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  1. Hello everyone New sellers are welcome to Fiverr Forum. New sellers are increasing day by day. Fiverr is a big platform. Skilled people can shine in Fiverr. If you have skill then develop it for future. But if you don't have any skills then just make it. Skill take a major role in Fiverr. If you are Professional in this format no one can't stop your orders. People ask when will they get first order. Well actually it’s not that easy. All that i can say just stay calm and don't lose hope. Every second matters in your life. Just one second can change your life. Thank You Hasibu_iftee
  2. New seller TIPS For get 1st Order Quickly 😇 1) Find out which services have a low competitor. 2) Find Out attractive titles that are not matched with other gigs titles. ( Use the main keyword of the your services ) Short Title is good to get ranking and order. 3) Make a supper attractive Gig images that are related to your services. try to avoid using too much text on the gig image. 4) Setting up the right category about your service. 5) Please use 5 unique tags !! 6) Brief professionally and clearly about your services and work process in the description value. 7) Add FQ ( think like a buyer what question you have about buying this gig and keep the answer. 😎 Keep the best price for your packaging ! Don't think about low price. Keep always Honest price. After Published the GIG Check Out Buyer Request. > Chose which request are related in your services gig. Write great proposal TiPS: Check out the brief on which services are needed. what is the company name? what category of work need? find out any keyword if the buyer mentions it on the request. Now start writing the proposal you can start it by Greeting...… then write a short brief about your work process. ask him any question if you need. and always try to send few samples related the request project . Hopefully it will be helpful for get Oder!! Marketing : You can share your gig on your social media platform. important Think is add peoples on you social media who are interested in buying service . How!!!!!!!! Well. are you using twitter ?? if yes then i can suggest you just add USA. AUS, CANDIAN I mean targeted County peoples. Who do any job or already have a business. CEO, Then Design a ads what service you provide make any offer. attach some sample or portfolio link. write short massage and make gig short link then post it . I hope you will get order shortly . Try to Be a active freelancer don't late to response buyer massage. Try to avoid order cancelation rate. Provide always best service and earn positive feedback that help you more to grow. If there have any wrong information then feel free to advice me. If you have any more question ask me in the comment below.
  3. I am Saleh, Digital marketer & SEO specialist. I come as a new seller at Fiverr. New member at Fiverr Forum. I don't know or understand much about the Fiverr Forum. I request we to share the instructions to become a best seller in Fiverr. Thanks in advance. Please Check My GIG
  4. I am a new seller. I completed 8 orders 4 months ago. I'm always active on Fiverr. I have 4 positive feedback. But I haven't received any orders for 4 months. Please, someone, give me some good tips.
  5. Hi everyone! So I have this client that would like to make a new logo for personal branding of her name (She had once use my services for her other brand & really likes my work previously). In my initial premium package, I wrote that I'd make 2 logo concepts + complete branding style guide (packaging, mockups, etc.). We were still in the making of the logo concepts, but when I made the concepts to present her I made more than 2 concepts, because there's quiet a lot of elements that she provided in the brief to choose & inspire me. It was completely my own initiative to make more than 2 concepts & I couldn't help but experiment them to see which she likes more. After waiting for her feedbacks, she felt like the concepts are a bit too complex for her & didn't quiet like it, she wanted a more simpler & minimal concepts. But she also said that it was also her mistakes not mentioning that there are certain elements/symbols that she doesn't want to use (even though those elements/symbols are related to her name). However she was really sweet about it & wanted to pay me more for addition concepts & my time. I'm a bit conflicted about it because it felt like it's my responsibility if she didn't like it & improve them by making a new concepts for her, but at the same time she also said it's her mistake not providing some info which she didn't want to use (even though it is related to her name)😂 Do I just accept that she wanted to pay more for addition concepts & my time, or do I just offer to her that it's fine not to pay more & I can just make a new concepts that's much simpler & that she likes ?
  6. Hi, Welcome to the forum. you need to need to observe the guidelines of fiverr. Make fine gig. do marketing, ship consumer request. I desire you'll get success. Thank You !
  7. I think there is no one who doesn’t want to be a winner in his life. But to be a winner isn’t an easy journey. At the very beginning, you need to be prepared mentally. I consider this as the 80% percent of the success. Because if you think that you can do it then consider this you are already on the way to do it. Most of us come to Fiverr by hearing that many people earn from here. But we don’t come here with proper knowledge I mean without the proper idea of what we need to do and how to do it. As a result, we go through frustration, and day by day our confidence level drops. But at the end of the day, we become losers. So before joining Fiverr analyze the platform closely. Study about the marketplace. Then decide what you’ll do here. At first, become a professional in a specific area or niche. Then join Fiverr as a seller. As you are a seller then it’s your business. Think that you have opened a shop, think of this as a business. Try to do everything professionally. Use your real identity on Fiverr. Keep yourself honest. Never try any illegal policy. Keep learning every day. Give your time on the forum and also read articles. Study about how to do business here at Fiverr. Be mentally strong and never give up. If you are dedicated to what you are going to do then no one can stop you. So keep believing in yourself and keep doing what you are doing. Stay focused on your goal and the success is yours. All the best! Tanim Ahamed UiUx Designer
  8. Hi, Anyone shares your first experience how dealing with a new seller ? Question for only buyers Thank You.
  9. As a full-time freelancer, I've grown accustomed to periods of plenty and periods of scarcity. It doesn't phase me anymore because I can “prospect” my way out of it. However, the past few weeks have been different. I've had a few sales from returning clients but zero new clients on and off Fiverr. This had rekindled the anxiety I used to feel four years ago when I committed to becoming a full-time freelance designer after quitting my 9 to 5 job. This time feels different. It's forcing me to the edge of my imagination. I'm being forced to dream up new ways to add maximum value to my client's life while charging appropriately. Fear has a funny way of inspiring creativity lol. Anyway, I'm still in my famine period but I've regained most of my lost confidence. I'll be out of this rot soon. My audience needs are constantly evolving and I must too. I’m learning to dream bigger, which means looking for more significant problems to solve in the professional lives of my clients. So to you my fellow freelancers, when there's famine, see that as an opportunity to develop your skills in specific areas because that would help usher in a more enormous feast. When the feast comes, don't be lazy, finish your food. It's a cycle. Don't waste any period.
  10. 1. Get down to basics Still a little uncertain about how to get started? Work out the nitty-gritty of what your Gig is, how and where you’ll work, and other details with a little help from this article on tips for creating your Gig. 2. Add a gig video Our research shows that adding a brief, high-quality video to your Gig can increase your orders by over 200%. For a new seller looking to make the first sale, this is a great place to start. For more, see some tips on creating a Gig video using your smartphone. 3. Make sure your gig delivery time makes sense Once you have your Gig set up, double-check the delivery times you’ve set for your Gig. Selecting the appropriate delivery time is an important step in making sure you’re set up to succeed on Fiverr. Learn more about how to gauge the right time for yourself. 4. Use SEO to help your gig get found Small SEO tweaks can make a huge difference in the number of eyeballs your Gig will receive. Review best practices for a Gig title that will grab buyers’ attention. 5. Make your profile stand out In a huge marketplace like Fiverr, sellers benefit from creating a consistent and memorable personal brand. Learn how to use a distinctive image and description on your Fiverr profile to define yourself and make your Gig stand out. 6. Get the app Downloading the Fiverr Android or iOS app will help you keep up with orders & buyer requests on the go. Being able to see and respond to requests anytime is a great way to grow your business faster. 7. Review the best practices Browse Fiverr Help and Education Center and the Forum to understand the best practices for Fiverr sellers. Following these tips will help you get on the right track! 8. Learn how to go beyond $5 A five-dollar Gig is just the beginning! Learn how to increase your earnings with Gig Packages. 9. Connect on the forum Dive into the Fiverr forum and get acquainted with the community there. It’s a great resource for tips as well as a supportive place to connect with other sellers. 10. Back to school Revisit Fiverr Help and Education Center often for updates. It’s where we’ll be posting all tips to help sellers learn and improve their businesses moving ahead!
  11. Hello Everyone, How is it going there. I'm new to Fiverr. Could you suggest any tips for me.
  12. Hi fiverr Sellers, Now a days a lots of new sellers send a fake request i don't know what they want to do but they do. Fiverr official site on web not showing buyer details who sending the requests so many sellers send them requests and waste their requests one of the reason new seller don't get any orders. So how we can figure out which buyer request is original? here is the way how i send my requests to only original buyers. in Chrome there is extension called "FIVERR +" install that extension and turn on the extension. no you can see the buyer details on the fiverr request page. This extension is too good we can see the buyer attachment without downloading we just have to click on icon and we can see attachment. We also can find out who is buyer we can figure out about buyer by this extension. This Extension is totally free. Always avoid the ".ly" link you see in the buyer request cause its shorten url i found inf graphics design whenever new seller found background remove service always send request but he/she don't know this request is fake. I am attaching here a ss of that extension so you can see how it will work. here shows how we can see buyer details easily and also we can figure out which requests are new or which are old. Here is the example how we can see attachments of buyers. Here is a Extension link:- Niki Patel's Tip link I hope you found something good in this topic if you really like my topic leave like. have a nice day. Thank You, Niki Patel
  13. I recently joined Fiverr maybe three weeks ago, what are some ways to get your services found by more people?
  14. HOW to send an Effective buyer request....? guide me
  15. All new sellers starting at Fiverr with a dream. But some scammers are looking for them. So lots of sellers have to end their journey with the starting point. As an example: Lets say you are starting a new account and create a new logo design gig, In the starting point you don't have any actual work sample, good star rating, good feedbacks, big order queue or anything. but those are the things our buyers expecting when they are ordering your gig. So, the main thing you can do to attract your buyers is set a low price. Experienced scammers know everything above. So they are reaching you and place the order (sometime asking more work for cheap price. my be telling about their future ordering plan :D). But after everything done, they will ask you refund. If the seller not agreed to refund, they will tell about a negative feedback on that order. you can choose one option. Although you get a negative feedback or order cancelation, this will directly effect to your account because you are in first stage. So, be careful about this kind of buyers.
  16. Actually i'm new in this industry. i want to know about everything which is important for this industry
  17. my gig is going down day by day, how I can increase my gig immersion and get more order? please suggest me https://www.fiverr.com/share/z7kYdz
  18. priyo_mahmub


    Don't found my gig all keyword !! I have 5 keyword on gig but I found gig 1 and some time 2 keyword. I already complete 125 order on single gig and 97 reviews same gig. 2 monthe ago I found my gig all keyword but I don't found it last 2 month
  19. Hey guys this might be the dumbest or biggest move in my career lol. I have worked for 7+ years full time as a graphic designer. So I did some research and joined fiverr as a twitch designer. I feel like am starting my career all over but am actually a vetted Professional in this field. Advice and guidance on how to get successful here needed🙏🙏😁 Meanwhile guys view my gig and tell me what needs to be added or removed https://www.fiverr.com/s2/70d38fb156 thank you🙏
  20. Hello everyone, I am an SEO and SEM expert. I am joined Fiverr recently. I want to follow some rules that follow Fiverr experts. My Fiverr GIG impression falling continuously. Now I don't know what should I do. If anyone can help me, please you can.
  21. How to get response on each buyer request? Keep following things in mind Understanding the request and try to write it in your response Put your strategy how would you do it for the buyer Make sure to mention some of questions even if you understood everything, don’t just say that you got it and you can do it Mention some of similar examples or at least a few links from your past work. Don’t use portfolio links from someone else Make sure to use a polite language and try to greet at the start and end. Mention your name at the end of request Don’t just send a generic message to everyone If You are Newbie, then Create a portfolio on flickr/behance. Make a powerful portfolio and for starting, you can share your portfolio because you have not done any previous work. After you get some orders, start sharing your previous work links Just Sending the template is not good. Give time to buyer request and it will attract many Buyers
  22. 1. While sitting in front of the computer, keep the Fiber tab open on one side, click anywhere else after 4-5 minutes, 2. See buyer request and answer just what you can do in shortly but should be meaningful. 3. We use Facebook while walking, reading, gossiping, and many as usual time. From now use Fiverr instead of Facebook as the way of Facebook. 4. I decorate a nice frame, then send it to Notepad, then if the buyer requests, I write the frame in my own way, there is no constitution that you have to be active from PC, you can also do it from the phone. Regards Rashed
  23. I'm new in fiverr. What can be done to get the first order?
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