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Fiverr Customer Support Cancelled The Order Without Any Reason


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I hope everyone of you is fine and doing great with life.

The story I am going to share with you guys is sad and demotivating for fiverr sellers.

On Oct 03, 12:06 am, I got a message from a German buyer that he has some html, css files on which a seller was working but the work is incomplete and he wants me to complete it. He was only talking German. However we finalized everything and started the order of $350 usd. I added four deliverables in the order description in English so fiverr customer support can also understand, because I dont know if they are unable to use google translator to translate what buyer is saying.

So, deliverables were there. I carried on my work. I updated the buyer with code files and videos as proof of work. The buyer always appreciated my work. I have all the proofs.

He even sent me a revision on order page and I revised the code. I again sent the proof of work video.

After a day, on Oct 08 05:08 am, I received an email from fiverr custom support that the order was cancelled and payment was refunded to buyer. On which basis, I dont know?

So, the email says "click here" to see the reason. But this click here has no link in it. As you can see the attached screenshot as well, there was no link in "click here".

Now, I have videos of proof of work. Buyer is appreciating me for my work. Order is cancelled without any reason. Buyer has blocked me after that so I can not talk to him.

Where is fiverr customer support here?

Is there any security for fiverr's seller? This is scary!!!


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3 minutes ago, hamza_teamalif said:

Contacted them already. But don't you think it is unfair to decide without hearing both parties, or at least giving a reason for this act?

Lets see what they reply by reviewing your proof. Hope everything will be fine. 

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I stated 13 points, provided screenshots and videos as proofs to Fiverr CS to justify my case against the buyer. Fiverr CS agreed to return 50% of the order value to my account. So, I got proved my honesty and truthfulness. That has more importance for me than 50% order amount.


Tip for sellers:

1. Always try to communicate in English even if buyer doesn't know, ask him/her to use google translator.

2. Always define specific deliverables of the order and add them in gig's description.

3. Always use order page to update the buyer with work and update the buyer with video recording or screenshots for proof to fiverr.

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