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Sir I can't understand you...


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So I got up, made some coffee and banana pancakes, started up my laptop and noticed I had a message.
OK, let's take a look.

It said

"Hi. How do I message you?"

..............I think you have already messaged me....?

So I reply with "I'm sorry I don't understand your question."
He replied pretty quickly and said something like

"I want to message you."

........OK, I give up. Good bye. Sorry. I'm not good with riddles.

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6 minutes ago, sabinespoems said:

I'm curious.... please tell us what you are! The people want to know!

A sea fairy, obviously, hence the blue hair. But now that you know... I'm gonna have to make your memories of it disappear 😛

(jokes aside, I had no idea how to reply that message but I think it was the typical telegram scam thing - same in @zeus777's case, likely. They are just... getting weirder?)

- Seriously speaking though, I consider myself a narrative designer / game writer, WHICH is why I'm not sure why people keep thinking I do copy lol 

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