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Found 15 results

  1. Hello Fiverr Community, I just want to know the reason Why Gigs Are De-ranked even without getting a single sales Because these case has been very rampant on all my Fiverr Account These Days And I will be Glad I Have A Reasonable And Suitable Answer for This. Thanks.
  2. buyer order a gig with mono color description. after i deliver the work, they asking for revision which demand a full color of it. i reply with the gig they choose is the mono-color if they want full color i can upgrade the order. they go to resolution center and ask to dispute the order since i didn't give them full color. if i dispute it will it affect my rating? is there anything i can do so it will not affect my rating? Thank you for your time.
  3. I don't know if this is the best way to explain this or even get some help. It has been 24 hrs and I haven't received a response from customer support team. Yesterday I used Fiverr's early payout option to get my payments earlier but the funds didn't reflect on my balance. It happened on two orders that were clearing. Now the two orders records cannot be seen on the earnings page. They're not pending clearance nor cleared. They just disappeared. This is the first time I've experienced this so I really don't know how to go about it. Anyone who has ever been in this situation before? And how did you solve it?
  4. Hi, I'm not trying to criticize here. But sometimes when you're in a big trouble with a client or a difficult situation. The Fiverr CS is the place we look for answers. So, when I expect a really good answer, I get a copy pasted reply! The biggest problem is this happen occasionally. And please note, I am not saying that they should type it all. But some people just copying and pasting irrelevant text from everywhere. 😰 I had to rate the honest experience in that instance. I never tried to rate other bad experiences that occasionally happened. But if this is getting worst, I'm going to submit experience rating for each and every CS inquiries... Otherwise the quality of the CS will degrade I guess. 🧐 I recently felt like I'm getting replies from a bot first! But after I genuinely disagree and point the issue, a human-like reply was given to me. Does that mean we get automated replies for the problems from bots? I know that some chat bots usually send about acknowledgement info, but do they use bots for replying to inquires too? What do you guys think? Does this happen to you too? 🙁
  5. hi, I did not take any test yet I got ErrorId 203 : Ticket already used error and I have been given next date in 92 days. Having no mistake of my own makes this really unfair from fiver.
  6. Hello there, Please I need to know, as a virtual Assistant, how to make prospective calls for a client who is not in same country as you, and to countries not same as yours. Do you make direct calls using your phone number or is there a software or application for that? Because if I'm to use my direct phone number, the call charge rate will be too high. I anticipate response. Thanks. Best Regards.
  7. No one can complete their order this way if buyer did not send me complete pictures. His total order of 100 pic and he sent me just 30 pic. I gave him 30 percent of the work done and asked for the rest of the pictures when he had these pictures and his work was done so he did not send me the rest of the pictures and asked me to cancel the order without any resin when I contacted the customers, they asked me to complete the order. The buyer did not have complete pictures. He wanted to save his money by lying and cancel the order.
  8. I had an issue with a buyer that had difficulties implementing code that worked on my end. Customer Support ended up cancelling the order, I then appealed the order because my gig only delivers the source code. Whether or not the client was unable to implement it on their site is not part of my deliverable. The person I spoke to seemed to understand that the issues the client was facing were not my fault and I should be compensated for the work. My issues was then escalated and assigned to the "Relevant Team" for further review. It has been over a week now and there hasn't been an update on the situation. Has anyone been in a similar situation and how long did it take for you to receive an update? How long does this review process typically take?
  9. Every time I have an issue with a client and contact customer support they immediately do the best they can do! Are supportive and trying to do the best for the seller. Also they give accurate information on the issue and give advice to avoid the same mistakes. So I have to say if we are honest we can’t loose nothing and fiverr is on our side! Many thanks to customer support I feel safe as seller!
  10. Once again fiverr's customer support does nothing to help the seller out. Here is my story sorry if its long I have all the pictures of the buyer lying and deceiving me and then writing a review that clearly was a lie and not fact since i told him in conversation the service as described. Then all of the bullshit customer support said with half of their automated messages. All I wanted is a lie of a review to get off of my account. I'm not gonna make this any longer than it already is so just look at all the pictures I screenshot they should be in order from the evidence to what CS had to say. PLEASE HELP Thanks for whoever took the time to read everything and hopefully this post gets traction. PS: Yes the manager is an automated message and sent the same thing twice you can see by the time stamps
  11. Hi, I am in this situation: The customer support cancelled one of my orders based on user feedback and gave me a warning. I learnt from forum if you get 2-3 warnings you can get a restriction or even banned. I knew I delivered everything correctly (i can easily proove it and far outperformed the previous aggreement) so that warning was not right, so opened a ticket. In the ticket I asked about the real reason why was that cancelled and why i did got that warning at least 5 times and asked about the process if its common that if someone provide something the CO make one sided decision without talking to other side? Just gets some random general answers every time, then i ask again... Still there is no answer for that, still trying my best to keep patient. Have you ever been in similar situation? Is it normal here if a buyer send something to CS as a compliant then you get warnings without any information? If so everybody can be banned by the clients by making some unvalid compliant really easily without and rights for negoitations or discussion? What is your thoughts?
  12. I understand that this nothing new but support has been awful. I'm a level 2 seller which supposedly offers priority support though I have seen no change in at all. In the past when trying resolve situations they have always given template answers that more often than not weren't related to what I asked but recently support has been ignoring my inquiries all together. This started when I noticed that there was funds that I had earned that had not been available to me, with $150 seemingly missing from my account. At first they told me I was wrong and the numbers were all correct! Apparently they took no time to actually do some basic math and work out that there was obviously money missing. I pressed the issue and they eventually said I was correct but it was just a "visual bug". This of course is not true, it's not just "visual" as I have no access to it. When I inquired as to when and how this will be fixed they ignored my questions and will no longer respond to any inquiry I make. Obviously this is completely unprofessional and I just wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced this issue were support are ignoring your messages?
  13. We've had plenty of discussions about "order cancellation vs poor review" type situation here on the forum. Experienced sellers have given strong arguments from both sides and it seems to me that there is no objectively right answer. However, this post is not entirely about that. This post is about a personal experience that I wanted to share with you. Some time ago in October I've had a displeasure of meeting a manipulative and malicious client. Even before the order was placed, the client was exhibiting suspicious behaviour. First and foremost, they asked for a free sample before the order. This is one of the most common and most obvious red flags you will see on the platform. After talking to them a little bit, a second red flag flies right over my head. They wrote: "Ok great I can pay now if you’re ok doing this". This much hesitation before placing the order is not normal and I should have noticed it right then. They were already manipulating me to doubt my own abilities and were implying that whatever the case, it will be my fault. I replied that I'm certain we can achieve a good result and the order was placed. After the delivery they immediately accused me of using a free app to do all the work, gave vague feedback with no information on what needs to be changed, and threatened to cancel the order rather than giving an elaborate revision. I explained that I use a paid version of the mentioned app in addition to various advanced enhancement software to achieve the result. I urged them to use the free app they mentioned for their photo and see the difference for themselves. They went silent for 4 days. I asked for feedback that would be at least somewhat useful, they gave three short replies and I corrected these places in the photo. After the revision, they requested to cancel the order writing "Sorry, I would like to cancel this order as the quality of the unblurred image is just not good enough and does not look realistic at all. Thank you for your efforts but it’s just not what I expected at all and is not good quality at all. If this can’t be cancelled I will have to be forced to leave a bad review but I hope it will not come to that." Note the repeating emphasis "at all" and a threat to ruin my ratings, as they "will have to be forced to leave a bad review". This is a poorly thought-out attempt to convince me and whoever will review the cancellation that the order was not delivered or was deliver in awful quality. I have chosen to cancel the order and block this client. Since then this particular cancellation was bugging me as I knew it wasn't right. No client should be able to hold a seller hostage just because they want to. I decided to contact the Customer Support and explained this cancellation in full detail. To my pleasant surprise, the CS deemed buyers' manipulative and malicious behaviour as fraudulent and have since removed the negative effect on my OCR from this cancellation. I've found this experience very encouraging and I want to remind sellers that it's worth appealing to the CS even when it seems that nothing can be done about a cancellation. I will leave you with a quotation from the Order Completion Rate and Cancellations FAQ: "All cancellations, including those handled by Customer Support, can affect your OCR. On rare occasions (such as fraudulent purchases, buyers ordering by mistake, or the seller not having enough information to start working on an order) cancelation will be handled as to not affect your OCR. If your order is canceled under such circumstances, reach out to Customer Support to investigate the effect of the cancellation on your account."
  14. Hello, I hope everyone of you is fine and doing great with life. The story I am going to share with you guys is sad and demotivating for fiverr sellers. On Oct 03, 12:06 am, I got a message from a German buyer that he has some html, css files on which a seller was working but the work is incomplete and he wants me to complete it. He was only talking German. However we finalized everything and started the order of $350 usd. I added four deliverables in the order description in English so fiverr customer support can also understand, because I dont know if they are unable to use google translator to translate what buyer is saying. So, deliverables were there. I carried on my work. I updated the buyer with code files and videos as proof of work. The buyer always appreciated my work. I have all the proofs. He even sent me a revision on order page and I revised the code. I again sent the proof of work video. After a day, on Oct 08 05:08 am, I received an email from fiverr custom support that the order was cancelled and payment was refunded to buyer. On which basis, I dont know? So, the email says "click here" to see the reason. But this click here has no link in it. As you can see the attached screenshot as well, there was no link in "click here". Now, I have videos of proof of work. Buyer is appreciating me for my work. Order is cancelled without any reason. Buyer has blocked me after that so I can not talk to him. Where is fiverr customer support here? Is there any security for fiverr's seller? This is scary!!!
  15. Thank you customer support team for the fast & effective feedback ❤️. This is the best customer support I ever had in my life 🥰, They are very friendly, fast and also clearly understanding sellers' problems. I am really happy to have this kind of experience in a freelancers' marketplace. Thanks again guys ❤️
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