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As a beginner what should do?


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There's few questions in my mind. I wish to get suggestions from you guys

01. How many gigs should I create as a newbie? I opened 7, is it right?

02. How long it can take to get my first order?

03. As a new seller, how can I utilize the buyer requests? 

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1:  You can create 1 gig or anywhere up to 7. It really depends on your skillset, the gig categories and how well optimised each gig is. People argue that 7 gigs is better because there are more gigs to be seen, but I'd argue its better to spend that time to make 1 or 2 really good gigs and you can work on the others later.

2: There is no set rule. It could take 1 day or it could take 1 year. It will come down to how many people your gig is shown to, how many people click on your gig, how good your gig looks, the demand of that specific service and how qualified you are as well as how you market yourself to buyers. However, I think most new sellers can expect an order within the first couple of months.

3: Buyer requests can be helpful for those first few orders or less busy periods but you need to use them effectively and not rely on them too much either. Only respond to the requests that you know you can finish the work for at a high standard. Also make sure that the requested budget and timeframe matches what you would want. 

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