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  1. hhaaha Believe me you! I am thinking for the past few days why somebody isn't highlighting this to me.... I genuinely know I am going too hard on it but, I kept it on just for fun and of course, for people who congratulated me. High Five @breals
  2. Thank you very much Thank you sir! Wishing you the same too! Ameen Thank you very much sir! May we all get His support Thank you! It didn't happen right away... it took me 4-5 years to achieve this milestone. Moreover, I completely agree with you about not getting much business here now. Thank you Likewise!
  3. Thank you very much brother! Wishing you a lot too!
  4. Sir I have been working since 2017; it's the journey of 4-5 years. I hope you know it doesn't happen over the night. However, as I mentioned earlier - I too got stuck on order number #199 for the past 1.5 month. But, alhamdulillah!
  5. It is right sir! We aren't getting orders nowadays. I too have been stuck on #199 for the past 1.5 months. Thanks to one of my repetitive client.
  6. Indeed He is the one who plans and plans the best. Alhamdulillah, just few days ago I have completed 200 orders. Inshallah more to come. Thank you for supporting.
  7. Yes, Alhamdulillah Thanks a mil bro! Thanks a million! Thank you brother, inshallah, I will Inshallah, thanks and likewise! Thank you very much
  8. Hi! I just noticed we get an update on Fiverr messenger that enables us to set up an instant reply whenever a potential buyer contacts us. I explored it and found it very interesting and hopefully it will be much fruitful. You can set up any message you want. But, it will only be sent to new enquiries and moreover, it does not have affect on your response rate. You still have to response the message to maintain the stats of "Response Rate" & "Average Reply Time". Cheers!
  9. That's awesome. I will definitely be looking into this option. Thank you very much for your insights. Moreover, about the clients; I got an option few weeks ago about Add Clients. I did add a couple of clients, however, didn't receive any option that shows - create a portfolio.
  10. Great! Do we have to achieve some milestones for it ?
  11. Hi Everybody, I am looking forward for an answer related to creation of Portfolio which will appear on my gig page. Kindly let me know too - if it available for everybody or only selective sellers. Thanks a million!
  12. It took me 20-30 days to appear the clients after I submitted them.
  13. That's another great point of view and I am agreeing with you about limiting CS involvement in order.
  14. it is just because they make you to deliver the revision quickly. Otherwise, it won't have any affect on Delivery Rate
  15. No sir, it won't affect your delivery time as you have delivered the work in time. Revisions are the part of any job, I believe if you won't revise the delivery and sent it back to client it will affect the hidden feedback that clients give to fiverr.
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