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  1. I also faced slow speed problem where other download speed is fast.
  2. The orders which are waiting for requirement they are hidden in mobile app. Cannot see them from mobile app.
  3. Profile pages shows online always even if they are offline , if you go fiverr.com/username then it shows online always for all client or seller. Any username you go just shows online even if they are offline even who last visited 1 year ago!
  4. I wish if fiverr add the task management system in order page, so seller can create task and subtask and update it's status. So client will know about update of work without chatting or asking again and again.
  5. Reply your buyer message as soon as possible, It will recover gradually.
  6. You don't know when it will come, You need to be active as much as you can and have to refresh the page to see if there is any request
  7. In this situation keep continue with sending buyer request, hope everything will be fine with magic 🙂
  8. Why you are here ? 😄 Fiverr is a platform where seller and buyer can sell their service and buy their service.
  9. 1.Be active as much as you can. 2.Design your gig attractively. 3. Send daily 10 buyer request. 4.Approach your client in a nice way. Let them feel you can do their work with confident ( Use your own creativity to approach them, think yourself as a buyer and find out the points why you should hire a specific seller) . 5. Improve your communication skills. 6. Improve your technical skills The jobs will waiting for you.
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