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  1. I'm a new seller here, pls can you give us a tips on how you got your first order as a new seller, for us that new on fiverr platform to tap and gain from your tips.
  2. I opened a new account on Fiverr. Please provide some advice that will help me get the first order. Maybe I could build my career on Fiverr For your advice. Pray for me. Thanks for your time. ..
  3. Hello! I'm a new seller and I've been reading about how many people used to get their first order through the buyer requests section that Fiverr is doing away with and replacing with Buyer Briefs. But is that open to new sellers? What are some other ways of getting my first few orders? I know that social media sharing could work but I'm lost about where to market myself. Any insights?
  4. Hi I am new seller and looking for projects. But unfortunately, after the new policy, I didn't receive any job post from fiverr. As i couldnt apply on buyer requests too. What should i do in order to get new projects. Is there anything that i should do to get job posts. Kindly Guide me. What should i do? Looking forward for the positive response. Many Thanks
  5. Hi! I'm a new seller in fiverr I cannot get any order from buyer request site. And there are very few buyer request in the site. What can I do to get order from buyer request site?
  6. If you want to improve your freelancing career here on Fiverr, you need to build credibility on the platform. It helps prospective buyers identify you as someone to trust. It helps you sell more to the right people. But there's a problem with this. To build credibility, you need buyers to order from you, right? This is a catch-22 holding many new sellers back. Luckily, there are some ways to build credibility on Fiverr, even if you have just set up your account! It will still take time, effort, research and energy, but following these steps can make it much less miserable. Here's how you establish yourself as a true professional without spending years doing it. Disclaimer before we begin: You have to actually be good at something, in order to market yourself as a professional. If you're not, you're nothing but a pretender. Pretenders fail. TL;DR: Stick to your prices, and don't negotiate too much. Maintain a professional and well-made gig and profile. Look the part (no webcam shots at the kitchen table). Use the gig gallery to your advantage by showing off your work. Provide valuable content to your buyers to demonstrate industry expertise. It could be a guide you've written on the forum or a PDF in your gig gallery that is helpful to the buyer. Offer free consultations if it makes sense in your niche. Don't just copy/paste your responses to buyer requests: make each response count. Add your education to your Fiverr profile if it's relevant. Act like you mean business. Don't call people "bro" or "my friend". Take courses on Fiverr Learn to build credibility, and gain new skills. Say no with confidence if a buyer has unrealistic expectations or if you lack the expertise required to deliver the goods. Follow up during the order and ensure the buyer knows you're there for them after the order. 1. Don't be too flexible with your gig pricing It's tempting to accept any offer you get as a new seller. Negotiating when you have zero reviews can be beneficial. But don't keep doing it! When you have landed a sale or two with happy buyers, it's time to stick to your price! If you have any hopes of landing higher-paying clients, allowing too much room for negotiation can hurt your reputation and credibility by telling buyers that you don't know your worth. If you lack confidence in your own abilities, the buyer will probably lack confidence in them as well. P.S. A five-dollar gig instantly shows that you don't know your worth. If you sell anything for five bucks these days, you're not coming across as a professional. It will only serve to damage your credibility. 2. Make sure your profile and gigs are well-made Your gig and profile is like a virtual storefront. If it's ugly, buyers will go elsewhere. A professional-looking gig and profile will land more sales. That means no typos, gig thumbnails made by anyone but a designer, messy gig descriptions, etc. A well-made gig and profile will make you look more credible. Use Fiverr sellers to help you out in areas you struggle with. You also need to look the part. Just because you're working from home doesn't mean you should look like a slob on your profile picture. First impressions do matter! Dress up and hire a professional photographer. Doing all of this will cost you some money. But if you're not willing to invest in your business, perhaps you should consider a different career. 3. Showcase your best work Don't just tell the buyers that you're good at something. Show it. Even as a new seller, you have access to the gig gallery. You set it up when you make your gig. You can upload a gig video, photos, graphics and PDFs. Use the gallery to show off your best work. If you're a designer, create some stunning examples of your work. If you're a voiceover, upload your best demos. You get the idea. Showing prospective buyers your work will help them decide if you're the right seller for the job. Using the gig gallery properly will make you look more credible. 4. Provide valuable content to educate buyers Since you can't send buyers away from Fiverr, you should find ways of showing them your industry expertise on the platform. Examples: Write industry-specific guides for buyers on the forum Let's say your buyer is looking for a logo design but is having trouble deciding on a color. If you respond by sending them a well-written guide (that you wrote) about how to choose the right color for a logo, that immediately shows the buyer that you know your stuff. This is just an example. Be creative! Offer free consultations The goal of such a consultation should always be to land the sale by showing the client that you know your stuff. But make the buyer feel like it's about them (because it is). Use every consultation as an oppurtunity to learn more about their business. Knowledge is power and it will help you deliver better services. Use gig PDFs You can upload case studies from previous clients or work examples in the gig PDFs. Share them with your buyers if they reach out. 5. Submit high-quality responses to buyer requests Using buyer requests can be a pain in the neck. Frankly, I don't recommend using them to any established seller. But as a new seller, you will get access to some buyer requests after you've set up a gig. But making an effective response can be difficult. You have to be fast; otherwise, the request might disappear, but you must also nail the response. Beyond having perfect grammar, you should focus on what the buyer is looking for in the first sentence and avoid copy/pasted lists of what you can do. If the buyer is looking for a WordPress website, they don't need to know that you're a social media marketer. Including irrelevant stuff only tells the buyer that you have copied/pasted your response. Right there, you've lost your credibility. Start by stating specifics from their request. That tells the buyer that you've read their request. Continue with your value proposition, i.e. why the buyer should order from you and not someone else. Include relevant skills. 6. Add relevant education to your profile You can add your education on Fiverr. It will help build credibility, especially if it's relevant to your Fiverr gigs. It's by no means required, but it will make you stand out. 7. Act like you mean business Don't be casual. Don't respond using lots of emojis or call your buyer "bro" or "friend". They are not your brother nor your friend. They are your client. You instantly become more confident and dependable by acting like a professional. Your gig is a business. Treat it like one. 8. Take courses on Fiverr Learn When you take a course on Fiverr learn, it gets added to your Fiverr profile. Showing you've completed courses relevant to your gigs can help build credibility. The best part about doing this, is that you gain new skills while doing it. 9. Say no with confidence If a buyer comes to you with a project you can't deliver, say no. This could be a buyer with unrealistic deadlines, or perhaps you don't have the expertise required to deliver the goods. Being honest with your buyer and yourself will save you from trouble like negative reviews/feedback and help build credibility. I've said no to jobs before because I didn't think I was a great fit. A week later, the buyer returned with a different project and said they were impressed by my honesty and for setting realistic expectations. That job earned me 2000 bucks, and I still work with the buyer to this day. If you're in a situation where you don't have the required skills, refer the buyer to someone else. People remember stuff like that. 10. Always follow up You should follow up with the buyer during and after an order. Because it might come across as spam/annoying to message a buyer after an order, do this inside the order delivery message. Make sure they know that they can reach out to you if needed and that you're there for them. But don't forget: you should never work for free. It shouldn't be free if they need more work done that wasn't included in the original order. It harkens back to the "know your worth" part at the beginning. You should also follow up during the order by asking relevant questions, letting the buyer know that you're working on the project, and when they can expect results. In conclusion If you're a new seller, there are still ways of building your credibility on Fiverr, creating trust and engaging your buyers, even if you have zero reviews. But it takes time, effort and skill to do so, not to mention, investment on your part. How do you work to build trust and credibility on Fiverr?
  7. Dear Experts, This is Abdul Mateen From Pakistan, Hope all you are doing well, My Expertise in Graphic Designing & Social Media Marketing, I have join Fiverr on Feb 2022 & I have research most of keywords for rank the Gigs on upto 3 pages but still not getting any order or clicks. I have research regarding using Fiverr Chrome Extentions to grow a gig ranking but I am affraid to warning through Fiverr. Therefore requested to Experts can I use Fiverr Chroms Extentions & which extentions are best for new seller which was not hurt to my profile, Please advise Best Regards, Abdul Mateen
  8. Hello Members, I joined Fiverr couple days back, and I am barely getting any any clicks/impressions. But I am continuously sending proposals to Buyer Requests, still I don't think the buyer are even reading my proposals. So, all in all, I have some questions rising in my brain. What kind of buyer requests should I respond considering my New Seller Level? Why am I not getting any impressions, even though I am an active member and I am sending the buyer requests every single day? Can I Direct Message a seller, after seeing his buyer request? What are the other methods to get order, except sending buyer requests? Any suggestions/comments will be more than welcome. Thank you very much for your time.
  9. I am nazim Bhuiya , Recently I join o fiverr , few month ago I created a new gig, but my impression + click doesent come as expected, what should I do now? https://www.fiverr.com/share/wlxdvA
  10. Hi i wnat to know whats are the benefits when, completed first 100 orders as anew seller through fiverr platform. i want to whats are the additional facilities and how his gigs play role to grab orders, whats are the important factors to be considered to adjust and maintain further expansions to reach top place. Thanks for your ideas
  11. I saw recently many fake buyers or scammers are targeting new sellers and this has become huge. I also faced the same situation multiple times. So my question is how can I recognize the real buyer and can differentiate them from the scammers?
  12. Which gig is selling more now? I want to publish another new gig. Now on what subject can I do better if I publish gig? What to do to get gig rank and get first order quickly? Want expert advice.
  13. Fiverr is one of the best international marketplace for beginner.
  14. I am a new seller on this platform. If I post my gig link in the Fiverr forum. Will I have any problems after that?
  15. Sometimes, as an experienced seller, you are convinced that what you already achieved is the result of multiple small steps. To help new sellers shine, Can you tell them what the number 1 Tip is that summarizes all the steps that you went through ?
  16. Hi! Every one, This is Prodip Moral here. I have joined Fiverr as new seller as SEO. Wish help and support from all of you in the forum. Link Show should I present my services in the gig. what should my activity as a new seller on Fiverr. How to success on fiverr etc. I have publish my first for Keyword research service. Can anyone see the gig and let me know the feedback is is okay or How and where I need to improve. To see My gig Click here. Thank you
  17. Hello Everyone, 11 months ago I created an account on Fiverr. For some reason I could not continue. But, now I want to start my work on the same account. Please advise me, "Is it okay"? I look forward to your valuable advice. Thanks
  18. Hello! I am Anamul. Today i was join in fiverr forum. I want to be a successful seller in fiverr forum. Pray for me.
  19. Can anyone please help me about this on that how can I increase my gig impressions, click, rank and get early order also. It will help as a beginners. Hope you will share your valuable experience with me and also other seller. Thanks in advance.
  20. Time and time again, veteran sellers talk about this pseudo "holy grail", the buyer request. It's definitely just me, but I can't seem to wrap my head around it. I'm reading it literally, so isn't a buyer request supposed to be requests made by buyers? Sometimes I get that, that is what it is, based on how it's used. But when they saw we have 10 buyers requests daily, or even worse we are to send(?!) the requests, I get confused. Needless to say, I haven't been using it to promote my gig as I obviously don't know what it is, does, or is used for. Please, I need an explanation in layman's terms, that is, explained very simply with an emphasis on how I can use it too. Thank you🥰
  21. I am a new seller on fiverr. Here is my first gig, https://www.fiverr.com/share/V7qzol please suggest me for the best🥰🙏🥰
  22. Hi, I'm Alfaz, new to the Fiverr community. Recently I published a gig. For getting high impressions & orders, I need your valuable advice on my gig. Plz give me some suggestions, here is my gig : https://www.fiverr.com/share/RlXZ8l
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