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  1. You got it all wrong. Its like they are sitting in dominos, eating dominos pizza and talking about the hut. They are eating and serving dominos pizza there, as a seller.
  2. Oh boy oh boy! I wonder if the other guy gonna have that ban train too... Anyway, its great that it is solved. I am happy for you
  3. What a godlike idea. I cant even explain how happy i was while imagining that would happen. Stats for buyers? YES! A thousand times yes!
  4. To be honest, my idea that those people who is tryng hard to get jobs on forums will leave in the long run (sad but true) And, luscifer is a bad show man. I hate it with all my heart. We got one of the strongest entities in the world, goes around and hangs in casinos, catches criminals and doesnt forget to look like a jerk. CMON MAN! THATS THE IDEA? But, if you like it you like it.
  5. Take a look at this; Now imagine everybody does this with their, 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th and 15th order. They dont even share any experience or information that might be useful to anyone. They just write this and leave, and under these topics, hundrends of people writting "congrulations" Now who is gonna benefit from this forum?
  6. I am not talking about the constructive forum posts here. Surely people can get to know each other here and it may build into a business. But that happens how much? 1 in a billion? People are here mostly to work and learn. Just being active on forum and like you said, writting "thanks" does not mean anything, it just creates a mass of junk that nobody can gain anything. This is about the "good for nothing" posts that makes the forum unsuable. And the false knowledge of "posting here will get you orders" Its the same chance that posting here will get you drinking buddies. Sure it can happen, but is it the right place to look for it?
  7. Yeah, Im sure saying "welcome to the forum" gives you orders. Im sure some buyer would go and "hey! im gonna go check the forums, instead of the actual platform which i can clearly see a list of best sellers to see who has got the talent for me" And i am very sure, the same guy goes and says "Look at that guy over there, he says welcome to everybody, let me give him 30 dollars" Yeah, it happens like that right? So lets all go and say welcome to each other a billion times. And everybody gets rich. AMAZING! We are talking about the forum junk created by the illusion of "post some stuff and you will get orders"
  8. This is the explanation for most of the things here. If you have a big social media infulance, idk like 20k followers or something. Yes, share it. But the thing is, you wouldnt need fiverr if you had 20k followers probbly. Other than that, showing your gig to your cousins and friend's account wont get you any order. Sharing it on anywhere wont get you order unless you really know what you are doing. Please dont build hopes upon social media sharing and being active on forums. Its not gonna get you anywhere
  9. You cant. It is very very very unlikely. Dont believe people who says "stay active on forum"
  10. Im not worried to be honest. I have got around 130 jobs, something like 110 is rated. I think its a similar percentage as yours. What i was worried that time was, zombie dog is nothing, i can give you 1000 zombie dogs in a day. But it might happen for more complex designs too. Thats why communicating beforehand is actually important. Its important for prices too. Im not gonna draw 10 headed dragon for a price of a single character drawing.
  11. Once. A guy ordered a zombide dog drawing. Which was pretty straightforward. I completed it, delivered it. Buyer accepted it. No ratings were given that day.
  12. They are even giving badges on the forum for engagement for saying "welcome to fiverr". So people think they achievend something. All those badges and marks and stuff... I have seen posts that someone says "hello i am here" and 20 answers bellow just saying "welcome, stay active" None of those people have even done 1 order and still tryng to push other people to do the same failed method. It looks like a creepy rehabilitation group with someone says "hey my name is bob and i am addicted" and the group collectively says "welcome bob" Thats what the forum is about right now. That is a nice proof. But we need some sort of missionary mission, goes door by door and posts this. Even then, i do not think most people would think its true because the idea of "getting money just by posting on the forum" is very strong. And it does not risk anything. At worse, your post would be deleted. Those people are desperate, not very knowledgable about forums of the platforms. And has a lot of patience. I have seen people saying "i have been active on forum for 6 months, no order yet" Fiverr needs to step up and teach people by force, that the gig impressions are not related to forum at all. Like a course or quiz while creating an account. So people will learn what it takes to get orders regularly. But i guess its not gonna happen. I know, im just tryng to be kind. And believe me, i am tryng very hard.
  13. Hey everyone. I have a problem and some of you veterans may be handling it. Please share if you do. Now we know there is a myth slumbering around "be active on forum to get orders". We also know that, its is the biggest joke played on the desperate and new people. So there are just hundrends of topics that are meaningless, and thousands of meaningless answers in them. "ı got my 1 order, i got my 2nd order, i got my 3rd order, i got my first 5 star, hello i am new, hello i can do bla bla" Things like that. Which is mostly written for the hopes of getting some order, and that is hard to stop. And thousands of answer like "thank you, useful information, valuable opinion, i am also new, be active on forum, i hope it goes well" And these answers are keeping those meaningless topics alive. Some of those answers does not even makes sense. And this happens in every category. Forum is full of junk and nobody can learn anything from those topics. Some of them might be tryng to share their happiness, some of them are tryng to get orders with false hopes. I tried helping them, but its no use. Because there are too many of them. But overall, i understand them. They may not now how forums work generally and just try to earn some bucks, their intentions are pure. So im not tryng to s**t on them here. But it doesnt matter what their intents are, they are not doing good for the sake of the forum. Its all filled with junk now. So my question is this; How do you handle this? How do you reach to the information you might need? Only option i see is "most replies" filter. But that filter may lead to 3 years old topics that would not be reliable now. Thank you
  14. Its so right, and so wrong at the same time 😄 Nice catch 😄
  15. I wouldnt count on the username. It might be something like "beardrinksbeer853852" No. It would look weird and spammy. Take a look; "Thank you for reaching me beardrinksbeer853852" Now what is this? Is this an automatic answer? Am i talking to a bot? This is nonsense. Just say hello, hi or even salutaions. Dont add anything at the end. People these days are specially concerned with idenity stuff. Dont add anything.
  16. With all these stats and levels, fiverr looks like a game now. While it might be fun way to keep recording things, some also try to get their numbers as high as possible. I doubt any seller on buyers requests would see their job offer and go "hmm, i might spend some money with this dude here" NO. But well. It happens. Ignore them. To be honest, you should stay clear of links at all times unless you know they are safe.
  17. So you know the solution. Also, phones have vibrations. A deaf person would alter their life around the hearing loss they suffer. They will use such devices that helps them overcome their challanges. Its insane to ask every app developer to design something for every disability. Phones can do that already.
  18. It happens sometimes. The way it happens to me was like this; "First revision they ask if i can make the hand look bigger. No problem, i can do that. Second revision they ask if i can change the hair color. Alright man, you should have said that the first time but okay. Third revision they ask if i can add a chariot army at the background. DUDE, what the hell? Where did the chariot come from? Why didnt you ask it the first time while we create the order? I got paid for 1 character, now you want a 2 horses and an archer behind it? " And each time they take 2 days before asking for revisions, now i am both late and the customer is not satisfied. This is a snowball that does not stop. However in my case, the buyer was not ill intentioned and after couple more revisions like this, i asked them to stop. And by a miracle, they did. But i can easily imagine it going the other direction with cancellations and bad review threats. Even though i have given them 1 revision chance, they can just do it again and again. Even tough i gave them sketches and previews before finalisations, they did not care about them and asked for revisions. I even contacted the fiverr about it, not about that particular order, but about the general rules. And guess what? YES they can ask for additional revisions without extra payment or time extensions. And CS clearly stated that they are not gonna do anything about it and we should solve it between us. And if that buyer was a problematic person(with threats and such) it wouldnt work talking to them. So, live with it. Its luck of the draw.
  19. I do not agree with this. It encourages work without payment. And it can just ruin most people. Fiverr already choose to not to protect the sellers most of the time. Now you want to work for free too? Where do you get those ideas? If you see a buyers request that asks for a free sample, its because they dont know how it works. And if that happens and some ill intentioned people would realise they could get 45 free samples just by writting there, OUCH
  20. I’m interested in being invited to Seller Plus. Would have accomplished so much with some guidance
  21. Somehow people believes being active on forum helps them get views and such. Thats why there are also tons of people in those posts that answers “welcome” like it matters something. But wouldnt it be hilarious if it really worked 😃 Excuse me what? When you open the news, what do you want to see first? The stuff that matters and gives you valuable information and affects your life? Or magazine news? I guess you would like to see which teenage popstar dates with blondes huh?
  22. And who is he going to share his gig with? His family and friends? NO. IT DOES NOT WORK. Unless you have 10k followers or something, it does not work.
  23. At least you get to apply those design skills and a trained eye into your illustrations. I had a look at your profile and I think your experience and training has served you well. It speaks a lot in your process and details. We stay on site for long periods of time. It gets to you sometimes, but the upside is we get to move from project to project. Did you try selling Arch related stuff before on Fiverr? Seems like it’s a growing niche. Thank you, that is correct. My education helps me with tihs. Well that is kinda different to apply. Each country Has its own rules and construction standarts. Its hard to adapt that. You really have to get in on it to do good stuff (And i dont want to just do half-ass project drawing stuff). Also while working in the site for years, i do not really have sharp project drawing expertise anymore. I forgot how to use those programs many years ago. And to be honest, i dont want to do archtiecture when i get home. At least i do not feel tired while doing illustrations.
  24. TBH, both! 😂 Since I work directly on site, I can chuck away some free time here and there besides official breaks. I do work with a lot of architects, we do have in-house as well, I believe you guys are more glued to the screen than us. Honestly, I love the practical aspect of my Job, not the admin & paperwork. 😃 I work at site, always. Because if you work at the office you get paid even less because of the “comforts of the office” I cant tell how much i hate this system. One day if i have a child who wants to be an architect, i will send that child to top of the highest mountain to meditate for years and get enlightened. Why else would i try to trash my 10 years of architecture career to draw monsters.
  25. I work in a similar field as a construction engineer. My work days are much longer. I work from 7am-7pm for 6days a week. However, we have breaks in between. I am just starting out on Fiverr and I’m not sure how the balancing act going to be. My job is my bread and butter, and I don’t see myself leaving it completely one way or the other anytime soon. @allienapz great topic btw. I’ve done other freelance gigs here and there in the past and it can be challenging to be on top of your game sometimes with a full-time commitment. We are the unwanted children of “white collar jobs”. You have breaks in between or you want ot believe you have breaks in between? 😃
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