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What month(s) are the worst for sales?



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It depends a lot on the seller and your niche, as @jonbaas pointed out. But generally, months with many bank holidays tend to be the worst. May is an example of a month with several red days in many countries. Another is December. June/July is the summer season, and many people go on vacation in the summer. 

In the muslim parts of the world, april/may and even july are months with more bank holidays. 

So it depends on your niche and where in the world your buyers are located. I have mostly western clients, meaning Christmas/New Year is my slowest period.

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As others have said, it depends on what you're offering and where and who your buyers are. If you're working with businesses, you're likely to get less work on weekends or holidays. However, if you're working with people who are trying to start their business while still being employed, well, those people are likely to have more time for their projects on weekends and holidays. Summer and December can be slow for some, but if you think of summer camps, or travel industry (when the pandemic allows traveling), or all the gifts that people buy for Christmas (meaning that those who produce those gifts, whatever they may be, will need help to advertise their goods), you'll see that those periods can be super-busy for those who offer services catering to the needs of those buyers.

Think of buyers as people. As individuals. Like you, or your uncle, or your classmate, or your mom. All of you will have different needs at different times, and the same goes for buyers.

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In 2019 my top 3 months (in order) were January, July, August. My worst month was Feb.
In 2020 my top 3 months were Dec, Aug, March, my worst month was Feb.
In 2021 my top 3 months were May, April, Sept. My worst month was Oct. 
So far in 2022 June was my best month, followed by March and April where I weirdly made the exact same amount, to the exact $ lol.

So as you can see, it varies quite a bit, even for 1 seller. It can depend on the general economy, the heat, what you offer, when you spend more time online, if you take vacations, when you make changes to your gig, what your niche is, what country you primarily serve, etc.

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