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  1. I think you have learned a wrong lesson from his words. First of all, how dare you claim your skills are not on the table. Every one of our skills are. He is just reminding you to shake yourself up. Like all of us needs to do. Not need to get defensive. So, no kudos to you there. Anyway, It doesnt matter if you are the perfect person for a job. Since the "unqualified" created a mass here, everyone suffers from it. Pages after pages you will see people with nothing to offer for you. Whoever else could be on those pages? Me, you or others who think they are adept in their services. But algoritm will give them a chance to shine and grant a fair playground. And that mass have been pointed towards here by the false knowledge lingers around the net like @priyank_mod has mentioned. Couple weeks ago i have seen a veteran of the fiverr community admits that he needed to find a part time job after years of selling in this very platform. And he is not a 20-30 years old. He is an older gentlemen, which makes it even harder for him to adapt to this situation. Kudos to him anyway, its a hard step out of the comfort zone. There are not a single, guaranteed solution to what you suffer from. You can be on top of a mountain one day, next day you are not. In your case, you havent even reached the mountain yet, let alone being on top of it. So back to my first reply, 2 months is nothing. Spending time on the forum doesnt matter about your impressions. Only thing you can do is to check your profile and keep yourself polished. Or you can sacrifice a baloon to gods of freelancing.
  2. Im not really "keeping myself updated about news" kinda guy. But i can tell you this, This year was a total disaster for me in terms of freelancing. I havent even get close to half of what i did previous years. And as i was strolling to find a solution to that, i have learned everybody got punched in the throat by the same "thing". Whatever that "thing" is. World economy perhaps? Who knows. Its different than the 9-5 jobs. Sometimes you bathe in olive oil, sometimes you eat the cockroaches you catch under the bathtub. Thats a part of freelancing. Unfortunately for you, you might be too late to join to party. There were less competition in gladiator arenas. Now you have to be picked from thousands of other sellers. Lets be real, its not likely. However hard you try. But keep in mind, 2 months is nothing. Even tho i have done some good jobs and carved a niche for myself, my gigs stood dormant for months.
  3. If you delivered within the time, it doesnt matter if the buyer dont accept it, or even asks for a revision. You are on time and it shouldnt affect any rating. Impressions come and go, its not that sharp as in seconds notice. You are in the right.
  4. Well for starts, its affordable. Take a look at the game "Blasphemeous" that game couldnt, wouldnt happen if they tried it with AAA company quality. They had good ideas, buy they didint have money. So pixel art is the way to go. And they did a pretty good job with it. If making the game is affordable, buying the game is also affordable. So you can buy that game for way less than a AAA game. Thus, reaching to a wider audiance. Of course money is not the only thing to consider. Pixel games have a great crowd that likes them. But trends go to where money is already. So, well. I dont know if Its becoming a new trend or whatever. It already has a niche for its own, and a great gateway for indie developers to see what they can do. I do not play too many pixel art games. But im glad they exist.
  5. Artstation does not have this issue because its filled with people who works for ubisoft or blizzard or whatnot. Whole purpose of artstation is to collect good artists. Its not because artstation teaches you stuff, its because they are there because they already know stuff. Fiverr doesnt need any requirements to join. If you are a real person, you can create a profile. Apparently, you dont even need to know english, we see it everyday. That being said, you shouldnt expect fiverr to teach people the design fundamentals and advanced anathomy. However, there are good artists in here. Hidden in the deep caves of the algoritm. Waiting for a buyer to bring a torch to them so they can be seen too 🙂
  6. To me, unless there is something very spesific or something bigger coming up, i will never do free sketches. And i do that only to people i have worked before so i have an idea about their accountability. I have a portfolio, past ratings, some other references of similar works. If someone comes up to me and asks a free sketch, its a no go. I have drawn dragons, i have dragons that i can show, if a client is not sure if i can draw another type of a dragon, well thats on them. The reason for that is, its very exploitable. Buyer comes, takes the sketch and says adios without a reason. I cant do anything about it. There is a 50/50 chance when a buyer says there are more to come, is a missdirection. Sometimes they only need a sketch and act like there is more work. So i dont take chances. I have a very spesific style of art and people can see if i can do it or not. Edit: I need to add. Once the order is set, i do sketches to be sure of the clients satisfaction. That comes in with the order. But not before.
  7. Well have i news for you. I have seen 30k impressions last year. Now its about 900-1000 So it changes very dramaticly for positive and negative. Dont overthink it. Try to keep your gigs updated and presentable.
  8. Light one cigarette up. I know my rent is free this month. I usualy do not get orders out of the blue. First we are talking about the projects, price and time. So i already know %90 of what i need to know. Its on me from this moment forward. Depending how big the project is, i might light another one.
  9. Money. Sometimes i came across some clients with projects that i liked to work with. But more than that, money.
  10. Only time i have faced discrimination of any kind was a person from Cyprus who really really really didint like that i am Turkish. His insults were not creative and off the target. I was not impressed. Could have done more damage. 1/10 Back to the point; i think you can find someone who has no problem working with your community. Right? I imagine it shouldnt be hard. Its not like you are looking for satanists. They are hard to come by.
  11. Well, as someone with no boundaries to what to draw, i was asked to draw characters with enough n*dity to turn heads. Its not uncommon. It is however kinda weird when they send an attachment with a photo of their family members as the base of the characters. Since i draw people getting impaled, why not also draw them impaled by other means too? Its a part of the job to be honest.
  12. Also, there is a whole degree in universities for that. Its not that easy to learn design. You might think you have it. But you dont. Its not just couple of color discipline and ratio issues. You need to get critisized a lot, and critisize a lot. Its not gonna happen in 5 steps.
  13. ozan_erdi

    Tea Party

    I always wanted to see the Boston.
  14. Hey everybody! I noticed some time ago there is a new feature in gig editing called "Request to order instead of instant order" Which i must say, i love it. I havent started to use this yet. Anyone have been using it? Do buyers find it repellent? How was your experience? Thank you!
  15. Are you giving us tips on how to stalk someone while praying to not get caught? On a forum of an international freelance platform? In the casual conversations section? In the topic about reacting to everything? I wonder why people struggle to find work in fiverr as a new seller.
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