the forum is always here and listening for Doers everywhere. Side Note:We urge you, that if you notice a forum user breaking the rules or behaving in an otherwise questionable manner within the community, Please alert a community moderator by clicking the Flag button in each post. Do not try to deal with them yourself. All flags sent to the Moderation team are strictly private and confidential and will not be shared with any other user, any other site issue can be forwarded directly to the Trust and Safety team within Customer Support at:
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