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  1. What should I do now? I messaged Fiverr support several times. They did not give me any solution. I still have a ticket open for 2 days, but I have not received any response. Please give me proper guidelines. What should I do now? 1. Will this account work for me? 2. How long will it take? 3. Should I start working on a new account?
  2. Yesterday my account was caught for flag violations, and my gig disappeared from search results. Now my question is: You can see the gig and profile in the screenshot. He also has no level. Maybe there are flag violations on his account. So why did his gig come up in the search results?
  3. After how many days will the flagged status be removed from my account? Tell me. How long after my level will be the new seller? I am not getting any brief after my account is flagged. And why is my gig missing from search results?
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